Stella Dimoko Loverboy Arrested And Humiliated By His Furious Lover Over Alleged Love Scam..


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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Loverboy Arrested And Humiliated By His Furious Lover Over Alleged Love Scam..

It appeared to be a game of deceit between two lovers, Sylvester Ehiarinmian and United States based woman, Mary Okpe, who had married separately with children without informing each other but then agreed to get married before discovering that they were lying to each other.

The deceit has now destroyed their relationship and they are fighting dirty in public because the woman, Mary, demanded for all her properties entrusted to Sylvester’s care including $25,000 she gave him to keep for her.

Following Sylvester’s refusal to return Mary’s properties in his possession, Mary wrote a petition to the Nigeria Police over the alleged fraud and the 43-year old Sylvester Ehiarinmian was arrested for allegedly defrauding Mary, 40, and was detained at Zone 2 Command in Onikan, Lagos, for interrogation.

The victim, Mary, alleged that the suspect, Sylvester, claimed to love her while he fraudulently swindled her of monies and properties under the guise of helping to secure them.

The suspect was among the suspected criminals paraded on Wednesday, by the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Ahmed Illiyasu, at Zone 2 Command Headquarters, Onikan, Lagos.
He said the suspect was arrested following a petition to the Command by the victim, Mary.

AIG Illiyasu, said that the victim, who had a vision of setting up a business back home, employed the suspect, Sylvester, to provide her with security to and fro her farm situated in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

However, Sylvester, who is married with children, hid it and made love advances to the victim; promising her marriage which she naively accepted and she was defrauded.

The AIG further said that the suspect was nabbed by the Zonal Tactical/ monitoring unit of the Command.

“When the suspect was finally arrested, four Sienna Space buses, a Toyota Highlander SUV Jeep and landed properties comprising of a storey building, an undeveloped plot of land, both in Apo area of Abuja and another two plots in Wasa area of Abuja were recovered 

“Also, a Mikano generating set, two duplexes in South Africa, the sum of $1500 US Dollars, he fraudulently obtained from the victim to procure visa for the victim’s sister, another $10,000 US Dollars, he proposed to purchase carpets for an office they both agreed to operate and N40 million for the establishment of a medical laboratory belonging to the victim are yet to be recovered from the suspect.

The suspect while speaking to pressmen denied the allegation of fraud leveled against him.
He said: “I never defrauded her, we were lovers and most of the things I was alleged to have stolen from her were handed over to me herself”.
“When she heard me discussing my business plan with someone, she offered to assist me with the vehicles and I did not even use them because the business has not started and instead of her to take the things back from me, she started embarrassing me and I asked her to take me to Court but she refused.

”She claims that she has a cousin that knows the powers that be and that she will embarrass me. I never converted her properties to my names, the only properties I have in my name were the ones I bought myself. The reason her properties were in my custody is because I was the one managing them for her,” he said.

The suspect further disclosed that he dated the victim for a year. “I am married but got separated from my wife and my girlfriend (the victim) was also married with two kids but she lied to me about it until I discovered not too long that she was not even divorced”.

AIG Illiyasu has however, warned citizens to be careful of the relationship they have with people and how they advertise their businesses because of fraudsters who are out to defraud unsuspecting victims.

*Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!


  1. Hmmmm. Things are really happening.

  2. Never trust a man with your money. As a mum just sleep with them and dump them

    1. Your head is there!..
      Why fall in love with a single guy when you have husband at home?..
      No matter how sweet you are,I can never fuck you twice talkless of falling in love with you..
      Most women are mugus..

    2. You are talking normally in the nonsense ... Fuck twice ? Shush if ur brain is malfunctioning ojere

    3. Lmao @ Na me talk am !!!!!!

    4. Madam you must be a scorned and bitter soul. Your type has unresolved anger issues. Tueh!

  3. This is exactly why I like smallies..
    See this one that looks like an okoro with akwara everywhere..
    I like well built men with proper muscles..
    This one looks like crayfish!..
    He must vomit everything..

  4. 2 shameless people deceiving each other.

  5. Cunning man die cunning man burial him 不不不不不不 two lie lie people jam.

  6. You see that statement, - ”She claims that she has a cousin that knows the powers that be" - be ready, because she will definitely deal with you❗

    Quietly give the woman all her money and properties you swindled from her. That way your suffering will be less.

    Playing with a woman's emotions is like touching the tail of a sleeping lioness.

    You don't know women - once you hurt them, they can crush you even if it's with their last breath.
    Why do you think they have the heart to endure labour pains over and over again?

    1. Plssssss! This just useless love gone sour!! Spare us all that! She was blind when she was getting entangled with a fraudster, a married woman.

    2. hahaha if only women know the powers that belongs to them...

  7. The real story.... He was married with a kid. He cheated serially all through the marriage. He started dating 2 women in 2019. 1 in US and another in Abuja. He got married to the US one who is a relative of Mercy Johnson while still very married to his wife and Mercy Johnson put up their pictures to celebrate their
    I year wedding anniversary on June 12 2020. The Abuja lover saw the pictures and hell broke loose. He ended his marriage with his wife in 2020 without a cogent reason Is she aware of his marriage to the US based one (committing Bigamy and fraud marriage)? . He married for money and when he saw the money was not as he expected, he became a gigolo looking for rich women to date and spend their money. One thing is clear, Mary Ope is lying, she was not hypnotised. She is just pained he deceived her when she saw Mercy post on Instagram showing the man wedded to another woman. By the way mercy Johnson has since deleted the photos as the said related just got engaged again to another man whose video she posted on Sept 10 2020. I have the pictures though.

    1. You got it right! This is the true story. He is a serial cheat. All parties involved was aware he had a wife and a child. The only person that was in the dark was his wife. Who only found out through mercy Johnson's post. But decided to leave the battle to God. Who didn't waste any thing to expose all of them. Trusting God always pays!!!

    2. You see! Nothing is hidden under the son.

      I bet its women without class he's playing with and preying on because the man looks dry and hungry.

  8. Flee fornication and adultery and receive Jesus Christ he will give you peace, rest of mind and salvation.

  9. Shuooooooooooooooooooooooooor
    $25,000.00 to keep for you, is he a bank?

  10. Scammer jam fraudster.Hehehehehe...


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