Stella Dimoko UK Based Nigerian Actress Timmy Macnicol Cries Bitter Tears As Her Marriage Crashes..


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Sunday, April 05, 2020

UK Based Nigerian Actress Timmy Macnicol Cries Bitter Tears As Her Marriage Crashes..

UK-based Nollywood Actress, Timmy K Macnicol breaks down in tears as she reveals that her marriage has cost her a lifetime illness.....

She cried in the video like a baby with catarrh trickling down her nose.....

According to her:

"I hate my dad and my mum, even in death I hate them to leave me to go through this pain alone
Now I'm going through a marriage that cost me a life time illness and you called yourself a friend out there, have the guts copy everything I do
To my soon to become ex husband
You go around to humiliate me, when you have no idea what I've been through, what this marriage have cost me.

My prayer for you is may God not let you fit your legs in my shoes, you unfriendly friend as I make this video I need you to copy it again and sent it to my soon to become ex husband, I do everything I did ,I tried my best.
Marriage is not for everyone, everyone is not lucky maybe I'm one of them but I know that God will pull me through
Yes I'm on medication but does that give you the right to go about this anyone that wants to hear that I'm on medication and I'm going..."

That last Line in the video sounded like "I'm going...mad'

She deleted the video from her page on Saturday night


  1. Replies
    1. Na wa oh only she regrets marrying an old man, only she is obsessed with RMD and he keeps appearing in her dreams and she cannot sleep without thinking of him, only she nearly got killed by ritual killers and now this. She really needs help

    2. Nawa o,may God not let someone marry an enemy dat will turn the person to mental case. Better to be alone and just have peace.

    3. Anon 12:17, Do you know what psychological and emotional abuse is? This abuse will result in psychological trauma, emotional trauma including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

      Please don't judge her,try to walk in her shoes.

      I can see she is going through a lot. I FEEL LIKE GIVING HER A BIG HUG,letting her know it will be OK.

  2. This woman needs help ASAP! She's probably going through hell inside and shouldn't be on social media crying. She should crying to her God and her doctor/counselor.

    Having a total breakdown, making a live video or videoing it and uploading it on social media is not the answer and will never be the answer. She need to seek help from the appropriate people.

    I pray and hope that she finds the help that she needs.


  3. I don't know who she is but I pray she goes off social media to heal properly.

  4. Sorry dear. May God console you and give you light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Stella , u sef forget sey today na Palm Sunday. Ds church wey person no go for wks make me no remember, meaning dat next wk na Easter. Abeg, post Palm Sunday for here.

  6. To each his own abeg. God help us all weather this storm that has put the whole world on lockdown.

  7. So sorry and sad for those going through something like this. It is so bad
    that marriage that should be for bliss and blessings turn out to be
    a lifetime of stress.
    But, this crying lady (whom I don't know) ought to forgive and not talk about hate; hating her parents
    and the ex, but talking about God -who admonishes us to forgive so as to
    obtain forgiveness from him also.
    Hope Naija ladies reading this will learn. That he is abroad does not mean he is the one. Abroad is not heaven and will never be.
    It is the stereotype that has been so
    ingrained in Naija girls to want to
    marry any dude that shows up from there. So sad.😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    1. You’re sick. Is she herself not abroad? Was it him that sent her there? The men in Nigeria are they saints? People like you are the reason people hate Christians. Maybe a man that lived abroad chose another village girl over you but please heal and let us hear word

    2. @13:30
      Arrow shooter come hunting today? 😊😊😊😊
      You diagnosed me to be sick without the name of the sickness
      and without prescribing medications?
      Okwa ajuju o.
      The lady said she made the video for people to learn. I mentioned
      the lesson there. Yarn ya own lesson and move on. All these your
      insults and flare ups are necessary inugo?😊🀷🏻‍♀️
      Make you cool down o. Covid is enough stress for the world now inugo?
      Hating Christ and his followers did not start today:
      John 15:18 "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.
      Na Jesus yarn am like that o. 🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️

    3. Anon 13.30 pls dont mind her. What a local mentality. ANG some women themselves are British citizens,a man doesnt need to bring you abroad. Some go there and sponsor themselves to school and work.
      You said you worked in a multinational and your reasoning is backwards.
      What is special abt abroad dat women sponsor themselves for a one week holiday. With 270k you will buy a cheap ticket to london.
      Just as u dont want to rest i also wont rest on ur case. Stop bringing down women. You sound sick.

  8. I still dont understand how and why people bring their marriages to social media,even cry join ,videod it? Cant fathom that...tufiakwa

  9. May God see you through... Amen...
    The battles people fight behind closed doors sha... It is well...

  10. Can singles make heaven more than married?.


    1. Anyone can make heaven, just have a pure heart πŸ€—

  11. Yoruba always says, bi apa ko ba se san, an ka si ori ni ( if you can no longer swing your hands, you put them on the head). Please, take it easy. God will strengthen you.

  12. Am not clicking,sorry about your pain

  13. God will see you through and console you! I pray she finds healing so that this hate and bitterness in her heart can go

  14. Don't mock her. You have no idea of what she's passing through. You have no idea if you or someone you love will go through what she is passing through

  15. Timi. Attention seeker. You need help but not from social media. Don’t tarnish Duncan’s name cos you knew what you were in for. He had a wife and you still went ahead to scatter the marriage.. thinking you’ll have peace. Now the money isn’t coming in like before. You now want to spoil his name. Thank God Na Norwich una dey. You can’t fool the authorities. They know you are blackmailing him emotionally. Bye go get a life from your savings. Start afresh it’s not late.

    1. The Unfriendly Friend....

    2. Chai, it is so appalling seeing people like this ANON 12:52. Judging a woman that is already down, just let her be.

      For your inforation the authorities here work with evidence, and not blackmailing.

      People need to
      Psychological and Emotional abuse. Clearly, this is what she going through.

      Stop blaming the women when a marriage goes south.

    3. According to you Anon 12:52 aka Judge Judy of UK Norwich, "had a wife before" blah blah.... " you knew what you were in for" go ya ya ya ....Does that give him the temerity to abuse her?🀷‍♀️

      You are full of bile and intense dislike;😏☹🀦‍♀️

    4. You’re the evil friend she’s talking about God will surely judge you. I’ve run from family and friends like you now I have so much peace.

    5. Go sort your shit out. Stop using multiple handles answer yourself. Go look after your child. Stop cry me a river. This is not the Ist time she’s done this. You are a manipulator. And a liar. You can fool social media but can’t yourself. You know the truth.

    6. @anon 15:11
      "Stop using multiple handle blablabla" you are that wicked frd she referred to and God will see her through this all and you will bury your head in shame.
      If you like classify my handle as one of hers, wicked soul. I will come back later for you, people like you push others to the wall and when they commit suicide, you come out to cry the most...esu.

    7. Anon 15:11,
      I am not her , don't classify" my handle" as one.

      I work with WomenAid closely too here, I have witness,see and hear what women in an abusive relationship go through here, even the so respected men( what they do inside their home, will shock the devil himself, one will think they are saints outside).

      And she even had a"child"; this is why you should let her be, to focus on her self and child. Chai!..Anon you are a really TOXIC person.😞😞😏

      No one "knows the truth " it is the man and woman that "knows " what went south.

    8. Anon 15:11,I am a woman who is livid at you, and will not take any Sh** from any one. So, this is not her "handle".

  16. She really needs help, God help her

  17. I pray God grants her peace that surpasses human understanding.

  18. Oluwa take control and her heal.

  19. May God grant her peace and happiness

  20. The man even gave her hiv on top if the stress

  21. I don't know her but I pray God to grant peace and joy to her troubled heart, women go through alot and shouldn't be bashed when they are bold to come online and seek support.

  22. I dislike people that blame others from their mistakes.

    1. And how do you know that others are really not to blame for what she is going through?

      You must always blame women...Nonsense.

  23. I don't know this lady but emotional abuse is real, am going through it, nobody understand the pain we go through, nobody believes you even when you speak up, you hear things like if he's not beating you you can manage it, it's just words of mouth.
    It's well I will overcome one day

    1. Anon 18:09, E-HUGS to you dearπŸ€— I believe you!.

      Try and be keeping a dairy, write them down with dates. If you can not hide the dairy, send it to your email and destroy the paper all the time.

      Try and be preparing a safety plan. Please don't allow your beautiful self go into depression, it doesn't worth it.

  24. Crazyhornywife5 April 2020 at 22:01

    If you were proud , you shouldn't have deleted the video!!!
    Please go see a therapist, SM is the wrongest place to be now.
    The people u think ur crying out to on SM, don't care.
    Pls take ur private life out of IG

  25. Divorce feels like death. Not everyone handles it same way. Children in the marriage is like a knife in your heart cos you have to share custody with the man or woman you loved who is now sharing his or her life with someone else and seems happy. So guys don’t judge oooo. It can cause depression and mental breakdown. Only God can heal that hurt.


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