Stella Dimoko Angry Wife Chops Off Hubbys Privates And Quotes The Bible In Defence Of Her Actions


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Monday, October 26, 2020

Angry Wife Chops Off Hubbys Privates And Quotes The Bible In Defence Of Her Actions

Tragedy struck on Sunday in Taraba state as a middle-aged woman reportedly cut off her husband’s manhood for impregnating another woman.

The man identified as Babangida popularly known as Bangis who is in his early 30s suffered severe injuries on his genitals after his wife attempted to cut off his penis.

The incident happened in Appawa community, a suburb of Lau Local
Government of Taraba state at about 12: 15am in the early hours of
Sunday when Bangis was asleep.

A neighbour to the victim, said Bangis went to the market and after a hectic day of sales,was tired and slept off......

“In the dawn of the morning, They heard screaming and shouting in the house and they rushed to their house to see the sad incident, the wife cut the manhood because he impregnated another woman. He fought back and collected the knife from her but she also injured herself in the process.

When asked why she made attempts to cut off her husband’s manhood, the
woman replied: “The Bible says we should cut off anything that can
make one to sin.”

Bangis was taken to a private hospital for treatment and findings show that the couple are yet to have a child...
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  1. Wahala for who give woman belle outside. Is she ok mentally?

    1. SDK,I neva read wetin you post but na this your dog wey dey open mouth and carry hand for head dey make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ make the woman kwantinu na she go hearam.

  2. She should have just divorced him. What nonsense is that? Must she stay with him?
    I just remember a male friend telling me that if he mistakenly cheats in the future and his wife found out and tells him she has forgiven him he will stop eating her food and stop trusting her because if he was the one the love is dead already and a wan who knows you are cheating automatically hates you henceforth she stays with you then she is pretending. He said he would never feel comfortable around her ever again or eat her meals. I didn't understand then but with news such as this one flying around...i think i understand his point of view better now.

    1. To start with they are Muslims ooo and he has the right to marry as much as he can take care of

    2. There are Muslims and she is quoting the Bible support her evil act. Misquoting the scripture. Silly woman

    3. They didn't name the couple's religion, there are both Muslims and Christians from Taraba, for her to quote the bible, likely means she is a Christian, remain Senator Aboo from Taraba is a Christian

  3. I detest it when people misquote the bible to suit their selfish desires.
    What happened to dialogue or walking away ?
    Every form of violence shouldn't be tolerated, and couples should learn to stay faithful.
    If you cannot be faithful you've no business taking those marital vows . Stop making a mockery of marital vows.

    1. As in ehn. It's so annoying.she must face the law.

  4. Serves the community cheap pen?s right. The woman went too far shaa, but they both deserve each other. Two psychopathic sorry excuse of adults.

    1. If this man were your brother, will you have typed this?

    2. No it does not serve him right.
      Should we go about harassing and maiming every single person that has cheated on us?
      The woman is wrong in every count and her action is inexcusable.

    3. Anonymous yes! I would even high five her

    4. @Anonymous, No dear. My mother did not raise a cheap ass male that will condescende as low as cheating on his wife, Such animals don't dwell amongst my siblings. If you are a cheater married to a nut case, you better stop because this or even more awaits you. Bye!

      @Dainty T, Both of them were wrong my dear. That is clearly what my comment is about. Some other woman may just ignore his cheating ass but someone not mentally stable may react exactly the way the wife did. Every adult must learn to live a responsible lifestyle because there are consequences of careless and disgusting life which this ugly incident is one of it,period.

  5. Smh. She will suffer it all alone.

  6. Jesu ooo.
    This one here is a killer o.
    How can you carry knife and butcher a human being for whatever reason you stated.
    She'll rot in jail.

  7. The woman get mind Sha. Both of them are wrong and they will both feel the pain. Bangis at the hospital, wifey in jail.

    Case closed

  8. If she cut it off, what will the man used to impregnate her, church don dismiss!!!


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