Stella Dimoko Anambra Gov. Obiano Visits SARS Offices In Awkuzu,Neni And Ekwulobia And Frees Some Detainees


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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Anambra Gov. Obiano Visits SARS Offices In Awkuzu,Neni And Ekwulobia And Frees Some Detainees

Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano on Saturday visited the three offices of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The offices are in Ekwulobia, Neni and Awkuzu.

The governor during the visit granted bail unconditionally to three detainees illegally held by the defunct unit.

Speaking during the exercise, Governor Obiano said, “the Commissioner of Police in the state has released everyone detained illegally, and everyone remanded by the order of the court, will remain there until their cases are determined.”

He had also promised to free detained persons and also ensure that Nwafor who was accused of killing and maiming many, was brought to book.

Obiano revealed that on Monday, he will inaugurate a panel that will entertain public petitions on the activities of SARS in the state, adding that the panel will be headed by a retired Chief Judge.

On Thursday he sacked his senior security aide, James Nwafor, who was formerly a SARS boss in the state before his appointment.
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  1. While he is at it, can they dig up the land surrounding the place. At that point, talk will talk itself

  2. All these politicians are playing to the gallery. They are all the same. EndSARS is the first step. Next step is ending the reign of all these crop of old politicians. Nigerian Youths are about to take over. We no want APC and PDP again. Na Youths Democrat Party sure pass 💪💪

    1. Wait! I think they've hacked this boy account oh wait! wait!!wait!! anonymous hacked his account because he is a Buharist😲😲😲 Chile Chile,first time you are reasoning with your head e shock me oh!!.
      Tiger spices I thank you oh🤣🤣

    2. Help o!!! Eesah's account has been hacked by anonymous.

    3. Easah,what happened to you?
      Abi SARS don reason your matter las Las?
      Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa
      I thought Buhari was your hero?

    4. Lol!@gwagon e shock am too.

    5. Nobody hacked my account. All these old politicians are the same, but Buhari is a lot better than all of them Lol. The plan was for Buhari to fix things and set the ball rolling for the youths to take over. Tho he is slow at it due to age, but he has tried. Like l always say, Buhari will be the last old politician to rule us by the grace of God. No more Atiku, Obi, Tinubu, Kwankwaso anymore. Let the youths take over and take charge! Let's end bad governance once and for all! 💪

    6. Look at you
      Your shame just leave you and is now trying to catch me but late

      Be there suffering and smiling
      At least you are also buying rice #150 a cup.
      Little wonder your bubu has been addressing us on top the protest matter.
      Nonsense and ingredients

    7. Essay you're very shameless.
      I read your comment most times and I conclude you're still probably feeding from your parents who are maybe well to do and that beclouded your sense of reasoning.

      Buhari better??

      My advise is that you won't make a good leader,so don't ever accept one.Now you're following the youths because you never expected the protest?

      If only we will stop being tribalistic and too religious in this country.
      If only our parents rule and we call them out when they go wrong.

      But No,we have lots of ESSAH in Nigeria.

      Stella biko post my comment o

    8. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      🚨 🚨 🚨

      We've an emergency on this blog a blog I.d has been hacked!!!!!

    9. @Mr Essah what kind of weed are you taking? Better taking that shit before it kills you

    10. Essay must have smoked Kwale weed 😳😳😳

  3. Nice one.

    But this movement is beyond sarz. End bad governance

  4. He should also provide d CSP
    They r all playing to d gallery
    Y has d police not declared that murderer wanted?
    R they scared that heads will roll wen he starts singing bcoz they r all involved in one way or d other in wat went on there for years
    Bcoz d man went on unabated for years even after he was indicted by some inquiries carried out years back

    1. Declare him wanted ke?? When he has probably told him to sneak out of the country very fast. Guy man must have crossed the borders now and is hiding somewhere.

    2. Learnt he's on his way to Cameroon

  5. It's not enough. Shut the place down. Stories coming out of there is too gory. A documentary should be made about this place with secret cameras.

  6. Could have sworn this governor knew about this deadly sars for a long time but he waited till the heat was to much, then matched to take accolades I would have said God should punish him with 600 years but today is Sunday 🙄

    1. God answers prayers quickly on Sundays, so you are free😁😁😁

    2. I dinnor go to church, so I'll help you say it.

    3. For even typing it,nne it is done already...
      Next thing we might read,is either James Nwafor committed suicide or he's on the run....

    4. Chick and Martie you guys are funny🤣🤣🤣 thanks for making me laugh

    5. Oge🤣🤣🤣 be calming down 🤣🤣

    6. Lmao
      Yall are not playing at all.
      May the unjust be brought to book.

    7. Amen oooh. God hears all days of the week and especially on Sundays.

  7. Story. All damage control. Willie why did u hire a known killer? Is it not cos of his killing qualities?? Nonsense

  8. Willie this is not enough
    We want James nwafor
    I was at the candle night on Friday
    The lady that spoke on behalf of chijioke's family made me cry
    Nwafor will never go scot free with all the anguish he caused numerous families


  9. Me I know that James worked for Willie and sold human parts to him. Onitsha Peres why are you protesting? If nah because of market, Sunday nko? Make una lend una voice o

  10. There was no detainees at Neni as at yesterday, don't mind him.I was at Neni that yesterday also and I learnt that SARS officials at Neni freed those there before Obiano even landed because they were all detained illegally. Nigeria is bad.

    Hand over James Nwafor to the youths Obiano, you all are criminal.

  11. It still baffle me, should I say, why this barbaric atrocities in that station goes on for so long without any mention of it in the social media and back up by serious protest. So if this national protest did not start things will have continued as normal in that particular station. My people we can do better, if you keep quiet in the face of injustice you are condoning it. Besides most governor from the east are very under performing I expect people to call them out. Why are we celebrating criminal and indulging wicked people.

    1. The time has come.
      Their judgement is here, #Endsars is just the mother of all protests.
      It would no longer be business as usual

    2. Victim's family have been complaining about James nwafor before now. I have read about him this year before the protest.

  12. Politicians will start to deny SARs now. I’m sure Obiano was aware of James nwafor atrocities before he made him his SSA.
    We will soon see all who have used SARS to intimidate and silenced many retracing their steps.
    As for Buhari, I don’t have your time yet.


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