Stella Dimoko Husband Sends Wife Parking For Building A House For Her Parents


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Monday, August 31, 2020

Husband Sends Wife Parking For Building A House For Her Parents

A story went viral recently which alleges that a husband and his family members sent his wife away because she built a house for her parents,while she and the kids are still living with the man in his family house.....

The husband and his people allegedly said that she is a bad wife for building a house for her parents instead of building it in her husband's place for the sake of her husband and children.

The reports say the wife stood her ground,and said her parents come first because they suffered to see her through school and were the reason she was financially stable and added that it wasn't even her responsibility to build a house for her husband .....,


  1. Replies
    1. If she had built the house for her husband and children in her husbands place and for some reason or ther other the husband and his family decide to send her packing the way they have sent her packing now.
      Where would she move to with her children, what house?

    2. That house she built for her parents is hers trust me. Number 1 she can stay dere anytime, number 2 it becomes solely hers when her parents die. No husband or his relative can claim it.
      Im sure her husband is d lazy type reason dey are still living in his family house. Buildn house for such a man he will even loose more focus.
      Nothing wrong in a woman building d house for husband n kids,it happens but it has to be for a hardworking man who is also secure in his capabilities as d man of d house.

    3. The husband could even be the cheating type and building for her parent means she has secured her children's future even if he has other other children aside hers. Olopolo pipe obìnrin. Gbé fún.

  2. Hustle ooo, so that you wont be dragging house with your wife

  3. Virtuous woman,she took a good decision by building a house for her parents. Good riddance to useless and self entitled inlaw

    1. She's probably better off without them.
      Good riddance indeed!

    2. I’m telling you. Both the husband and his family are even shameless to open their mouth in public and make such entitled claims. Sebi he has a source of income, why didn’t he build for his family? Goes to show that he married her for her financial stand.

      Some people & their entitlement mentality shaaaaaa.

    3. @Liz
      Let's go and read about THE VIRTUOUS woman you just wrote there;
      Proverbs 31:
      11Her husband has full confidence in her

      and lacks nothing of value.

      12She brings him good, not harm,

      all the days of her life.

      23Her husband is respected at the city gate,

      where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

      and does not eat the bread of idleness.

      28Her children arise and call her blessed;

      her husband also, and he praises her:
      30Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;

      but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

    4. ANG that woman met all the qualities of a virtuous woman❗

      She built a house for her parents as a VIRTOUS WOMAN whose parents raised to be a VIRTOUS DAUGHTER!

      Did her husband start building a house and she failed to SUPPORT HIM as a HELPMATE?

      There is no place in Proverbs 31 where it said a VIRTOUS WOMAN should BUILD HOUSE FOR HER HUSBAND so he would be respected in the City Gate.

      In fact, that would totally emasculate him ( his wife built a house when he as a man couldn't).

    5. @15:54
      Vs. 27, she watches over THE AFFAIRS of her household, not the affairs of her parent's
      I did not write up there that the woman should not build for her parents. In fact, Jesus
      taught that we should honor our father and mother by repaying them for that the did for us;
      see it in Matthew 15. What happened here is that the woman went alone to do it. Meaning she
      has a parallel finances from her husband and that is not marriage. That is not the two being one.
      They both should do things as one.

    6. Do you think this kind of man will support her or agrees she build house for her parent?

    7. @Vicky
      Which "kind of man?"
      Why has all of you jumped into conclusion?
      The woman's actions here is wrong.
      If this woman's DIL behaves like her, will she like it?

    8. You are not a woman certainly...Il

  4. What a waoh.... She still lives in her husband's family house and she secretly built a house for her parents.

    But, this is not enough to send her packing though.

    1. Ms. A is reasoning.
      Your first line makes a lot of sense.
      It is futile to set the cart before the horse.

    2. She must has her reasons..
      She might has observe the family and their entitlement mentality,or the husband is a mummy's boy,were his extended family comes first... before taking such action,she has thought of it...

    3. Mrs Sharon...probably laws can make someone do some unusual things.

  5. Hmmm
    This one be as e get.

    Truly it's not her responsibility to build a house for her husband but at the same time why build a house for your parents when you still live in a rented apartment?

    1. The lady foresaw something. Haven't you heard of a family that sent a woman out of the house she built with her sweat and married another woman who started playing the role of the landlady? I have! Build a house for your husband and you might still end up being sent away. Nobody will ever send her out of the house she built for her parents. She did the wisest thing.

    2. Lol Nne why would she build a house for her immediate family, is she now the one marrying the husband and head of the family. She made a valid point, the parents saw her through thick and thin hence the appreciation. If I was in her shoes, I would do same. My parents suffered to see me through school, the least I could do for them is to make them as comfortable as possible.

      Y’all shouldn’t be surprised that the said woman is still the one feeding the family and in-laws. See, that husband is a disgrace. So he can’t even rent an apartment for his family, instead he is living in the family house and still running his mouth. That’s a shame as far as I’m concerned. Ok so you build a house and you guys move in, the funny man will want you to put the house in his name ba.
      Madam abeg no beg them so you can go back because they will add a clause that you should build for them also and going forward, you take permission from your husband before spending on your people. This goes to show they are after your pocket. For the fact you can carry on such a project shows you are doing well without THE MAN.
      Hungry and entitled much. I’m pissed at this sef....... mschewww.

    3. White enchantress im sure dat house is even in her name; its still hers.
      I know of a woman dat built house before her husband in her late 20s,she was a succesful biz woman in Lagos.....her husband was a banker and dey were living in a rented house.
      She put hers on rent,den later her husband built also and dey moved dere.
      The husband will never agree to live in her house.

    4. Nnem most likely. This man you talked about is a very smart and intelligent man. He knows what it will lead to for his image. But the said man in the story doesn’t even seem to wanna do anything if not, why would he remain in the family house till now. Married with kids for how many years and can’t even rent a small apartment. That’s pathetic.

  6. Replies
    1. Nothing tricky about it.
      God to the Scriptures, the manual for life
      and you will see that "the husband and wife are one"
      not the wife and her parents. God rewarded Ruth for sticking to
      her in-laws even in the death of her husband (which actually supposed to return
      her to her original family)
      That is why the woman answers the man's name.
      If she wanted to build for her parents, she should have reached an agreement with
      her husband and they should be doing it together.

  7. Nothing makes divorce right, God hates it. Mal. 2:16
    However, a man and his wife are one, the Lord said it; the man shall leave his father and mother and be united with
    his wife and the two shall become one flesh...Gen. 2:24, Mathew 19:5
    Wife, married ladies, you are not one with your parents. You are one with
    your husband.
    You can help your parents as agreed with your husband. The two has become one.
    So if you are not ready to marry (to leave your parents and be one with your husband,)
    stay single. And do not write chronicles to tell us that there is "no man," that you are lonely.

    1. No be you again??
      Always misyarning and twisting facts to suit you and degrade women.

      My Victory Dance Loading 💃

    2. GOD Hates stupid people I guess,even when your life is at risk u stay there cos God hates divorce.please shift one side u haven't seen anything in life and I pray u dont.Am not divorced for your info but someone called husband can't be throwing knives n hitting my daughter n I advice her to live with a sick man cos God hates's crazy.

    3. @15:32
      Did God say that a man should throw knives at his wife?
      He said he hates divorce doesn't mean that there shouldn't be divorce.
      The divorce happens when there is marital unfaithfulness. I will not advice anyone to
      break or join in marriage. But even Jesus said that if you are persecuted in
      one city, flee to another. A man who is throwing knives at his wife is not committed to
      the marriage.

    4. U sound dumb, bible aside.u have a low IQ.welcome to the world.Things happen.u make no it not God that created u in his own image.God isn't a stupid God.

    5. The same Bible made us to husband the man and woman will leave their parent house and cleave to each other but this man here didn't leave his parent house. Same parent of his will one day join forces together to chase the woman out empty, they will tell her she didn't bring any house from her parent some will even change it for her that she has use their son's glory the reason she was the one that have enough to build house. Nkan nbẹ, mewa ń ṣẹlẹ̀ ni duniyan.

  8. Hmmmmmmhhh🤔, did she tell her hubby before building?
    If he were a considerate husband, he would even support her in building a home for her parents.
    They are old and time should not be wasted to do them good when they are still alive.

    As for him, if he had started building, there is no way she would not have shown support.

    Did he expect her to initiate the building project when he is the head of the family?

    1. But she initiated the building project where her father is the head of the family...

      Do you think her husband has the money to build his house and he still live in his parents house with his family?

      I'm not saying building for her parents is wrong but she should have set her priorities right.

    2. I won't and can't support a man that put his extended family before me and my children, never!!!,I will also remove him and his family from my priority... some men don't have a say in their homes,their parents still control them like mumu..

  9. So why get married if you are not ready to build with your husband?
    So why did you leave your parents house in the first place?
    Why should a husband and wife have parallel finances in the first place?
    And they will be deceiving each other that they are married?
    A lot of ladies do not understand what marriage means.

    1. Yes.
      They will leave their parent's houses,
      take up the man's name but not his vision and aspirations.
      Very wrong on all fronts.

    2. Oh please. A marriage is sweet when BOTH parties are treated fairly with love. We only heard a part of the story. We do not know the dynamics of the family. Do you know if the horseband was an abusive womanizer? Which woman in her right senses will go ahead and build for such a man? I've personally known women that still laments that their decision to involve their husbands in whatever project that they had finances for (business, schooling or building), spelt disaster of unimaginable proportions for them. Husband ends up squandering the money. House them no get, business them no get.

      Count yourself fortunate if you don't have such men in your life. I thank God I'm fortunate

    3. @Mrs E
      You see how you spelt husband?
      That underscores your total bias and fractured
      sense of what marriage really is.
      Pray for the revelation of the Love of God in Christ
      for only then will you understand the mystery of Love which is
      manifested in marriage as God ordained it Eph. 5:32
      God's grace to you.

    4. @ Mrs E, I know a woman abroad who gave all her life savings to her husband plus took loan to go and start a business in Nigeria. They both agreed on relocating but decided one person should go first and then the rest of the family will join when MR settles In.

      It didn't take Mr up to 3 months to marry and Impregnate a small girl in Nigeria.

      Except I have the full details of this marriage up there, I will not blame the woman. For her to think of building first for her parents shows the marriage was already rocky.

    5. I know too whose husband was frequenting Nigeria in the name of building a house for the family.The overworked wife had emptied her account and gave to her husband. After some her husband had gone on one of those Nigeria visit, the wife equally arrived few days later without notice. She demanded to visit the site, the husband stalled to no avail, they later took her there and ni single block was on the land they purchased at 9 million some years ago. Kapalua burst, the man could accoubt for all the money he was siphoning from the wife in the name of building. It happened that he found himself a younger woman he was training in school and a host of other girls. Who he was planning to marry and they are married now with two kids, anyways,wife vex, repossessed the luxury car she left in Nigeria to make life easier for them. The man sold the land alone cos it was in his name.he got aboutb20 million from it cos it has appreciated.married his girl friend he was training in school and started a new life.Wife went back to London took the house they had there which am sure she was the one paying for. That woman life would never be same again.

    6. Mrs E and co
      You all should not only talk about people's experiences,
      talk about God's word for once.
      People change, and they are not any model to copy from.
      What is settled in heaven is the Word of God. God won't absolve
      anyone from wrong doing because she copied from someone.
      Psalms 119:89

    7. @Mrs E, there's something not right with you spiritually

  10. This is deep! The husband and in-laws are entitled. Her parents her reaping the fruits of their labour and she's actually sowing a seed into her future.

    1. Why didn't she remain with her parents so they could reap all the fruits she has to offer, some of you reason with your anus bloody hypocrites. Marriage is stop for everyone it's either you are married or you are not.

  11. She did well my kind of woman Abeg park out from the entitled idiot house

    1. So her husband is now an idiot and she should leave her husband because she built a house but if the table turn and the man become rich and sent the wife out because she is no longer his level, the same you will call men scum...

      I leave you for God.

    2. But she is not leaving her husbands house because she built a house. It is the husband and his family that sent her packing because she built a house for her parents. So if they send her packing, she should leave the husband's house simple.

      And yes if the tables were turned and the man becomes rich and sends his wife and children out because she is no longer his level, that man is scum.

      We leave you to God.

    3. If the tables were turned and the man secretly build a house for his parents without telling the wife. If the wife finds out and gets angry, people will still call her a wicked woman and try to rationalize why the man acted that way.

  12. They gave birth to her, nurtured and trained her. Let the man go to hell. Men do this all the time. Oga go hustle.

    1. Why did she not marry her parents and nurture and water them back

    2. Will a man even seek his wife's permission or consult her before he builds for his parents?

    3. Very valid question 12:55!

      Ooooooh, I forgot, it's a man's world!

      My Victory Dance Loading 💃

    4. @chike Teflon one of the entitled men we women loathe to be with . The woman must have reason for her actions don’t type rubbish from your techno phone

    5. Anon 12:55, same question i asked.

  13. Women should just pray not to meet some unfortunate men. Some men are so jealous and can't stand their wives succeed. They need to keep their wives under subjugation to feel manly.

    I know a man that married a second wife just because he heard his first wife was building a house. He became so bitter.

    I know another man that almost divorced his wife but for the timely intervention of his parents because his wife bought a house. His case was funny because when the wife saw a good deal on a house, she approached him and told him, they should buy it together but he said he didn't have money. So she bought the house in her name and the marriage has never been the same. Any man that is jealous of his wife's success or can't allow her to shine is a no no. Women look well, some men can't stand your success.

    1. Anon 12:01
      If I may ask, are you in the man's bank account to know if he has the money?

      It is in this blog that some female BVs will advise a woman to make sure her husband buy properties in their name but will advise the lady to hide and buy properties in her own name...

      The last time I checked, the Bible said that husband and wife will unite in marriage and become one.

      Since when did marriage become "his own is their own, but her own is her own and secret"?

      May God continue to deliver you all from hypocrisy and purge away all the spirit of wickedness from you people....
      Say a loud AMEN ka ifele mèè ekwensu.

    2. Last time we sef checked married men are buying houses, cars, vacations and all sorts of luxury goods for their side chicks without the wife's knowledge. It is since that time that marriage has become "his own is their own, side chicks own, her children's own and seret" but now "her own is her own and secret"

    3. Chike, the anonymous might not have access to the man's account but I don't understand your rant on the comment. Do you think it's right for a man to divorce his wife because she bought properties in her own name? May we not marry our enemies. I think for a woman to take such secretive step would mean she doesn't trust her husband and if we are not in their shoes, we shouldn't judge.

    4. Envious spirit at work....

  14. alot of questions unanswered for me before judging her...why is the man still in his parents house? is he responsible? some men are very irresponsible, entitled and do not know how to manage finances. they have money and waste away on rubbish. it is obvious the woman earns more here and they are all expecting her to build for the family, in that case i will rather build a house for my parents than build with a husband that feels entitled and lazy. my cousin had to force her husband to buy land when they did and today he is the happyier for it. again maybe the man was not ready to start building and she had to use her own money wisely. honestly we dont know alot about all that has gone down in the marriage. as for me if my husband is hardworking and truly open to me i will encourage us to start our home then i will build for my parents..

    1. I know a woman that bought land with her own money, developed the land but later the man assisted to complete the house...

      Guess what? the man later drove the woman out of that house till he died. His family claimed the property....


      I work for my money

      My money is mine...Yours is yours

      I buy land in my name..I dont care about yours

      I build the house on my land in my name so if push come to shove the desperados own your property and I own mine!

      NDI ALA

  15. It is only a selfish, self absorbed, greedy, manipulative and entitled human that will chastise this woman for what she did. What the freaking frack has the husband been doing before now that he doesn’t own a property to his name? Why can’t he rent an apartment for his family? Lazy much that is why he chose to stay in the family house so he won’t pay rent and he still continues with that mentality by wanting the woman to build. He is lazy and a disgrace. Dear Lord, May such people not cross paths with my anyone in my family. group 😤😒.

  16. "The reports say the wife stood her ground,and said her parents come first"

    If the husband make that sentence if he send ordinary monthly allawee to his parents, these same female BVs hailing this woman will be the ones to crucify the man, calling him mummy's boy or not man enough....

    What a wow... May God deliver you all from the spirit of hypocrisy... AMEN

    1. Nna some of us dont care about husbands property

      Some of us women Ji di nkuuuuuu!

      Build your own ooooo

    2. I'm not surprised with your kind of reasoning Chike. Most Igbo men have entitlement mentality esp where they did not sow.

      Won't you be ashamed that your wife built a house for you? And you will stand and call yourself a man. Men build the home ...women keep the home. A wife is supposed to bring u peace and not her money. If she drops cos she wants to as a partner and not cos she is obliged to.

      That woman up there is a boss. A man who is married and living in his father's house is not a man. She obviously saw some things which is why she did what she did...she is a smart woman and a smart woman is she.

      Chike...hustle and build yours so you don't come on a blog to argue on a woman who has built hers.


  17. The way some guys are shamelessly pushing for this 50/ 50 thing, I dey shame for their behalf. It is not your wife's responsibility to build a home that y'all would live in, that is your freaking responsibility you "lazy twat".
    Too many males dropping their biblical responsibilities for the wives in the guise of a "woman should contribute on her home"...
    I am so sure that this man would have wanted the landed property to be in his name 🙄, that is how shameless & egoistic that they have become..

    1. Maybe because our women are also requesting 50% rights in the home so the men have decided to request 50% financial contribution.

    2. There nothing absolutely wrong in building a house in your name to accommodate you, your husband and children. Under the law the house remains yours. Yes, building a house
      for your parents is important if you have the resources but not when you, your children and husband are leaving in a family house. One thing is evidently clear, the family house is comfortable for her and her cchildren . If her in laws were treating her like a rag she wouldn't dream of building a house for her parents from a war zone. This is very common among Bini women in Edo state. Marry a bini woman, under your nose she would build a house and you will never know she has built a house. In cases where the man do not have a personal house, they could nag him into leaving his rented apartment and move into their houses as tenants. Every year you pay rent to your landlord without knowing you are paying rent to your wife. It's as bad as that. With the mass migration of people of Bini ethnic nationality since the mid 1980s to western Europe and North America a dangerous precedent started, they would turn their children against their fathers through lies, brain washing and spirituality so that they would be the ones benefiting from the pounds, Euro and dollars. I am not in any way saying all Bini women do this, but it is a common thing. Go to the post office along airport and see some of them sending pants, bra,soap and all forms of nonsense to their daughters in western Europe especially Italy, Greece, UK

  18. Madam may God Almighty bless you. You are a true daughter of your mother. Don't mind those gold diggers waiting to reap where they did not sow. Sending e-hugs and kisses. I'm so proud of you darling

  19. That man should be proud of his wife for doing what he couldn't do for his own immediate family.

    It is not scriptural, but I hate dull & lazy men who wait for things to be one for them.

    What if she has been fending for the home and the man has been threatening to throw her out?

    Let her rest, the man will come back begging.

    It's his loss.

  20. If a man comes on here and says his family come first, before his wife and kids, we will get an uproar.

    I do not know her state of mind or other factors that will have influenced this decision of hers. Our Parents mean the world and they deserve the best. Her action of building a House for the parents is commendable after all they saw her through school but she is now bound in marriage to her husband. They have become one flesh and ought to cleave to each other.I feel they should have come to an understanding.

    He should not have sent her packing though. I hope they find a way to reconcile their differences. Moving away from the family house will be a first place to start.

  21. @Chike chop well come dis morning! Seriously when I read comments of some female BV on dis blog I dey weak. First off, we didn't hear the man's side of the story. However what happened to women supporting their husbands? I have read several times in this blog where BV castigate men for supporting their families and when table turn they change tone. What hipocracy.

    If the man has not build can't she help him and support him to build. She obviously chose her parents over her husband. When people get married, they should know we're their loyalty lies.

    1. @ Dafe, what we are saying is events in her marriage may have led to this.

      If her husband was good and supportive and she did this, then she did very wrong. But If she married an Irresponsible man who cheats on top then kudos to her.

      Some married women have very bitter experiences so who am I to judge her when I don't know what she has been through in her marriage.

  22. I'm shaking my heads at those of you abusing the wife. May life not humble you and your daughters o.

    Shey you people didn't see that the family were still living in the man's family house. What does that tell you about the man? It's obvious he is a financially irresponsible person. No wife would hide such a thing from a man who has proven to be a good husband because he would have even supported her on the housing project.
    The woman has done nothing wrong in ensuring her parents have a roof over their head. Those quoting the scriptures seem to have forgotten the first command that comes with a promise; "Honor your father and your mother.... That it may go well with you and you may live long"

    I hope she's smart enough to put the house in her name and not her parents because I've seen a situation where a sibling wanted to claim a house built for their mother by her elder sister.

  23. Shameless man and family, waiting for his wife to come build for him.The woman has seen everything hence her decision,only God knows whats going down in the family house

  24. If only the bible wasn’t written there won’t be all this kati kati in the world today

  25. We don't. have the full story. There are different reasons why the woman may have decided to do this. For me as a woman if I have the means, I will first think of my parents comfort as they may be experiencing a lot of discomfort in their present accommodation. Many men are not loyal to their wives oooo , they will always put their family even friends before their wives. Women are getting wiser and knowing that getting married does not mean turning your back on your own family...inlaws have shown women a lot too. Las las every marriage is different so try not to judge people for certain actions.

  26. For this woman to neglect the husband's place and went ahead to built for her parents first.... Hmmmmmm... She must have reason them....

  27. They think they sent her packing. I'm sure the woman had already had enough and was ready to quit. Her parents were just an excuse.

  28. I wouldn’t say the woman did wrong at all. This might be her reaction to several actions from both husband and in-laws. We don’t have their complete story but she sure has her reason.

    I would probably do the same thing if I were her. My parents have several houses so there is no need to buy them one, my hubby is a GM in an oil company and I was doing well myself. Now every time I tell hubby I’d like us to do something for my parents, he tells me they don’t really need it.

    He says their pension is even the salary some young families earn today. My mom retired as a teacher and my dad a lecturer; they were only wise at spending and had businesses while they were active. So you can imagine the pension he is talking about.

    Meanwhile, he is supporting 5 of his siblings who are not by any means poor. Three of them live abroad and yet we bought cars for them, pay tuition, down payment for house abroad amongst several other things. I never say no to his decisions. Don’t forget that no matter how rich a man his, once you take money out other things take a back seat which the immediate family suffers but of course nobody cares.

    Well I do things secretly for my parents because I want to avoid troubles seeing that he thinks they are doing okay...people who know I am an engineer working in oil and gas expect more but my parents are understanding.
    So if tomorrow I decide to build a new home for my parents some will still fault my decision.

    If your hubby can not see reason why you should be there for your parents, especially when you support his decisions to care for his own, you’ve got to find a means. Parents deserve to be treated well.

  29. You female bunch are just hypocritical in your reasoning. If a man was leaving in a rented apartment with his family and decided to build a house for his parents, that wife will wage a cold war against his family and an open war against her husband. Women will always look for an excuse to justify the stupid actions they take...

  30. Ladies don't build any house for husband o. They will kill you and re marry. The man's job to provide for his family so she's not at Fault

  31. This chike sef I na akogodi ka onye ezigbo owu ite ji.biko nwoke jekwa Chuba ego ka ina akogheri.afu dimkpa afu ogologo imi ya.nolu chebe ka nwanyi ruo lu gi uno.etu umu nwoke ji ego ha eme ife solu ha.nwanyi ji mbada ego ga eji ya me ife solu ya.nwoke mulu anya!,jee Chuba ego na owu digodu gi na aru.

  32. Judging from the male comments here, I guess you're still tenants. You never see anything. You don't know the kind of situations that led to women having to build for the sake of their children. Some lost those property ...some are still paying off loans incurred by the husband in the name of support and have nothing to show for it. Women who suffered just so they can stop paying rent to help the men they married...they all lost it.

    It's very obvious the man is very irresponsible which is why she did what she did, kudos to her cos if she had built for him, it will always be his house and not hers. I could tell you stories but let your wife build for u first then you'll gist us.

    Ladies...if you're building with your husband...make sure you put your full names on every documents. Eg Instead of Mr & Mrs Wazobia, write Mr. Ken and Mrs Amina Wazobia.

    Thank me later.

  33. If it is a sin then I have committed it I built the one we are living in where we base single handily he is very lazy that he doesn't want to do anything then 3 years later I build for my parents he is not serious the only land he had he sold it and useless the money so now for me to build in their village I will have to buy a land which will not cost less than 10m I don't have that kind of money I have changed his car twice he can't even maintain the car can not renew even the car papers my dear until you are in that shoe before you judge someone that keep stealing my money is he the type you will trust with joint account?

    1. Sisters you are completely understood

      if you have side chick go and meet her to help you build a house

  34. If you have ever been married to a lazy loafer, you will understand where the woman is coming from. The kind of marriage where you pick ALL the bills and even give the "lottery winner" allowance. It is only a matter of time before you disengage yourself from the joint account. An account where the funding is done by you and the spending by the lottery winner. Then you start keeping secrets about your investments and progress because the ego of the lottery winner cannot handle your shine.Thereafter... go figure...

  35. Wow,reading tru the comments was interesting.


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