Stella Dimoko Actress Toyin Abraham Preaches About Self Love.....


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Monday, August 10, 2020

Actress Toyin Abraham Preaches About Self Love.....

Actress Toyin Abraham says your greatest responsibility is to love yourself!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Throwing more light Christianity is not about direct self-fulfillment but in the fulfillment of the self through our responsibility for the neighbour. Martin Buber described it as "I" & "Thou" relationship of being. I am fulfilled because you are fulfilled. Egbe bere ugo bere..., Ndu mmiri, ndu azu; Live and let live etc.

  2. Multiplying words without Knowledge.
    After loving yourself, do not forget
    to love your neighbor as yourself.

  3. Toyin,
    You have struggled, fought, scattered,
    and gotten married.
    And you are now teaching young ladies to "love themselves"
    Are they going to provide themselves with companionship, impregnate themselves and have kids and
    give themselves the joy and security
    of a lovely home with husband and kids?
    Every Ekaite is now a motivational
    snooker. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    1. @La
      Cut out the pretense.
      Tell yourself the truth, you desire to get married to
      a good husband and have kids.
      It was put there by God. If it is missing, devils stole it.
      The question should be, where did you meet them?

    2. They can fuck and imprenate themselves, who cares ? Let them deprive themselves of happiness and joy because they are not married, how is this Toyin's problem . Don't love and dinify yourself because Toyin talked about self love on her space. Must you be married to be happy. Millions in the world we live in are married but definitely not happy .

      Alexander the great

    3. @13:43
      Yes, I am married and I am happy.
      Millions in the world are married and are happy.

      No woman can impregnate herself.

      -Alexander the small.

    4. Glad you know no woman can impregnate herself with your half dead brain. I doubt you are truly happy,

      Alexander the great

    5. 14:03 no you are not happy. If you are, you won't be looking for who to pull down! By the way like Alexander the great Anon said, many are married and unhappy. Your happiness does not lie on being married.

    6. @16:42
      Why not speak for yourself?
      My own happiness lies on my being married, okay?

    7. Your happiness should only lie in GOD not any human being or creature

  4. Madam toying when u were with legbe gbe...ow many motivational quotes did u display on ur SM page ?? No be hide u dey hide go change name ???

    1. Have you ever come across the meaning of 'growth'?

  5. Well said, Toyin has grown so much in recent times. Go baby

  6. But she didnt love herself. Now she is married now asking people to love herself, oh please. Cant rem once she was single and living her life happily

    1. Pele oo feminist, Toyin landlord/neighbour/family. Because for you to know she didn't love herself you must definitely be living with her.

      And I don't want to hear "Toyin welcome" cos I'm not her. I just hate nonsense talks

    2. I'm happy without any man, but what i meant is that lady is hypocritical. We all knew how she was prior to marriage.

  7. Listen guys! This is not about Toyin, nobody gives what they don't have! You must first love yourself before you start loving others. If all you do is first make others happy before you derive your own happiness, then your happiness, validation and all is from others. So whatever they do or not do dictates the outcome of your feeling. Learn to first love yourself, make yourself happy, do what you have always done for others and do not appreciate to yourself! Spend that money on yourself, go on that trip, relax and take in the glory of being yourself and God's image.


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