Stella Dimoko Man Confesses To Killing Eler Brother Out Of Jealousy


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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Man Confesses To Killing Eler Brother Out Of Jealousy

A 20-year-old cattle rearer, Ibrahim Abdullahi, who reportedly planned the robbery and killing of his elder brother, Kadade, in Amana MaiKasuwa, Kaduna state, has been arrested.

Abdullahi, was arrested alongside one Hassan Amadu, who were members of a five-man gang of armed robbers that specialized in cattle rustling.

He was arrested by the police three months after killing his brother.

In his confession, he said;
“My father married four wives and had so many children. I don’t know what was so special about Kadade that my father would prefer him to his other children.

I was never sent to regular school but Arabic school in Kaduna. It was only Kadade who attended primary and secondary school. My father said he wanted all of us to be farmers, yet he kept calling us illiterates that cannot speak English."

"How can I speak English when my father did not send me to school? I had to get married to convince him that I was old enough to handle responsibilities. As soon as I got married, my father gave me only 20 cows and two plots of land.
My brother sold some cows and made N1.7million and was making noise about it. My father was also very happy about it and asked him to keep the entire money.
We expected him to share the money. That day I was so broke and asked my father for money. He started insulting me and asked me to learn to be responsible like Kadade."

"I was so bitter and I immediately called a member of our gang, Haruna and told him about the money in my house. I asked them to come and also make sure that they kill my brother.
Although I now regret my action but I thought that his death would make my father allow me to control some of his businesses. My father was devastated but I consoled him that it was Allah’s wish."
"In the morning, I went to the bush to meet them and they told me that it was only N300,000 that they found with my brother. I collected N100,000 as my share since I was the one who brought the job."

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  1. This is how the North is shortchanging itself;
    1. Strict Arabic school without secular education
    2. marrying plenty of wives and having plenty of kids.

  2. You were given 20 cows and you were broke? 😮😏😮😮😮😮

    1. Princess Sarah23 May 2020 at 17:42

      I wonder o!

    2. Greed plus feeling super entitled and wickedness

  3. Nawa ooo
    This one is too much. This matter tie wrapper.
    Where do I start? What do I say?
    May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

  4. Oh God.

    Just looks like one of those stories I watch on investigation discovery.

    How u can kill anyone, talk more of your blood really baffles me.

  5. This is a lesson to all parents who have favorites among their children. Don't show it even if you prefer one of your children to others.

    Hmmmm, the truth is, this boy is evil and greedy! He got married at 20 and his father gave him 20 cows and two plots of land. He said "only 20 cow" If he was responsible, he would have started his own business. His father tried as far I'm concerned. The only mistake the father made was not sending all his children to school and still called them illiterates.

  6. Nothing differentiates this guy front the cows he rears. Very ruthless and selfish lazy being, so he couldn't appreciate the 20cows and 2 plots of land given to him?
    The father had his own blame too, in fact, parents should try not to show open love or preference to one particular child even though naturally u may be more drawn to one probably BC of his special skills and character, u mustn't show it or keep comparing him to others, every child is unique.

  7. Starting from the parents, never you compare your kids or show love to one and leave the others out, it won't turn out well cos you are low key starting a war amongst them. #cain and Abel in 2020,Rip to Abel! I believe now the father would regret his actions, cos no matter how a child is stubborn na small flogging and much love & care go cure that child... May God give us the grace to treat and love our children equally, Amen.

  8. Parents i know we always have kids we prefer,but try to be wise .Do not show it to the kids,act like you love them equally.

  9. "...since I was the one that brought the job". Wonderful!

  10. What is wrong with our society though! People kill for the silliest reason 💔💔

  11. Today is parents coaching day!!!!imagine!!!if that man didint marry many wives,birth many children give them fatherly love, hide his love for his most believe or treated them equal.....hmmmm. Abdul u have killed and you are to face ur judgement

  12. Heart of man,may Allah rest his soul.

    It is well


  13. Stories like this are just so annoying.

  14. The father too was not wise. Why not give equal opportunity to all your children? You decided to show him off to his step brothers and ended his life early.

    Even if he was better and more responsible you don't put it into his brothers face. The boy himself is a wicked soul from the pit of hell. Now you will go and rot in jail. If you can do this to your own brother what can't you do to others.

  15. Now that you've killed your brother,are you your father's favourite now.The world will be a better place if every man can stick to just one wife,please let steer clear of envy and jealousy.There should be no favourite amongst children,love them equally.

  16. cain and abel replay

  17. hmmmmm am on this table.i love my second child than the rest of my children,oh God give me wisdom to train my children well

    1. Be wise

      Encourage the others to be better children

  18. Who to blame;

    1. Northern Government

    2. The Father

    3. The Boy (murderer)

    1. The first does not care
      The second did not know
      The third was just evil

  19. Your father had more than twenty cows and 4 wives but did not give all his children formal education? What a failure.


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