Stella Dimoko Undergrad Sets Up Friends Who Mocked Her For Losing Her Virginity...


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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Undergrad Sets Up Friends Who Mocked Her For Losing Her Virginity...

This story is end time..........WHAT!!!!

A Nigerian University student who was allegedly mocked for losing her virginity, has been linked to the gang-rape of her two female friends by 7 boys.

Facebook user, Funke Adeyanju who shared the story on Facebook, said the incident occurred shortly after the rape victims arrived their friend’s cousin’s house to deliver a surprise birthday gift to her.

According to Adeyanju, the girls are year one students of the University of lagos, between the ages of 18-19 years.

She said the girls whose drinks were spiked before the sad incident took place, have been taken to a hospital in Ikeja while the male suspects have been arrested.

Adeyanju wrote;
Parents we need God’s intervention”
This morning at about 09:15hrs the security men in my estate rushed to my gate to alert me of an ongoing crime that is being perpetrated.

We rushed to the house and discovered that 7 boys were raping 2 girls. We caught them in the act all pants down, the girls have been beaten and perhaps drugged. We called in the police immediately. What I saw is not forgiveable, one of the girls was slightly burnt with a hot pressing iron because she refused to submit.

Before police arrived, myself and other excos present interrogated the criminal boys and the girls in seperate rooms, what we discovered was shocking. These girls left their parents homes in Gbagada GRA this morning to come and give their female friend a surprise birthday gift at her cousin’s house not knowing their friend actually set them up.

When they got there they were offered Chivita orange juice laced with marijuana and codeine, immediately the drug started taking its toll on the girls the boys pounced on them.

We’ve been able to get the girl who arranged this crime….her reasons: I wanted to know if they were truly virgins, that they always mock her since she lost her virginity All these girls are year 1 students of Unilag and are 18 and 19 years of age.

As parents, I want to encourage us to scrutinize the friends our sons and daughters keep. So many evil these days.

The boys have been arrested, the girls parents have been notified and the girls moved to a medical facility (hospital name withheld) on Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja.

We need to continually educate these kids to avoid things like this.

from Dailytimes


  1. Thank you Funke. May the girls heal faster and may they find the courage to move on/ past this phase.
    The culprits should not be spared ....14yrs straight. Thank God they are adults, no sentiments.

  2. This is really sad, heartless and unfortunate. But I have one question;
    The girls were drugged, meaning they were unconscious while it lasted; isn't it?
    So why did he write this line:
    " of the girls was slightly burnt with a hot pressing iron because she refused to submit."

    1. Codeine doesn't make you completely unconscious, it makes you very slow

  3. I wish university entrance age should be 20-21,to see if this young girls will mature a bit, but evil knows no age, the wicked girl succumbed to her age bracket pressure of not overlooking and ignoring, and the victims acted there age by rubbing there virginity as a trophy on her face. The boys too, they will regret this act fully in years to come, whatever regret each has now is a baby regret bcoz they were caught. The main regret is acquiring a degree, when it finishes it will consume them all. Nothing kills faster than past mistakes it can make u to attempt suicide. They all should be properly rehabilitated. This is a very sad story.

    1. Its not by age dear..Maturity is in the mind

    2. Very sad o

      nowadays i feel this life can easily be lost, here today, gone or 6 ft under next second, i also feel women are more vulnerable as naija society seems intent on sacrificing, silencin killing (via rape and even murder)that gender, so if as a woman, and u have breath, na to be@peace,findjoy in little things&make impact now now NOW, tomorrow is not guarantee in this jungle paradise o

  4. Some people have no heart, very wicked.

  5. What kind of evil is this? At this young age? Oh Lord...

  6. God help us 18 years old plotting rape even with the say no to rape campaign going on๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ขshe and all her cousins must be jailed. May God not let our children to be manipulated by evil ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™SMZ

  7. I'm really sad about this. Those guys be dealt with and the girl that set them up

  8. What is happening eh? Why so much evil?
    Kai I'm tired of feeding my eyes and senses with bad news all the time,if it is not kidnapping,it's rape or murder!
    Enough already!

  9. I have been hearing tales of secondary school girls setting up their friends because the friend is a virgin. I remember because my mum used to tell me this tales so I would be careful of friends. Till today I find it hard to visit any friend alone.

  10. when I first saw this story today, I was struck hard by what evil an 18year old will come up with and even see it through.

    When she grows more than this age, what will she do?

    Another thing is that those boys that can rape girls at that age, must have been doing it, for them to even use hot pressing iron on the girl that refused.

    Stella and fellow BVs ,do you see that at least the statistics of most men being rapist at one time of their life, is true.

    Many of these boys will still teach other boys how to rape, as time goes on, if they are not punished severely for this horrible crime

  11. Women sha. Men are already raping women, you now connive with them again to rape your friends. Foolishness. I am yet to see a man connive with women over what will hurt his friend. Hope she goes to jail. Bullying is not a felony, but what she did is a felony. And she is totally responsible for her actions.

  12. This is evil Kai! Please parent let's teach our children not to use things like this to morch their friends.

  13. What these little children know and do baffle me atimes.

  14. I bet she is now happy with her action. Evil children everywhere

  15. Teach your children to mind their business and respect others. Stop mocking people. You may have done your own but you will never know how the person will return the favor. This girl and all the guys should be exposed.

    1. True, keep your opinions to yourself.

  16. Nawaooo,devil has taking over a lot of young peoples mind.May God help our youths

  17. @18? What will she do at 22? God help this oncoming generation

  18. I never visited anyone while in school, never went anywhere with any friend, i trusted no one.


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