Stella Dimoko Teen Who Murdered Uncles Twin Sons For Ritual Says He Wanted To Be Nigeria's Youngest Billionaire..


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Friday, April 03, 2020

Teen Who Murdered Uncles Twin Sons For Ritual Says He Wanted To Be Nigeria's Youngest Billionaire..

The quest to be wealthy and be addressed, as “the youngest richest man” in his community is the reason 18-year-old Nwaolisa Kelvin Uzor and two others at large killed his uncle’s seven-year-old twins. While it sounds unbelievable, that was the cold-blooded, spine-chilling confession of a suspect who is presently in police custody.

 The grisly incident happened on March 6, 2020, in Oko Ogbele community in Oshimili Local Government in Delta State.
The morbid affair started in the evening when Oliseh Agwunobi, the father of the victims, reported his children, twins Chiagozie and Chidalu Agwunobi missing. He pointed an accusing finger at one of his relatives, Onuwa Ajie Oliseh who was last seen with the children.

Tragically, mutilated bodies of the twins were found in the bush two days later, with eyes, tongues, hands and penises missing. A few days later, detectives attached to the Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Response Team (IRT) Led by DCP Abba kyari tracked down one of the suspects to Anambra State, while efforts are still ongoing to bring the others to book.

In the meantime, the bereaved family had retrieved the corpses from the General Hospital where they were deposited.

Statement from an 11-year-old Iweka Oliseh who witnessed the abduction of the twins gave Police the lead. The Primary Four pupil claimed he was initially contacted by his brother, Onuwa Ajei Oliseh, who is one of the two suspects at large, to assist him to lure the twins from their school.

Iweka said: “On March 5, at about 6:30 am, my elder brother Onuwa Oliseh asked me if I will go to school. I told him yes and he asked if I could help him to bring out the twins from the school before the school closes that day. I told him no, that the teacher will not agree. That same day when I came back from school, I saw my brother Onuwa place a well-sharpened machete on the table where he was eating while I went to the backyard. I saw him move to the twins’ house because we all lived in the same compound. It was later that same night that I heard from the community that the children were missing.”

Further insights came from the Primary Four pupil, Iweka: “He (Onuwa) came back home with his hands stained with blood. He then asked me to pour water on his hand as he washed his machete.”

After the bloody deed, Onuwa allegedly went to the house of Uzor and both of them travelled to Anambra.

Agwunobi Oliseh, 52, father of the twins said: “On March 6, before my children left for school, Onuwa Ajie Oliseh came to my house and inquired if my children will go to school and he was told yes. Later we heard Onuwa told his younger brother, Iweka to help him bring out the twins from their school that he wanted to take them somewhere. The school authority also told us that later that day he went to their school to try and take them and was chased away by their teacher. He waited for them at home and as soon as they came back, he came to the house and asked them to follow him to the stream. I believe that it was while they were on the way that he brought out the cutlass and killed them.”

The bereaved father continued: “It was when I came back later in the day with my wife that I realized that the twins were missing. While I was running around, Iweka, the little brother of Onuwa, told me that it was his brother that took my children. Onuwa ran away but we were able to find Uzor who told us where the bodies were dumped. We went there and found their mutilated bodies with eyes, tongue and hands removed from.”

A broken-hearted Agwunobi lamented: “I am still in shock because I find it hard to believe that it was Onuwa and Uzor that planned it. Both are children of my blood brothers.”

The root of the evil

What could have led young men to commit such evil? That is the question on the lips of all who heard this story. Nwaolisa Kelvin Uzor, the suspect in the police’s net, provided the answer.
While he insisted that he was not the only one responsible for the killings of the victims, he, however, admitted that he knew Onuwa, now at large, wanted to use the twins for money ritual––on their behalf.

Uzor, a school dropout and a farmer explained his motivation for seeking wealth by hook or by crook. “Life is very hard as a farmer and normally after the day’s work, the young men will gather to play ball and discuss ways to better our lives. So many young men who are into Yahoo Yahoo are doing very well in my village. Since I am not educated enough, I knew that was not an option for me.

“One of such days while we were hanging out, one of my friends, Chukwudi Ogbunaigwe suggested that another way of making money was through ritual. He was so desperate he tasked us to find any good native doctor that can assist us. It was then that Onuwa said that he knew one who is based in Aguleri but that it will involve human sacrifice. I told them that I am not interested in anything that involves the killing of a human being. I asked them to go ahead but told them I will not be partaking in any killing.”

According to him, they started suggesting people whom they could use for the purpose.

“Onuwa said that we should use our uncle’s children. I told him not to do that; then they suggested another old woman in our area. She is known as Nne Amaka, but I pleaded with him not to use her because she is very nice and very generous, if you are passing by and beg her for water, she will give you water and even food. I never knew that he concluded in his mind to kill our uncle’s twins until he came to my house later that day with their body parts,” Kelvin alleged.

On why it was easy for Onuwa to pick the twins, Kelvin claimed it was because they were all related and live in the same compound.

“It is a village setting where brothers and family members build houses close to each other. We know ourselves, that was why the children trusted him. Immediately he finished, he came to my house that was when it dawned on me that he had killed them. I asked him to take the body parts and go before anyone would see him. I was panicking and came out to the compound to show solidarity so that no one will suspect me. It was then I heard Iweka his younger brother telling everyone that it was Onuwa who took the twins and that he came earlier to their school to pick them but failed.

“Everyone started asking me where Onuwa was; they alleged that if he abducted those children, I must know something about it. That was why as soon as I got the opportunity, I ran away to Anambra.

It was from there I sent a message to them directing them to where they can find the dead bodies. I knew the location because Onuwa told me where he killed them. He told me he sold their hands for N2, 000 while he took the other parts to one herbalist in Aguleri, Anambra State.”

Uzor added remorsefully: “Now everyone has concluded I am the one who killed the twins. It is only Onuwa that will clear my name.”
The suspect admitted his greatest mistake was his failure to alert the parents of the twins. “I should have informed my family when Onuwa suggested that we should use the twins. I love those twins so much and their parents are nice,” he said.

He pleaded: “I am begging my brothers to wait till Onuwa is arrested; then they will know that I was not in the bush when he killed them.”

Asked why he was gullible for such a sinister plan, Kelvin responded thus: “I was hoping to make money and ride big cars and build houses. I wanted to become a young chief because most of these young boys did not work as hard as I did and now they are millionaires.”


  1. The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. Let him rot in jail, wicked soul.

    1. Na so two boys, ostensibly from Anambra, with the way they boast about money ritual and how almost every rich persons in Anambra is doing it.

      They even said some poor families hold meetings to discuss whom to use for ritual because compounds close to theirs are now rich.

      I just dey look their mouths like this: ()~()

    2. I'm igbo and i detest Anambra people. They are inseparable from money ritual. I can never let anyone i know marry from there. They don't even like other igbo. And they are always related to ritualists. Their desperation for money is unprecedented. And no I'm not being tribalistic. I'm stating the obvious

    3. Schooled there. What my eyes saw, hmm. There is no family without comma. Na the level of mental case abi which one I go talk? The way people enter covenant with darkness for temporal things is crazy. Yet the herbalist making them rich is always on rags.

    4. Shut the fuck up! I'm from Anambra and I work so real hard for my money..even my family, in fact everybody I know..Yes I'm a girl but that does not matter as I love money and I make sure it comes from the right source..When my Dad was alive, he was trader but he was an industrious man.. Don't see me tomorrow and call me a ritualist or a call girl! Some of us are so clean..And who wants you or anybody you know for marriage.

    5. @14:18, I detest you too for lying. In Anambra, we know ourselves as hard working people and not ritual. Who wants to marry relatives of Lai Mohammed like you...

      @19:12 leave the lazy muruku, when innoson was mentioned for loan he/she didn't come to tell us the origin of Anambra...onye ara

  2. Another product of our evil society

  3. The heart of Man, desperately wicked.
    Lazy youths. Hard work never kills. How can you kill a human being for money.

  4. Mehn this is heart breakingπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
    Na wa oh
    God save your children... AmenπŸ™

  5. Animals.....its time they start arresting these native docs too.
    When did our society become dis depraved and money hungry. If you are this desperate as a teenager ur parents are still housing and feeding. What will you do at 30. These ones can use their mothers next.

  6. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    No words
    Just pain

  7. now those kids are gone for nothing when young people flaunt wealth without stating the source this is the result

  8. thanks stella for the data giveway, hope i get gifted

  9. This is pure evil.Totally unbelievable 😲

  10. This is horrible,this guys have bad minds oh... This is wickedness, I just feel for the parents 😭😭😭😭

  11. No need to waste tax payers money on court procedures, just kill them by cutting them into bits by bits till it gets to their heart region..give them a painful death like they did to the innocent kids😑😑😑

    1. If they give you knife can you do it? See your mouth!

  12. I did not read this but God will punish this nwaolisa and those that encouraged him to bring those twins for sacrifice

  13. ●Sons of Jezebel
    ●Nephews of Herodias
    (king Herod's wife who asked for the head of John the Baptist. And so was John the Baptist beheaded and his head brought to Herodias on a platter).
    ●Apprenticeship of Lucifer.
    Such evil ! inshort he is simply evil incarnate.

    And the Babalawo who asked them for such evil sacrifice should also be aprehended .

    Nne Amaka's good deeds and gestures spoke for her, defended her against death before her time. May she live into a very ripe old age without any form of suffering.
    ** My people, be good, be kind, be polite it goes a long way for good in this life.

  14. pain, pain.😒😒😒😒
    Police has panel-beaten his face very well.

  15. We mothers have slot of work to do. How do you kill people in quest to make money. The society has been turned upside down. God have mercy

    1. What about fathers? Everything mothers..

    2. See your mouth like mothers, are the fathers dead or missing? Sorry o Mother of all nations. @Anon 11:31

    3. And the fathers are for what exactly? Supplying sperm?
      Or were you brought up by a baby mama with no father's input on your life?

    4. Anon 15:55,please help me ask her. Men think being the head of the family means just to come Back from work and cross their legs. And women like anon 11:31 will support them when they claim that a bad child is the mother's fault. Mtchew

  16. Communities should stop encouraging all those youths that cannot defend the sources of their wealth with all those useless titles, stop recognizing them, stop accepting their blood monies for community development. But will greed allow them?

  17. They had better kill him and the native doctor that did the rubbish. Nonsense. Mtchewwww

  18. Richest gini? With someone's children? Kai! Aluu May he never find peace, the two at large have turned to fugitives and will be murdered just the way they murdered this innocent kids.

  19. I hail, "Young rich Nigga".

  20. What is this world turning into for Christ's sake? You dropped out of school yet, want quick money at 18? We all need to be weary of families around our children ooo. God have mercy!!

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  22. Anytime anyone validates bad behavior, lifestyle and shady wealth, that person promotes evil and enables it to thrive.

    When people show off lifestyles material things and immoral ways, the enablers tag anyone who asks the right questions a hater or bitter soul.

    You enthrone Mammon and Asherah in a nation and want a sane society or youths?

  23. Frightful what was done to those innocent children.

    This is why I work hard to fortify my spiritual self. Nobody will make me feel bad because I don't have a lot materially, or cause envy and jealousy to grow in me for what others have. So even if they were not caught and he became rich what would the money do for him when every night he would be haunted by those innocent souls. Now, when they go mad and start walking on the streets naked and eating out of garbage bins and muddy gutters their families cry Juju, not knowing the evil deeds they did and the price of retribution. Thank God he was caught and can be executed so that DNA is cut off and never allowed to reproduce.

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  25. No be to marry born. No be to born boy matter. Women, it is not enough to enter husband house or born. Raising childre well matters. How can this young man have the mind to slaugther the first and second child without a second thought, then run home to wash his hand and set out for Anambra, how?

    1. 16:34 it's not only women that raise children. It is the duty of both parents - father and mother to raise morally sound children.

  26. My heart is broken


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