Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Most Women Are Serial Lovers....


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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Couch Convo - Most Women Are Serial Lovers....

Do you agree with the fact that most women (especially Nigerian women) are serial in their love lives?

This is just one of many examples.............


  1. Nigerian men have been serial lovers since 1900! If they say women are now serial lovers, then they learnt from the best!

  2. Some girls are the Main chicks in all 5 of their Relationships why some girls dnt even have a Boyfriend!
    This life no Balance.
    My Neighbor is heartbroken because the girl he has been dating since Feb just got engaged to someone else and the babe ddnt even tell him. he got to know through a friend of her, to Think that they were together all through The first lockdown in March oh! babe blocked him everywhere..

    SCUM has no Gender!!!

    1. I find it funny that guys are having headache over a lady that is not a virgin.. lol
      Men should start seriously considering getting married to a virgin oh.that should be the new norm in this save yourself from a lot!like I spend my hard earn money on a whore, still worry about her and all ontop pay bride price for person wey dem don chop scatter e no ending there oh, we go deceive ourselves she wear white go do church wedding.

    2. Anon 13.36 I lack words for you.

    3. Anon, I pity you!!!

      My friend got deflowered by her husband but she cheated with a riffraff

      Scum has no gender dear!!

    4. As in eh...

    5. Anon 13.36 may you receive all round healing. You're wicked lol

      The most Complex B

    6. Awon feminist gang gang9 July 2020 at 16:12

      We are watching o! Anon 13;36 your blood vessel is filled with bile.

  3. I think both genders are capable of being serial lovers.

  4. I honestly can't vouch for anybody as regards this, I don't double date even when I was single, why should I do it now that I'm married. Shebi that girl sef never marry any of them, what about married women that have extra husbands for outside, they plenty for my parents house area. I learnt the high profile women that do that have caucus.

  5. Lol this is the law of never put your eggs in one basket hehehehehehehehehhehehe.

    Sorry boyfriend hehehehehehehe at least few days in kirikiri for beating up a lady...

  6. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    The day I stopped vouching for people was when a friend I used to trust and defend started having an affair with a riffraff...... This my friend is married!!!

    When I mean affair, it was very serious and extremely irritating!!!

    It's well with all of us!!!

    1. do you know how her hubby treats her? she might not have told you all she goes through in that marriage

    2. Thank you 14:04.

      My story. Loved him so much. Was so loyal and gave up everything to build a life with him. When money came, every second he will tell me that if i talk pim he will divorce me, that I am not his level and his type. I cried my eyeballs out. Prayed till i couldn't pray again. The beating nko? He comes home when he feels like. Always in hotel. Different babes calling him. I begged and begged, for where.

      One day I made a decision to stop crying and get useful. Dusted my certificate and started looking for job. One day I bumped into my old friend in secondary school. She used to like me a lot and that was it. We started talking and from nowhere can't explain, we started having an affair.

      She is like the best thing that has ever happened to me for 8yrs of living under this man's roof. Now listen, I hated lesbianism with a passion. If you talk about it near me, I will abuse you. Still don't feel attracted to girls. Just can't explain what I do with her, but it is mind blowing and makes me extremely happy.

      Now someone will try to blame me? Oga is trying to change drastically because he noticed I don't send him again. If you see my glow up now. A sound heart is really the life of the flesh.

      I am cheating and I was pushed to it. Depression almost killed me.

    3. Waoooo, what did I just read氣

    4. Dear Anon, her husband doesn't deserve that rubbish!!! If your husband treats you and, why not leave instead of distracting yourself by cheating in marriage???

      If I state this story ehnnnnn, una go cry!!!

      Scum isn't gender based and there's no excuse for bad behavior

    5. Anon 15.01 and 14.04...u c y men c u when as confused brainless hypocrites... there is an excuse for a woman to cheat , but no excuse for a man to cheat... now can u c ur brains dont hv the capacity to function normally ... I pity men that take these ass.holes srs ... just 4k them and let them born for u and then park them... them no get brain ooo

  7. Well, I dunno about others but I was and still of the belief that you do not put all ur eggs in one basket.

    Helped me deal with unnecessary stupidity and wickedness and heartbreaks in relationships.

    I don marry now sha and I don't have such issues to deal with anyone.

    I can't categorically say that all women are serial lovers but men taught a lot of us lessons earlier on in life that helped shape the way we became.

    1. Guy should start and as a matter of urgency consider getting a virgin for wives.yes any man that values the family settings and a peaceful home, you save yourself from so much !
      That should be the trend .
      Ladies are not loyal and they have no principle I can go on a debate and prove anyone interested!

    2. Anon 13:38
      And the man considering to marry a virgin must also be a virgin himself "any woman that values the family settings and a peaceful home, you save yourself from so much!" according to your write up #mchewwwww#

    3. So it means your current husband was once your side bobo or main bobo

    4. Mr Lecturer, if u read the story of how I met my husband, ur answer is right there.

    5. many of these ladies are not principled at all, Eka joy is talking about putting all one's eggs in one basket, if you want to be with someone, be with the person, not double dating or nurturing feelings for someone else alongside

    6. Always an excuse for the bad behaviour of women. The level of hypocrisy is mind boggling. Ok then, so my friend that became a serial womaniser because his g.f treated him badly nko?? Let's learn to own our shit. Women cheat, and a LOT... married and unmarried. I've been hit on, I've friends that have been hit on, women that are having affairs (male and female), it's scary.

  8. They are just learning from men.

    Men are known for that since time immemorial.

  9. Cheating has no gender....
    Men do worse ‍♀️

    1. I had an ex that I loved scatter and he did too(so I think) but he was emotionally unavailable. I was very young then so I walked out of the relationship

      I started dating my husband and he loved me, he was always there when I needed him. I didn't really love him but he was overly possessive and I felt it was enough, that I would grow to love him.

      During my nysc, I served in my ex state and my hubby just proposed then. I got in touch with the ex and he wanted us to start all over again but I refused. Along the line I discovered that I was pregnant, told my hubby and he was very happy(mind you, we were just engaged then). I told my ex about it and he told me he was getting married soon, so I guess that was good bye for us but he made a comment. He said 'I wish you were pregnant for Me'

      Fast forward to 5 years later, my husband became a terror, he cheats on me, lies like no man's business. Travels and stays as long as he likes, insults my parents, have little or no regards for me. Whenever I get pregnant, he would ask me to remove it, that 'we' aren't ready for another child or his character would just change. He also starves the children and I.

      2018, I had an abortion and I almost lost my womb, I went into depression. I was confused and sad, I was a teacher then and I was the one paying the children fees. One day, I called my ex, we spoke and he was like what really happened, why did you leave me. I told him his faults and he said I wasn't patient(guess you can blame it on the age). We started keeping in touch, he isn't in my start so we never really saw again. He brought me close to God, he made me feel needed, beautiful. He always encourages me to pray and earlier this year I got a better job offer... I fell in love with him again. I started to overlook my husband excesses, I focused on me and the kids and I was genuinely happy again. My bubbling old self came back. I wasn't trolling his side chicks or checking his phone anymore.

      Earlier this year, my ex came to my state and asked to see me(he asked last year but I didn't want to go). I went. We had the most amazing sex in my entire life, he did everything and more.

      Now I have lost interest in marriage, my husband irritates me and he senses it. I don't argue with him anymore, he is trying to adjust but I want out. Not to go back to my ex, no, but to think, be on my own, focus on making more money to take care of me and my children.

      So men pushed their women so much and when they are gone, it is almost impossible to have them back.

    2. @Anon 16:11..
      Don't mean to judge,but just wondering how d ex dat brought u close to God still had sex with u...
      Wat an irony

    3. Dr Steve pls judge the foolish woman . If it was a man that did what that slut of a wife did , all hell will let loose ... b careful, continue till ur husband finds out and kills u. Then ud explain to God y u committed adultery

  10. But, most Nigerian women double date.. they go with the phrase of not putting all their eggs in one basket.

    In short, many Nigerian women have mastered the art of double dating and they are the numero uno in the world of double dating.
    They take the lead while others follow.
    Its a normal thing to many of them井井

  11. Cheating has no gender...
    Men do worse‍♀️‍♀️

  12. Why should the boyfriend beat the girlfriend up?
    I know that is not what the question is. But i just hate domestic violence, haba.
    No man should lay his hands on a woman, likewise no woman should do the same.
    If you are not happy, just walk away.
    Back to the question: i will say that 'some' women are serial lovers and not 'most'.
    Due to greed, lack of affection, and just for the fun of it.
    Though i dont support it.

  13. i can only speak for myself. i never did and currently do not. i was focused on only a relationship at a time. if you misbehave and show me that you dont value me i move. me am a firm believer in love or marriage is not do or die oh...i thank God sha

  14. good for the broke arse riff you beat a girl up because you are her father abi? if you think she is seeing other men then leave her simple. am sure his abuse pushed her outside cos that would not be the first time he was touching her maybe. broke and violent God

  15. Ladies I stand with@eka joy ,never you put all your eggs in one basket believe me one son of a demon might crush every thing one must not sleep with any of them .use your brain.


  16. It's not a gender thing..BTW, we learnt from the best(men)塔

  17. Lol. Men & Women are scum!! Make everybody rest.

  18. @ anon 13.36 I really don't get the fixation of the Nigerian male on virgins. Being a virgin doesn't define the sexual or relationship orientation of the lady when she finally becomes sexually active. There are virgins that are giving Bjs to more than two guys, there are virgins that are in more than one emotional but platonic relationship, there are virgins who are experimenting with lesbianism with more than two friends. Virgin or not what matters is the person's emotional and psychological attitude to sex or principles around sex. For some sex has become a bad habit or addiction they may have to be freed form. There are lots of things to consider in people's attitude towards sex so using a blanket explanation wouldn't work. Analysis should be on a case by case basis

    1. You deserve a big hug! Mr virgin girls up there, please read it and let it sink really DEEP!


    2. Only few men have sense like you Paul Imaji.

  19. Yes. I agree.

    Women are more calculated and discreet with it. And HARDLY does it ever interfere with the home and the man they are married to.

    If they had let it interfere, most men would have discovered early enough that particular kids might not be theirs..

    It takes a special kind of "skill" to be able to maintain different personalities(a good wife and a concubine) successfully.

  20. Maybe he has formed the habit of beating her up; that's why she followed Mr iPhone.

  21. No.
    Nigerian women are not serial lovers, they are serially lustful.
    They lust after anything that has P7nis that can buy their fantasies and vanities.
    They are serial money grubbers. It is a pity. 元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️元‍♀️

  22. Sometimes
    Love is not important in marriage

    Get ur self a responsible nice man with a good heart and marry.he will give u peace
    My husband loves me so much but I don't love him that much. Our marriage is peaceful because he can tolerate me a lot. He respect me and he respect out marriage a lot.
    I always tell him that if I see any sign of cheating am out of this marriage... So his always careful .

    My uncle always advice us when we are single.. He said we should married who loves us more

  23. Replies
    1. thank you mummy boys. Exactly

  24. when men cheats, nobody will hear
    when women cheat its makes headline,
    men wrote the book of cheating, women
    only read the book.


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