Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Orders Civil Servants To Return To Work


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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Nigerian Govt Orders Civil Servants To Return To Work

Nigerian Government on Thursday ordered civil servants from Grade level 14 and above to resume work on Monday May 4th.

The government advised affected officers to limit the number of visitors they welcome to their offices adding that hand-washing facilities should be located at every strategic location within their office premises.

The order was contained in a circular by Head of Service of the Federation Dr. Folashade Yemi-Esan.

It reads: “Further to Mr. President’s broadcast on a phased and gradual easing of the lockdown measures occasioned by COVID-19, officers on GL 14 and above and those in essential services are hereby directed to resume work with effect from Monday, 4th of May, 2020 in the first instance.“
Offices are to open three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and close at 2:00 pm on each day.”
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  1. Na wa oh! What's the hurry about? The number of active cases keep rising and they are told to resume? Into your hands oh Lord we commit this nation!

    1. Finally there's no covid 19 in Nigeria. Corona virus is a scam! In Nigeria though

    2. The economy is drowning. Nigerians cannot afford this lockdown. Even countries that have given "palliatives" are neck deep in worry as to how they sustain their economies.

  2. This is okay. Those on grade level 14 above are just about a third of the civil service.
    And usually have their own offices anyway unkind the junior and mid level staff

  3. This experiment is quite risky. We know most Nigerians are not law abiding. Please protect yourself everyone, the responsibility of your safety now lies in your hands.

  4. I work with CAC Abuja....the crowd that will be come no be here. I am covered with the blood of Jesus, Amen

    1. Which crowd? U need to read the full content of the circular and even if it weren't stated, una no know sey una suppose manage the number of people coming in

    2. Please protect your self. The Lord is with you..xx

  5. The federal government assumes officers on grade level 14 and above, all things being equal, should have their cars or better yet, be able to easily afford uber. Thats why they chose them to resume. Lol. I will go out and see how people are arranged in public transport before I will decide to visit the office. I am not on GL 14 yet but I am seriously itching to step out. I don tire, abeg.

    1. I would rather you reconsidered your plan to go out just because you are itching to step out. If everyone gives in to such cravings, the purpose of these restrictions would be defeated. May God preserve us all.

    2. Please if you don't have any good reason to step out. Stay home and be safe..

    3. Step out as sacrificial lamb na. You think govt send you?

  6. Is Nigerian govt indirectly telling us there has been no case of covid-19 in Nigeria all this while? Because I don't understand the rush and hurry

  7. Confused nation ­čśĆ

  8. We are watching, the like copying the West.

  9. Well
    Everyone should just be very careful and Sanitary,
    But I sincerely wish the government had conducted massive testing before this. There are a lot of unreported cases and there are people that aren't even aware they've the virus .
    Please everyone out there be careful .

    1. Oh well, like someone said up there, you are solely responsible for your safety. The Lord will help us overcome this evil virus that has halted the economy and taken so many lives, amen.

  10. What about we civil servant below level 14?

  11. At last, I have a blog ID. After many years of being in the readers only club (since the jalamia saga). Hallelujah! Glory!

    1. I want one too. I got here in 2012. Like play like play, I don become senior citizen for here. Please teach me how.

  12. nearly everyone at that level is in the atrisk group. stupid government

  13. So who will clean the toilets, search for files, take phone calls, perform secretarial duties etc.?

    We are watching.


    1. Exactly my thought. The offices had been on lockdown and everywhere will be dusty and needs to be clean up.
      So, the ogas will sort themselves out??

    Do not take the relaxation on the Lock Down for granted. Life is precious.

    In 1720, a ship was quarantined at the port in Marseille because a strange infection was killing people on the ship.

    Deputy Mayor of Marseille lifted the quarantine to “help economy”.

    100,000 people died.
    More than half of Marseille died.
    This was the Great Plague of Marseille.

    The govt of Marseille felt they could not afford to lose all the valuable goods on the ship as it will destroy the economy.

    As they lifted the quarantine and moved the goods into the city of Marseille, they moved in the infection.

    More than half of Marseille citizens died.

    Marseille is a major port city in the south of France. Just as Lagos in the south of Nigeria.

    By the end of the Great Plague of Marseille, the city of Marseille had 50,000 dead people (out of a total 90,000 population back then).

    That is like 10million people dying in Lagos.

    The ship left Sidon in Lebanon, picked up people at Tripoli, and Cyprus which already had infection outbreak.

    A Turkish man on the ship got infected first and died, then several sailors died. The ship’s surgeon also died.

    As the ship got to Marseille,
    Doctors quarantined it.

    Now because Marseille had a very huge trading arrangement with “Levant” (a term for countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine); the govt was convinced by businessmen that the quarantine on the ship has to be removed and the goods released.

    Some powerful businessmen led by the deputy mayor of Marseille (who was also the owner of the ship) convinced his friends in government to release the quarantine. Some merchants needed the cotton and silk cargo on the ship to do business for the upcoming festival in Beaucaire.

    It was only a matter of days later.
    The infection broke out in the whole of Marseille.

    People started dropping dead.
    They died so much there was no longer graves to bury them.

    Dead bodies littered the streets of Marseille. Till date, the people of Marseille remember this story.

    Apparently what happened was:
    The govt tried to be clever.

    They told themselves “we will only move the silk and cotton on the ship into the city but not the infected people on the ship”.

    Lol. In moving the goods, they unknowingly moved infected rats which then infected people.

    As people got infected, they infected one another. At a point, the govt of France built a wall to stop Marseille from infecting the rest of the country.

    But it was late.

    10,000 people from Marseille already ran into neighbouring cities. 50,000 people died outside of Marseille.

    The Great Plague of Marseille lasted about 3 years. Those were horrible years in Marseille and in France.

    Hospitals got overwhelmed.
    Residents fleeing their homes.
    Dead bodies lying and decaying on the streets.

    As the infection then spread,
    Nobody cared anymore about “economy”.

    I hope you learnt something.

    The Great Plague of Marseille is a huge warning to government of Nigeria never to prioritise the “economy” ahead of human lives and public health. It can be a very costly mistake.

    We can always rebuild the economy.
    But we can never revive the dead.

    Thank you.

    - Copied

  15. Enter your FG wanted those higher level officers to die so that we lower level officers would be promoted to higher level.tnx to pmb

    1. U will die before them, but your corpse will be rejected. Evil person

    2. Don't say that again .... Or are you being sarcastic???

  16. Are people not agitating to go out already? If you are in government presently, how would you handle the situation?

  17. O Lord direct and give our government the wisdom to rule, because honestly it is not easy to come up with any decision without stepping on toes, sit at home hunger will kill us,go back to work the government want to finish them.which way my people.

  18. Private sectors don't have any choice but to resume work..God help us


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