Stella Dimoko Father Forgive Them. For They Know Not What They Do........


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Friday, October 16, 2020

Father Forgive Them. For They Know Not What They Do........

This is a very Interesting piece albeit it makes me ashamed that some Journalists have toyed a different and dangerous path to delivering News.....This is a must read....Read and discuss what you understand from this write up without Insults...

''For well over one week, the polity has been suffused with what President Muhammadu Buhari describes as “genuine concerns and agitations by Nigerians about the excessive use of force and in some cases extra-judicial killings and wrongful conduct by men of the Nigeria Police Force.”

And in that period of time too, I have had strident efforts being made to position me as an enemy of the people. Very serious efforts by mean people, who are simply out to generate hatred and animus against other people, for no other reason than Luciferous and pernicious feeling of smug satisfaction.

As a year two undergraduate at the then University of Ife in 1982, one of the texts recommended for us in English Literature class was Enemy of the Public by the Norwegian writer, Henrik Ibsen. I remember traveling from Ile-Ife then to the popular Odusote Bookstores in Ibadan to procure the book, along with some other recommended texts.

The term Enemy of the People originated in Roman times as hostis publicus, which if translated directly means, ‘public enemy,’ someone acting against the larger group, indeed, against society.

Get appointed to serve in an elevated public position in Nigeria, and you automatically face some odium, nay opprobrium. He has joined those who have come to steal our money. He has come to earn fat salary. He is going to be taken care of from the public treasury, while we have to slave and toil before we earn a living. He will be talking to us from a high horse, haughty and huffing, while we look like grasshoppers before him.

They never care what you were, and where you were coming from. Whether you came down several notches in your income in order to serve your country does not matter to them. Did you lobby for the job or not, it does not matter. The moment you get appointed into government position, you are poised to become an enemy of the people.

The first salvo came on Sunday from a suicide fake journalist who plies his trade with an online rag called Peoples Gazette. He published that President Muhammadu Buhari was to have approved the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) the previous Friday, but had been prevailed upon not to do so by his spokesman, Femi Adesina. That happens to be me, and the information was coming to me as a piece of virulent, hateful news.

Again, the hatchet job masquerading as a news item , added that I convinced the President not to ever surrender the sovereignty of government to ‘Twitter warriors,’ whatever that means.
Further, it said because of my anti-people convictions, I had issued a statement against the EndSARS protesters, which had received wide condemnation from the general public.

Several falsities stood out from the supposed news story. 

One, what the reporter claimed never happened. That I prevailed on President Buhari not to scrap SARS must have existed only in his fecund but diseased imagination.

 What truth did that information rest on? None. Was I or anybody else spoken with to authenticate the supposed information? Not at all. It clearly failed the test of objectivity, which every good news story must pass.

Then, the report said I had issued a statement against EndSARS protests, which had received wide condemnation. Where, when, how? By that date, I had not said a word, either privately or publicly against the public marches. Any decent journalist would have checked, and quoted the date and content of such statement, if it ever existed.

But the journalist from hell simply published lies against me, not obeying dictates of the noble profession. And because we are in the age of the digital media, characterized by riot and recklessness, people began to share the evil, fake story. The plot to turn me into an enemy of the people was in full motion.

I issued a rejoinder to the fake story by an equally fake reporter, rebutting all his claims. A number of people believed me. But an equally large number of people refused to believe, and continued to share and purvey the evil report. Why not? Some people revel in merely believing the worst about other people, and no superior argument would ever convince them. 

Of course, Barrabas the murderer was preferred against Jesus in Bible days.

Let me tell you about my minimal contact with this non-credible, notorious purveyor of fake reports, who now publishes the online Peoples Gazette. He used to work for Premium Times, which is one of the more professional online newspapers we have.

 Over the past five years since I came to serve in government, he had called me up a number of times in the attempt to balance stories. I would give him the side of government, particularly the Presidency. But whenever the stories came out, he would have twisted them to serve his whims and other pre-determined ends. 

What would be published would in no way look like what I had told him, yet he would credit such to me.
He did it once, I thought it was happenstance. He did it the second time, I thought it was coincidence. When he did it the third time, I then knew it was deliberate enemy action.

I called up his editor, Musikiliu Mojeed, and pleaded that whenever his medium had anything to confirm or crosscheck with me, he should please send a saner and more professional journalist.

It’s that same raggedy reporter that has now become the Publisher of Peoples Gazette. A veritable danger to today and tomorrow, now a Publisher. Shame! 

Online journalism takes all sorts-the thief, the liar, the pimp, the pen assassin, and all sorts of villains. At the touch of a button, they just attempt to set on fire. They set out to incinerate names, reputations, society, the country, and if possible, humanity itself. 

Thy glory oh journalism is slain upon the high places. How are the mighty fallen!

There was yet another attempt to position me as an enemy of the public on Wednesday, this week. On August 6, this year, I had appeared on Sunrise Daily, the early morning program of Channels Television. Topic of discussion was a rally the previous day, organized by the Revolution Now group. That rally, meant to torpedo the normal order of society, attracted just a handful of people, who showed clean pair of heels the moment security agents approached.
I was asked how the Presidency felt about the rally. I said it was a non-event, mere irritation caused by a handful of lily-liveried people who vanished as soon as they saw the police.

But on Wednesday, a hidden hostile hand, son of perdition, took a video of the interview, edited it, and made it seem as if I was reacting to the extant EndSARS protests. All hell broke loose online, with people mouthing maledictions and curses against me. Well such things have ways of returning to the sender, so it didn’t bother me. A curse shall not alight without a cause, says that Book of Books.
I am happy that Channels Television was professional enough to issue a prompt clarification. It published that what was being made to look like a fresh interview had been done well over two months earlier. Thanks.

Those who wanted to, believed the television station. A large number chose not to, and bombarded my phone lines with curses, expletives, and messages from the pit of hell. Well, if anybody chooses to belong to that nether region, it’s a matter of choice.

Talking of bombardment of my phone lines, it had begun on Sunday. A hateful mind had published my two numbers on Twitter, urging people to troll me. They called till the phone batteries went dead. Mum was the word from me. “He was reviled, but responded not,” that is what the Good Book said of my master, the one I try to pattern my life after. So, I said not a word to any of the callers.

The flurry of hateful calls was petering out on Wednesday when the doctored video was launched. All hell broke loose again. My two lines began to ring simultaneously, all bearing hateful messages, laced with threats. Still, mum was the word from me. No reviling for reviling, just as my Master would have done. 

We try to walk in His steps, despite our occasional failings, as mere mortals.
Now, why do I think people try to demonize those in government, and bring them down? Many reasons. Evil hearts. The heart of man is evil, and desperately wicked. If you are in any form of elevated position, they would love to see you fall. Man is in a fallen state, and the more they see you bite the dust, the happier they are.

As spokesman to the President, they have told themselves you were lying before you opened your mouth to talk. Ask them to mention one lie told to them in five years, and they then begin to look like fools, people with addled minds.

Again, envy consumes them. Why should he be presidential spokesman, and I can’t be? Does he have two heads? Why should he be earning that fat pay (lol, very fat, indeed, as fat as Super Dee of Africa) and I am not the one earning it? Why should he live in government quarters, ride official cars fueled and serviced by government (how I wish it happens), and generally be impervious to the hardship in town? Envy turns to malice, and they get consumed by ill will.
Again, in my own case, they say, why is he so loyal to his boss? Why is he not joining us to malign and hate him?

 Yes, I love President Buhari, and I’ve done so since 1984 when he became military head of state. And till China joins to Africa, I will love him. “The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone,” Ibsen wrote in Enemy of the People. Yes, millions of people love President Buhari passionately, but in the unlikely event that the number will dwindle to ten or less, count me in the number of those that remain. Whether I serve in government or not, Buhari is my man. That is why I wear my best trousers to serve him, though Ibsen wrote that “you should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth.” I’m wearing mine.

Some people want me to join them to hate the President. It would never happen. Not in this world, or the next. I have picked my own hero, let them pick theirs. So, they try to bring me down, but the more they try, the higher they see me on the mountain top.

In my first month as Special Adviser to the President, Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar of Sokoto had come to the Presidential Villa. I had known him long before then, and he calls me Kulikulii, which is my email address, which I’d chosen for some comic relief.

The Sultan said on that day: “Kulikulii, you have come to do a most difficult job, a thankless job. See what happened to those before you. That is the way people will want you to end. But if the work was thankless for others, for you, it won’t be so.”
The Sultan was prophesying, and I said a resounding amen, thanked him, and left. I’ve not forgotten that encounter, and sure won’t.

So, for all those trying to bring me down, to make me an enemy of the people, are you not striving in vain? For who Jah bless, no man curse, sang Bob Marley. The food seller can only eye a toad hopping by, the toad can never end in her soup pot.

For the fake journalist, and all those who shared his evil report, that person who doctored the Channels TV interview to generate hate, and all those who besieged me with virulent phone calls and text messages, I can only say: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity


  1. How can I read all this this early morning. Naija wahala no dey finish.
    Stupid greedy politricksians.

  2. Stella please, proof-read for typos before posting.... @"some Journalists have *toed*.. not... 'toyed' a different and dangerous path to delivering News"

    I will read up later. Got to run.
    Keep up the good work. 👍

  3. Nobody actually hates you per say. The people are just tried of bad governance.
    Don't make this cry personal, We can't even see you well. We deserve better. We deserve a Working president. That's all.

    1. Actually Engraved a lot of people hate him because is his past indiscretion and utterances so people would readily believe anything bad about him

  4. Femi Adeshina you can quote all the Webster dictionary for all we care. What about calling the protesters child's play. Wait, those with Phd without jobs that has joined Association of cursing Nigerian youths are coming for you with that your fufu head.

    1. Arsenalfirstlady, you echoed my thoughts @quote all the Webster dictionary.

      In one sentence and one article, he used many unnecessary words just to sound educated and grandiose. That's the height of 'illiteracy' to me. FFK also writes in a similar manner. Very fake!

      They are just like those Instagram 'posers' in their borrowed garbs and appurtenances; and their 'gang' with their surgically enhanced bodies that are addicted to flaunting. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. I stopped reading when I got to know femi Adesina is the writer.

    He needs to drop the misconception that the general public sees anyone that is given a political appointments as a public enemy, that's not true. The public only revolt against persons with a scourged pedigree.

    Anybody that has the time to finish reading should pls summarise.

  6. Calling protesters child's play on a live video call was that quoting out of context? Femi we will get back to you later since you became the spokesman to the President,you have been misyarning anyhow. Frying pan head

  7. Calling protesters child's play on a live video call was that quoting out of context? Femi we will get back to you later since you became the spokesman to the President,you have been misyarning anyhow. Frying pan head

  8. If your passion and love of the villain is this unshakeable and your loyalty is this blind, then, the enemy of the people will you remain all the days of your life.

  9. Adeshina thinks buhari would be in power forever. There is life after 2023, then all these his blind acts would come back and stare him in his face.

    1. Definitely there is life after 2023 and Adeshina knows it, he has chosen who he loves chose yours. I love Femi Adeshina and I love Buhari.

  10. I hate this adeshina with passion. I just wish...Lord forgive me for I have sinned.

  11. I have been privileged to interview some govt spokesperson and I realised that their job ain't easy but Femi the way you talk and defend your "hero" and some issues bothering on this govt is so shameful of journalist of your level...I can't forget the nonsense you spew during the herders attack!
    The hatred you are seeing now will be child's play compared to what you will face after this administration.
    Ajuri Ngaleli of Channels is working for this govt as well and coming from the fourth estate like you but he has a great deal of skill in handling the job he is assigned to when it involves talking where the masses will hear but you, you are feeling, you have arrived and can do as you please.. Continue!

  12. If you had some sense at all, you will know taking this time out to launder your image is the least of our priorities and testifies to your insensitivity towards the current fire burning in the country. You are always playing to the gallery, calling on all and sundry to see how you and your principal are being unfairly treated. A wise man know there are times and seasons and honestly, this is not the time for this write up. You should have gone straight to the point to clarify the SARS comment issue, you didn’t even need to, since Channels had done that already, but No, you just had to clown around😐

    1. Mystic so apt👌👌👌! @" You are always playing to the gallery, calling on all and sundry to see how you and your principal are being unfairly treated. A wise man know there are times and seasons and honestly, this is not the time for this write up. You should have gone straight to the point to clarify the SARS comment issue"....

  13. Femi what about calling protesters child's play in a live video call, was that quoted out of context? Power is transient and very soon e go clear for your eyes

  14. people hate you because of your arrogant and stupid utterances. your hero Buhari fared well as a military head of state because it fits with his strong willed personality albeit dictatorial. yes we can say principled but we can clearly now see he has no charisma and has no ability to carry eerybody along in a democratic setting...sadly he is not in the best of health and sound mind at the moment which made it easy for the likes of abba kyari and co to manipulate him..femi you are only doing your masters bidding and we know in this job you will not say the true reasons behind some issues and policies that affect the masses. your master is not meeting the apirations of the people and your coming out to always talk down of his critics just makes you more distasteful..let me stop here abeg. your office has an expiry date

  15. You said Buhari is your hero. That is where your punishment lies,because whether he governs us Good or bad he Buhari still remains your hero.

    So why are you bothered whether people hate you or not, you shouldn't naw cos you clearly stated that you don't care yet you care.

    We the Nigerians are tired of you all,as you can not call a spade a spade but you see the lie and term it truth. You all must suffer, you never see anything Sir.

    Come out from your hiding place all in the name to be in Buharis good book.Do you think he will rule forever,all of you shall suffer for putting this country in this bad condition and still boasts that we can't do nada.

    You must suffer!

  16. I do not hate u, and I can't say I love u, but I love ur dedication and write up. Having said that, this govt has put u up for hate and I can't blame the people. The suffering is unprecedented.
    So, for all those trying to bring me down, to make me an enemy of the people, are you not striving in vain? For who Jah bless, no man curse, sang Bob Marley. The food seller can only eye a toad hopping by, the toad can never end in her soup pot".

  17. Adesina continue! Someday Buhari will leave someday!

    1. When buhari leave, what will happen? U treat him as u Ruben abati.

  18. This one has made the struggle all about himself *mtsheew

  19. That comment along have put Nigeria in a hole for a very long time now we no go hear sorry o

  20. This man has mastery of the use of words. But he lost too much respect after his "your land or death" comment on the RUGA issue. He did not deny that comment, and it has defined him. It would be very hard for him to regain grounds he lost in public opinion.

    1. He lost completely because he doesn't say things the way it is,witout mincing words not caring whose ox is gored instead he decides to be seen in Buhari good book.


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