Stella Dimoko Nigerian Military Reintegrates Former BH Terrorists Into Society...


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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Nigerian Military Reintegrates Former BH Terrorists Into Society...

The Nigerian military has reintegrated 601 ex-Boko Haram terrorists into the society.They include 14 foreign nationals from Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

The Coordinator, Operation Safe Corridor, Major General Bamidele Shafa made the announcement on Saturday.

The former fighters were freed at the DRR Camp in Mallam Sidi, Gombe State.

General Shafa said on arrival at the camp, “the clients went through documentation processes to obtain vital background information and were subjected to comprehensive medical screening to determine their health status”.

The military officer disclosed that their DNA samples were also collected and biometrics captured by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) for future references.

“The background information serves as a guide for the experts, Local Treatment Team (LTT) to properly place the clients for treatment therapies and vocational training.”

He added that LTT are specialised experts in various fields of deradicalisation and rehabilitation therapies drawn from the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS).
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  1. Dear Lord, please give me the opportunity to be the one that would one day supply Nigerian government with white clothes and stockings to shame all of us in front of the world.

    1. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 what a prayer Isaac.

      My dear eeh,this is so disturbing.
      Former fighters??
      More of murders, killers, kidnappers!

      According to Bob Marley,
      You can fool some people sometimes.
      But you can't fool all the people all the time.

  2. Oh Nigeria!. A friend of mine who is a Colonel just resigned. He said bokoharam can't fight bokoharam.

    1. Exactly. Thank God he resigned. This country is a joke. They are just fortifying BH.

  3. BUHARI and his Fulani kinsman have not told Us what all these NONSENSE 😔 (agenda) is about.
    The worst of it is that "that" will ship them all down South, instead of leaving them among themselves up North.
    God help and save Us from these un.... and under.... Folks!!

    1. "they****

      The govt no longer care about edu qualifications and mental evaluation anymore seems to me they slow them join the BH as a testing ground to see how brutal/how much they can unleash terror on haplessly citizens.
      Soon, they ALL shall feed on their own flesh and drunken with their own blood. All imbecilic/moronic power drunken leaders, who have chosen to be lifeless towards the tears & word of the masses.
      They've indeed "fed" Nigeria to the dogs!!!!

    2. Stella, I'm glad that you are waking up. Or is he still your darling bubu? Now you know why the three wise men in the Bible were from the east.

    3. Stella, you used your blog to bash Nnamdi kanu many times. But time shall tell. Darling bubu my foot!

    4. When they are done with southern Kaduna and other Northern states, they will invade Yoruba and Edo states... Before invading the east. But IPOB is waiting for them. This movie go sweet well.

    5. The same igbos you loathe might become your greatest Ally. The same Nnamdi kanu you despise might be your saviour.

    6. Edo and Yoruba states must wake up. As it stands now, y'all are the weak links we have in the South. These people have already invaded our bushes.

  4. 😱😱. This is wrong o.

  5. 📸: The rumoured 601 repentant Boko Haram terrorists to be freed in July is true. The 601 terrorists graduated in Gombe today and are now reintergrated into the society

    The Nigerian Army system in which terrorists are released back to the society after repenting is called "Operation Safe Corridor". Arrested terrorists will not appear in court, they repent and then the government will rehabilitate them before releasing them into the public

    They give them money, accommodation and possibly job - their victims are languishing in IDP camps across the North and outside Nigeria as refugees 🤔

    Over 40,000 Nigerians and thousands of soldiers have been killed or kidnapped in the last 10 years. Billions of properties destroyed. No single Boko Haram terrorist has been prosecuted by Nigeria. They free them

    This is Nigeria 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    (c) Maiyegun's Diary Politico

    1. Marvel, I pray many will note your comment and put on their thinking caps.


      The devil thinks he can outsmart God just like Nigeria leaders think they are more powerful than God.

      Unkown to the devil, what will destroy him is inside him.

      God takes the cunning in their craftiness. Job 5vs13

      "He catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them."

  6. What's happening with the Nigerian government? So it's back to square one.

    How can all of these "ex" terrorists be truly repentant?

    Indeed, there was a country.

  7. Awon wailers have started again. what in the world is wrong with Bubu showing mercy to these folks. our bubu is a merciful presi. Oluwalovemi Ademissway

  8. Why in heaven's name will these people be realeased into the society....why can't they be in the aso rock doing 'maigaurd' and other menial jobs,since our government is so wise.,,,Na only God go save us ooo

  9. This one their faces no de show, am I sure my missing uncle is not among them?

  10. Reading news these days is depressing... What in God's name is this???

  11. Have the govt rehabilitated all of their victims? What a failed country..

  12. Internet fraudster are jail by the day, but those who declared war against the state and killed lots of innocent people are freed. What justice.


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