Stella Dimoko Presidential Spokesman Garba Shehu Says Petrol Sold At N600 Per Litre Under PDP


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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Presidential Spokesman Garba Shehu Says Petrol Sold At N600 Per Litre Under PDP

Well,Well,Well,if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!

PDP and APC are like un-identical twins from same womb....


  1. Garba Shehu, I am ashamed sharing same country with you. You have sold your soul for a pittance. What then was the change mantra you hoodwinked innocent Nigerians into believing if you guys aren't any way better?

  2. Nigerian govt is so childish. Nobody ever takes responsibility for anything.
    Why is fuel so expensive? Blame it on past govt
    Insecurity? Past govt
    Huge debt? Past govt
    Hike of prices of foodstuffs? Corrupt middlemen
    Election violence? Past administration
    Is it that in five years they couldn't do anything because of the past administration that left five years ago?
    Nawa oooo.
    Stella me sef I no get bf because of past administration. Don't ask me how, ask the past administration.

  3. Same people changing from one party to the other.

  4. Shameless people. That was 2013 pls?/ and how long did that last for?
    Can Someone pls remind him that this is 2020. And h should stop comparing. When someone points of complains about something its not for you to go looking backwards. Its to ask questions and see what can be done to make corrections.

    The circumstances between 2013 and 2020 are different. Besides his chief principal officer made promises. Or doesn't he remember?

  5. Lies
    If you read the newspaper headline
    It was during a festive season and it just black market price not pump price

    lets not be deceived further

    1. Don't mind him, him think say we be fool. How can a pump price be sold for 600?

    2. Don't mind this one.
      They are happy the masses aren't happy.
      Oh day of reckoning!

  6. Garba Shehu can only mislead low thinking people.
    There was scarcity then, & every Nigerian knows whenever this occurs, fuel stations across the country always hike their prices.
    Prices vary from station to station, from state to state.
    I have never bought fuel for N600 per liter, from a fuel station, ever in my life, here in Lagos.
    So this cock sucker should go overdose on his tramadol & shut up.

    1. Are you minding the man, can't this administration make things convenient for the citizens. Why blaming pass administration

  7. Shame on you all APC...Advanced Party for Criminals

  8. Garbage shehu and his useless principal are so shameless and stupid. #600 was black market not pump price. He got more than what he deserved on twitter since yesterday. The same people who called subsidy a scam are now ustifying their evil, inconsiderate actions

  9. So black market is now government price according to this one?

  10. That price was black market. APC God dey


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