Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 287 - Part 1


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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Labour Room Drama 287 - Part 1

This story in tow parts is the worst labour room drama i have ever read................This part one is a little OK but the part two which will follow after this is horrible and i cried reading...OMG

Hello SDK and BVS ,

Thank God for bringing us all this far.
My first LRD in 2012 after waiting on God for 2 years 8 months he came true for me and I became pregnant with a girl.

It was a beautiful feeling for me hubby and our both families cos she was the first grandchild in both families. It was a very healthy pregnancy no issues, I looked so beautiful that women always admired and told me how good I looked. 

At 35 weeks I had an emotional issue with hubby and noticed I started swelling, moon face and swollen feet that never goes down even after resting. I put it all on the pregnancy cos I started becoming sick. At 37 weeks a Sunday morning, I woke up by 5:30am as usual to get ready for church. I went to the rest room, came out and said it was still early let me lay for 30 more mins, then I felt a warm liquid run out of my vaginal "ha! When I start to pee for body na? It ran the 2nd time so I stood up lo and behold bright red blood. 

Jesus!!! I exclaimed. Hubby thought it was the normal women issues, he reluctantly asked "what is that? I started crying that is bright red blood o" next came a gush of blood.

I dragged our bed sheet immediately and stood on it cos I knew when we get to the hospital they will ask me the quantity of the blood and colour. I told hubby hospital now. I managed to wear a pad cos I had some unused before I fell pregnant. Hubby drove like a crazy person to the hospital.

When we got there a junior doc was on duty that sun morning,
I told him listen "I'm 37wks today, I'm bleeding badly and my baby is not moving. 

He asked ''bleeding?''

I told hubby to bring the bedsheet, he did.
The nurse close by shouted " upstairs now!!. Labour ward now!!

We got up and I was placed on the bed naked with beeping machines and belts all around me, scanning and baby monitoring machine. A lot was going on and I became afraid. By then the bedsheet under me has become soaked with blood, they changed it and placed a rubber one. The nurse told the doc to call the senior docs, surgeon and anaesthetic surgeon that this is not normal. He did and within minutes my room was filled with 5 men. Me lying naked hubby no fit talk self, hahahahha.... man that always tells me "Dont allow a man scan you o".

Me: nurse pls can you cover me with bedsheet?

Nurse: hehehe... you are not after your life first is your nakedness? Dont worry dear you will be fine.

Doc N: ha ha.. madam na you? 

Me: is me o! Shame almost finished me.

Doc N: dont worry you are in good hands. 

Me: hmmmm.... God take control. 

Scan man: I can't see the placental it lying in a posterior position and has pulled off.
Senior Doc: doc p, pls insert your fingers and see how dilated she is she.

Doc p, inserted and brought out his hand with large cloths of blood like very dark, thick and large.

Doc p: sir 1centimetre. 

Senior Doc: where is her husband? Call him.

Hubby: yes doc.

Senior Doc: we will have to operate on your wife, she losing lots of blood, baby's heart beat is dropping, and her placenta has abpruted reason she is bleeding this fast. We have to do something and fast .

Hubby: what do you want me to do:

Doc: get him the form to fill pls.

Hubby: my love, you are good ok. Nothing is gonna happen. He placed a kiss on my forehead. And went to fill the form, donated blood and pay for another pint.

Me: Lord! My helper, you have never failed me before and wont now. Listen my child, we both come here alive and will both leave alive. I scratched my tummy and she moved for the first time.
Yes! You heard me, now hang in there ok.

Nurse! Ok madam is time to head to the theater, just move when I ask you too ok.

Me: ok nurse thank you.
Nurse: 1,2,3 ok let's go.

We got there and I was asked to sit on the operating table I did .

anaesthetic surgeon: now hold the pillow tight and push out your back. Don't move pls as I'm going to administer you Anastasia now.

Me: ok sir.

He did and within minutes I couldn't feel my legs anymore. I was placed down and operation started. I didn't know I was asthmatic as at then so I didn't tell them. I knew I was having breathing difficulties cos I once had attack that I was administered nubrillizer on, don't know why the doc on night shift didn't write it down on my folder (night shift docs hmmmm.....) so on the operating table I started having my lungs fill with fluid,

Me: pls something is filling my chest! I can't breath. 

Doc: you can't breath ? 

Me: yes pls.

Doc: ok , is ok madam, you are fine ok.

Me: thank you doc.

Doc: you and baby's spirits are so strong. I was supposed to travel this morning but something just told me to stay back.

Me: thank you. LORD I bless your name.

Dont know what he did and I started breathing well again. Next thing I saw they bring out my baby, she didn't cry. The nurse took her out immediately to the other room, after a while I heard her sneezing and then started crying. I was stitched and wheeled to my room. My husband wheeled our beautiful baby girl in too.

After a while I slept off and woke like 2hrs later. Ha!!!! People!!!! I couldn't breath anymore and my eyes were pooping out of it sockets... I started screaming, my eyes my eyes!!! I can't breath!!! Help me!! Jesus!!! Luckily for me all the docs were still around waiting for me to stabilize before leaving. They all came running into my room. There was confusion. By then I believe I looked like a frog lol... cos I have bulky sexy eyes ( side eyes at Stella, pls no yummy me o!) .

Injection were given and I was stabilized again. By then my beautiful and wonderful mother-in-law has arrived, she started crying, my papa follow. (My mum died when I was 15, but God blessed me with another my mother-in-law). Everyone thought all was well but hmmmm... more dey dey come.

At 2am I work up to pee on the 2nd day cos they have removed the catheter and asked I be mobile to avoid blood clots. When I stood up I noticed I was swollen all through. Like 5times my size.

Me: what????? 

Mother: what happened?

Me: mama I'm swollen o!

Mother: you are fine, pls dont stress pls.

Me: ha! Mama, this is not normal. Pls ring the bell for doc to come.

Doc on night shift: yes ma'am.

Me: doc I'm swollen all over what is this pls.

Doc: you are fine madam.

Me: doc tell me pls, I'm not a doc but at least I'm enlightened enough to know all is not well with this size.

Doc: ok, madam pls sit. Your kidneys and liver are not working well and your heart is having issues too. We have been having a hard time keeping your bp levels down.

Me: ok thank you doc.

Doc: pls lay down and keep resting ma. Mama pls take care of her and call me if anything ok.
Mother: thank you doc. Nnem pls sleep ok. I'm here, you are fine, you are not leaving this child for me or any woman to train. God gave me 9 sons and nothing happened. You my first daughter will live for me.

Me: Amen mama. I started praying and reminding God of his covenant with me.

By the 3rd day I became better and got better each day. We were discharged on the 4day and I never bothered about my bp levels again, ignorance cos it was all God's grace. The nurse found it out on my 6wks visit again that I was having postpartum hypertension but nothing was done about it. I just got better by the day and all the swelling resolved. But it took almost 3 
months for the injections and drips pain on my arm and butt to stop.i couldn't run for weeks cos my butt fit heavy lol. My daughter is 8 yrs this month and doing so well.

My second experience was death and God brought me back to live. The preeclampsia issues started at 5 months and resulted to full blown eclampsia 6 days after emergency c/section. 

NB: preeclampsia gets worse with more pregnancy . But God's grace is sufficient. 

I will send that one when I'm done typing.

When you are pregnant pls pray well to God, pay very good attention to your health and rush to the hospital once you notice anything. May God give everyone money o! And good Docs Cos if we had gone to a general hospital with that condition on a Sunday morning Hmmmmm........ 


  1. Oh dear Lord! This was scary....thabk God for your life, this is a real testimony

    1. Extremely scary.
      Thank God for GodπŸ™

    2. Poster thank God for you and your baby. Stella,i think i should send mine if laziness allow me type.

    3. I lost my 1st on my EDD Day...lost my second in the 3monrh of pregnancy

      I'm inclined to believe this pregnancy issue is a spiritual battle

      God will fight 4me

    4. I am a Mother of 4 daughters with apparently BORING LRD.
      I go into delivery room/ come out.
      Infact my last delivery 6years in June,i drove till june 29th and i gave birth June 30th. infact it was a Nurse that took part in my delivery.
      My Gyno was in America.
      Maybe it is because its a particular GenderπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    5. @ 17.32, the Lord will come through for you and you will fall pregnant, carry to term and give birth to healthy babies, amen.The Lord has not forsaken you, continue to trust him.

  2. Wow!!!! I got scared for you ma'am and I thought you lost the baby.

    Praise God!!!!!

  3. Thank God for the wonderful doctors who came in time and thank God for your life poster.
    God is good.
    Happy Birthday in advance to your daughter.

  4. Thank God for your life for keeping you and your daughter safe πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. Ooh my goodness. Thank you Jesus.

  6. All we pass through to have a baby... God help us all

  7. I thank God for your life

  8. Wow.
    I’m just glad you and your baby are okay.
    Women are strong tho!

  9. Oh God! I won't be scared. I will deliver my baby and we will both be fine. This bp won't be higher than the 140/80 or 150/80 thats its been rotating.
    Oh dear God I'm taking my bp drugs, I never miss any appointments and there's no protein in my urine. There won't be Oh Jehovah! We've gotten to 19wks, we will go till the end and come out victorious! Amen!

    1. Amen dear, keep good with your drugs and never miss an appointment. I made these mistakes and I have not recovered till date. You will be fine pls take away FEAR cos panicking raises blood pressure too. I know cos I'm on drugs to manage that too.

      I'm the poster.

    2. Amen, you will be fine and baby will be fine in Jesus name, amen.

      @ Poster, your story felt like a movie, my heart was beating really fast. I bless God for you.

    3. Amen. Try not to entertain fear, you're strong and His Grace is sufficient for you.

      Thank God for your life poster.

    4. Amen. Learn to just forget everything and relax. Take your drugs religiously too. It will end in praise.

  10. wow Congrats Madam and happy birthday to your beautiful angel. God indeed came through for you.

    Your mum in-law gave birth to nine sons? Awesome

    yes o God give everyone money and good doctors,while reading i was like when did general hospitals become this prompt

  11. So happy for you.


  12. Madam,I THANK GOD for you, He really did come through for you.
    Women go through a lot and some men will say "pregnancy is not sickness "..
    Some day I'll share my own labour room story,has almost same experience with this poster so I really I understand her. You are indeed a strong woman and may you and all Mothers reap the fruit of theor labour ..


    1. Don't mind those ignoramus jare. Pregnancy is sickness for some people, some women never recover and their health is never the same, not to mention those who have died.

  13. Wow!

    Dear God, grant my sister issue-free, safe delivery when her time comes. (Amen)

  14. Thank God for ur lifeπŸ€”

  15. I thank God on your behalf ma'am.

  16. Hmmm! Part 1 and I am scared. Lord Jesus you are forever a faithful God

  17. Lord, I bless Your name!! I cried eh!

  18. This is really scary, A man I know here lost his wife after delivery, she left him with three kids, after years he married another woman, she had her first child vis Caesarian.S, she almost died, she got rotten, smelly purse everywhere and got stitched up twice, when she recovered, the man personally took her to the doctor for family planning, it was a neardeath experience... Thank God for you Sist

    1. My hubby and mother-in-law have told never to have kids again. Is all God's grace.


    2. Thank God for you Dear, a boy and a girl is more than enough, please don't go down that lane again, go for family planning and enjoy your husband and kids Alive.... Thank God for you

  19. Adagbamaparo Oye,arugbo ojo
    I'm in awe of you.
    God bless all mothers.

  20. Placenta Previa, a medical term I am so familiar with!
    I am alive today by God's mercies!
    Lost the child though.

    Madam, I thank God for your life!
    God be praised

    Waiting for part 2

    1. So sorry. The Lord will compensate you. It is well with you.

    2. So sorry for your loss mami

    3. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒhappened in 2008!
      I have moved past all of that!
      God indeed compensated me!

      My boots are hungπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

      Thanks Cynthia and Nkay

    4. Thank God you still testified and gave birth again

  21. Thank you Stella for bringing up this post. People need to be enlightened, preclampsia is no joke. If you hear stories of women who survived, you will thank God on their behalf.

    Poster I'm happy for you, God will keep you and yours.

    In my own neighborhood here, people have started mocking themselves and doing amebo that I'm not woman enough to carry my babies to full term and have a vagina birth. One even had the audacity to come n ask me recently that hope this my 2nd baby is bigger than my first. I gave it to her hot hot. She was surprised. Foolish set of people. These same people were calling my first "owolabi" behind my back . Very uninformed humanbeings. Women for that matte. I dont even relate with them ooo. Just good morning and all. It kinda hurts

    1. Don't allow yourself to get hurt by the ignorance and small mindedness of uninformed people!
      You have your baby and that's all that counts.

    2. You need to stay away and cut off such people. The Lord will cause you to rejoice and testify, amen.

    3. Awon useless set of people,treat dem as if dey don't exist

    4. Awww Darling....Nothing I mean Nothing including the human beings in your area can define your worth or that of your children because of the process of their birth.
      Kia...make sure you educate them properly anytime the opportunity comes.
      It is ignorance that is wrong with them.

    5. Please don't let it get to you dear. So after all iv been through one idiot will come an say nonsense to me? Lol,Isokay

    6. Pls next time ask them where is their awards for pushing? Samething I asked one who asked me "ha babe you no fit push pikin?


    7. Thank God you have it to her hot hot! Let her go and warn her mates. Some women will disgrace you. Whether vaginal birth or not. A baby came out. That itself is a miracle. Avoid them like a bad habit. Love to u momma❤

  22. I bless God for your life. This is scary.

  23. Jeez!!!!God did come through for you...

  24. Wow...Thank God you and your baby are doing fine.

  25. Lovely story ma'am..The best I loved best was I started praying and reminding GOD of HIS convent!
    GOD remains too faith to fail especially when there's a convent.

  26. If you're preggy and don't have faith pls don't read. Fear kills faster

  27. Thank you Jesus! I'm pregnant too, praying for God's intervention

  28. Was shaking reading this
    Poster God is with you..

    1. Had to read comments first before the reading the Labour Room story because of Stella's warning in the morning. I love labour stories no matter how scary so I need to summon courage to read it

  29. Thank God for you and your family. May God continue to bless and favor your MIL. i love her already, you are indeed blessed to have her

    1. Yes!!! She is God's sent. No one in the hospital belives she is not my mother. She cleans my poop and blood washes my pants and feeds me. Cleans me up etc each time I gave birth. Early mother she will wakes up very early cooks, washes and cleans. When she is with us for omugwo, I do nothing but sleep, bath, eat and breastfeed.
      The sweetest part she dey always dey my side whenever hubby coughs..... but later she will drag my ears lol....I take her like my mum too and she reciprocate greatly like I'm her first daughter. (She calls me "my queen")

      Is all God's grace cos e no easy being married to the bread winner in a family of 11 plus extended. You must have a large HRT. My doc told me could be cos of my heart towards people that made God to show me mercy over death.

  30. congratulations ma... Thank God it all end with praise...

    1. There are tears in my eyes reading this.

  31. Bless be the name of the Lord.

  32. Thank God for your life and that of your baby. Please don't look down on General Hospitals in Lagos especially the Mother and Child Care Hospital. They have very good and competent doctors. I had pre- emclampsia during my first delivery and they really tried for me. May God grant safe delivery to all pregnant women and answer speedily those trying to conceive.

    1. No dear I'm not. Most of the docs that took care of me were specialists from UPTH. I was only saying going there by that time of the morning 6am, being a sun and no procedure before I was attended to.

      If it was there before I will finish obtaining card in queue, making payments in line, then see docs with that bleeding. Before the docs will even make it down to the hospital. I would have lost so much that i will be needing blood. But in this everything was promote, I never used the blood instead we gave out as charity to anyone who wanted but dont have money. Thank God for grace.

      General hospital is where you see specialist who even though have theirs work there. The owner of the hospital I use also works in UPTH as a prof.

    2. I had all my kids in gbagada general hospital and it was amazing. If I had to thread that lane again, I will not hesitate to go there.

  33. Thank God for everything

  34. Thank God for your daughter and the gift of life.....hmmmm i dont think i have the spirit to read the second story,Thank God for ur life.

  35. Poster thank God for you!

  36. Thank God for your life poster.

  37. I thank God for your life,pregnancy and childbirth are not a child's play.


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