Stella Dimoko If Nigeria Dies,Hatred Killed Her.....


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Friday, October 23, 2020

If Nigeria Dies,Hatred Killed Her.....

What a week it has been for our own dear native land! 

Just at the beginning of the month, as the country turned 60 as an independent entity, President Muhammadu Buhari had charged us to “begin sincere process of national healing, eliminate old and outworn perceptions that are always put to test in the lie they are.”

What began about a fortnight ago as “genuine concerns and agitations” by Nigerian youths against the excesses of the Special Anti-robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police (SARS), has suddenly transmogrified into expressions of hate against the land, leading to murder, mayhem and arson. My sympathy and condolence to family and loved ones of the dead, irrespective of how they came to their unfortunate ends.

How can what began as peaceful protests suddenly turn to incipient anarchy as seen in killings, torching of public buildings and properties, storming of the Bastille and wanton release of hardened criminals, and many others. Hatred. Nigeria is one country passionately hated by some of those who live in it, and it had always been so.

Some people call it ‘the mistake of 1914,’ in which what used to be the Northern and Southern Protectorates were forcefully cobbled together by the colonial masters, leading to the emergence of Nigeria. Since then, it has been one uneasy relationship among the people that make up the Union. Suspicion of domination, ethnic rivalry, fear of being given the shorter end of the stick, gaining unfair advantage, and the like, have characterized the relationship. And the overriding sentiment is hatred, fueled and justified by many factors and tendencies.

If Nigeria dies, whether now or in the future, hatred killed her. 

How can a people go about, bearing giant-sized grudges against their country, its leadership, against one another, and expect that country to live in peace and prosperity? It won’t happen. “When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves,” observed a writer.

The EndSARS campaign began as an agitation against police brutality, in which there was unanimity of purpose. And suddenly, it became a vehicle of hate. Against leadership, against national cohesion, an opportunity to settle political scores, and equally prepare for power grab in 2023. Hatred came into the mix.
The agitation by youths against injustice and oppression suddenly took on a variegated nature. Separatists came under the umbrella, and began to advance their cause, working for the dismemberment of the country.

 Those beaten black and blue in 2015 and 2019 elections also crept in, and asked for pound of flesh, while also plotting for a return to power in 2023.
The venom, which peaceful protests eventually became, can only be summed up by one word. Hatred. How can you begin to club people to death, in different parts of the country? How can you set fire to national assets and institutions, storm prisons and release prisoners into society, all in the name of peaceful protests? No, peace had fled through the window, and hatred was fully in control.

There are many factors and agencies of hatred in Nigeria, and until we learn to purge ourselves, the country may never move beyond where it has been pirouetting and gyrating for six decades. Like the macabre dance, it has been one step forward and two steps backwards.

Hatred is evinced from many quarters for Nigeria, and for its government and people at any given time. It comes from churches, mosques, professional activists and agitators, interest groups, some elements in the media, so-called analysts who never see anything good, and so on and so forth.

When things boil over in graphic demonstration of hatred, it is a culmination of negative sentiments and tendencies. They come in persistent negative postings on social media, which generate and stimulate hate. From hateful messages from the pulpit, as if that was the message of love Jesus Christ handed over to his followers. From unduly critical messages during jumat services. From radio and television programs, in which bile is spewed. From talk shows which become a harangue of government, newspaper articles and columns tailored to instigate and generate dissent, and the like. 

Eventually, all cumulate in hatred, which finds expression in genuine causes like the EndSARS campaign. When things boil over, they leave sorrow, tears and blood in their wake, as we have seen. And who suffers? The whole country. Who bleeds? Nigeria. And one day, if Nigeria ever dies, despite years of attempting to build and nurture it, hatred would have killed it. A knife in the guts. A bullet to the head. An arrow to the heart of Nigeria, is hatred. Animus against anything that does not directly lead to personal aggrandizement, that does not promote selfish narrow interests.

Many times, President Buhari had said it was the right of protesters to indicate their displeasure, as long as it was done within the limits of decency and the law. Disbandment of SARS, he said was only the first step in what would be comprehensive police reforms.

Talking of reform of the police, I know the mind of the President on that issue. Sometime in the early days of the first term of the administration, I had dropped into the house one night, as I do once in a while. And it was a few days to the exit of the then Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, who was going into retirement.

The President told me how much he had been impressed with Arase, and how he regretted that the man spent just about a year with him. He then told me of the police of his dreams, and how he wished he got someone who would translate the dream into reality. So, when the President said in a speech to the protesters last week that comprehensive police reform was coming, I knew what he had in mind. If only we would be patient and let him implement the five points demand of the protesters, which he had accepted. But alas, the protest took another hue and nature, different from the original concept and focus. Hatred crept in, nurtured by all sorts of tendencies.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear,” said Martin Luther King, Jr. But not for some Nigerians who have decided to hate their own country. They perpetually stoke the embers of malice, discord and discontent. They bear a heavy burden, which they carry around everywhere, being grumpy, caustic and perpetually driven by ill will.

Hatred is a poor prop for anyone to lean on. But to those malicious souls, the more malice they generate for their country, the better they feel. They may carry fancy religious titles, or parade as activists, analysts or newspaper columnists, but what they are is really simple. Hate mongers, and one day, they may ensure that Nigeria dies. Not of old age or other natural causes, but of hatred.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity


  1. Coming from you, I won't waste my time reading. Like oga, like employee! Iranu!

    1. Hehe.. What took you so long Bingo Adesina? I've been expecting you long before now to start spewing the shiit you have been licking off your pay Masters asses. Next is to start appearing on TV stations to spew more lies else the Abokis who's shit hole you feed on would seize to feed you and kick you out the window right? Helpless Dog!!

      Stella please enable this comment o.. We are still trying to recover from all the blood spilled all over the country recently caused by this heartless government and yet this goat churning oaf has the audacity to show his ugly head!!

      For all the innocent blood shed on the streets of this country, for all the youths who died due to the hardship you heartless lots have imposed on the citizens, for all the little children who have died of hunger, for all the accident victims and pregnant women who have died due to poor medical care, for all the soldiers who died and are still dying in Sambisa and every other life that has been lost due to the wickedness of this government and the ones before it..even if God wishes to forgive you all, may the blood of all these lost lives speak and cry againt your souls!


    2. Femi you are a Disgrace!! Of course you have been sent like a dog to start going around tv stations and all other media platforms to enact damage control. Nothing, i repeat nothing.. Not even black magic can wipe off the impression Nigerians home and abroad have about you and your disgraceful pay masters. Your plan and that of most people in this government would be to run away from the country come 2023 right? But don't worry, where ever you all shamelessly run to, the air you breathe their will be poison to every single cell of your body.

    3. Just 6 comments for this man? Naah, it's not possible. Stella must be trying to save this man from the wrath of BVs. Which isn't good, unless you are in support of what him and this government are doing. Else, allow your BVs who are the directly affected citizens to air their grievances.

      As he has paid you to post this deceitful rubbish on behalf of this evil government, do you also want your bvs to pay you in other to air their suppressed minds??

    4. The last time this fake man posted a long read and tagged dead Buhari his hero*,I commented with a mild curse to this Adeshina of a man repeatedly but my comment wasn't enabled and I already know why.

      So let me rest this time around cos no need,who knows if this one will be posted also.

      Your time is coming Adeshina

    5. My comment yesterday wasn't enabled as well. Una weh done Stella 🙄🥴😝

  2. See this stupid moron
    I have no words for you

    1. Femi thanks for speaking my mind, the hate that make them change a simple protest to hate against Asiwaju a man they wish they could have to give them a way to power in Nigeria. Wicked souls Asiwaju oni lo lè lailai Àmín.

  3. Please who hates who?

    You people have started playing this card of hate to divide us,and of course they have sent you with your long epistle to champion it.

    You won't succeed 😏

    It's you leaders that hate the masses.
    And you do a lot to suppress us and keep us in penury.

    So all the remaining 4 fingers are pointing back to you.

  4. This man is mad

  5. Femi, I won't waste my precious time reading this nonsense you wrote. If you think, this govt has done nothing wrong to its citizen, biko, just stay on the queue for what's coming to you.

  6. Femi, posterity will never be kind to you. It's a shame you succeeded in trading your conscience over a peanut. Your complicity over the death of unarmed Nigerians will taunt you till you beg for forgiveness.

  7. Femi e no go beta for u. Omo ale jatijati. You are a disgrace to the Yoruba race.

  8. It was peaceful until the govt (presidency) started using hired thugs to disperse d protesters and to discredit the protest. Posterity will not be kind to u Gbanga.

    1. Are you saying he doesnt know.

      He knows it all my sister,so don't even bother.

      He always chanting hate hate as if he is the only one in that govt that was never loved.We still have peole like Peter Obi and co

  9. I read this open-minded, it reeks of insensitivity laced with arrogance.

    I wasn't expecting you to take the Administration that you are benefiting from to the cleaners, but I expected you to be fair and objective.

    Well life and time has a way of repaying us.
    It is but a matter of time.

  10. Femi, you all played a huge role in the Nigeria we have today and you will be remembered, if not today, some day

    1. Shameless man.. hope you know you are cursed? Oh, ok.. You don't know now because you are still swimming in money contributed as taxes of the innocent blood that was shed all over the country. Relax fat head, you are cursed. You and your blood thirsty pay masters.

      You go home everyday to your perfectly built house with light and everything that makes a perfect home, made available from the monies of struggling poor masses and talk to your children abroad on calls while you eat nicely prepared meal and grow fat in the head yeah? Wow.. Life is sweet huh.. while the children of the poor citizens who y'all extort through outrageous taxes and utility prices sleep hungry. Oga relax, we will all die someday, then you will cross over to a place where money, police and soldiers can't save you. Then you'd remember it's your poor soul i meant was cursed.

  11. Replies
    1. Look at this shameless fool. Can't waste my time reading that garbage you wrote as we all know you are full of shit. I only came here to tell you Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

  12. Did not bother reading. Is it not Femi again. Shame on you and your useless boss.

  13. I'm ashamed of Femi,how do you reason? how do you sleep?why are you living like you have control over tomorrow?
    Ẹni tó su le gbagbe sugbon ẹni tó ko koni gbagbe.
    Má ṣe lọ Femi

  14. Me, read something from this terribly wicked man??? God forbid!

  15. Nigeria wasn't never meant to be.
    The UK government should be sued for the almagamation. I understand they did it for their own selfish economic gains while they were our colonial masters. They ought to have returned the countries back to it's original states during our independence.
    Nigeria will never be United as we are two countries in one.

  16. I wont bother reading this shitty piece.

  17. Femi Adesina u shall meet your waterloo May Peace be far from you

  18. When I saw the article that it was written by one Femi adesina I didn't bother reading. Femi adesina fuck off and fuck you. You and your principal killed peaceful protesters. Wicked presidency.

  19. This guy is always given the dirty work to do 🙄🙄🙄🙄.chai God punish politics

  20. You Femi and your government created hate, porverty is everywhere Mr Femi can’t you smell it?

  21. Oga Femi,just like your Oga no reference to the carnage your Oga ordered his military to carry out. The innocent blood that you people are shedding will continue crying against you all till they get vengeance.

  22. The Late President Yaradua was a Northerner and a Muslim yet we all loved him. He was good and fair to all people and stood for the rule of law. Buhari in 2015 had a lot of support from people of other ethnicity and religion. But he has continued to be a great let down with his tyrannical style of administration. He is no respecter of the Law and cares only for his kind and their cows. Only the northern elites and some useful idiots benefitting directly are still in his corner. He has lost all other support. If people seem to hate him now, it is because he hated them first and hates them more.

  23. Oga Femi, if it's hatred then it is certainly coming from your boss. His hatred for anything not Fulani is so glaring that I wonder how you cannot see it. Talking to you lot is just a waste of time.

  24. Poverty made Nigerians bitter. A hungry man is an angry man. May Gods judgement come upon you and your boss

  25. Only a greedy, power lusting man with no sense of decency can be brainwashed to advocate for an evil cause and agenda.

    That is the only explanation for a spokesman of a government to come on national tv and advise people to give up thier ancestral farmlands for another man's violent but untouchable nomadic cow rearing tribe or else risk losing their lives gruesomely for refusing.

    Such a man is the true definition of a useful idiot. And he will soon be disgraced by his principals as they have done with others like him. For he is not one of them. He does not belong.

  26. I was told he was the one that wrote the president's speech. He knows nothing. Just throwing his over bloated body around

  27. If the government would listen to it's citizens there would be less crises,the process was a peaceful one until thugs were hired to disrupt it and soldiers shot at unharmed civilians.
    You mentioned that those who were bitten during the last election are behind this, you forget to mention that you gave them ammunition through your lack of leadership.

  28. "If Nigeria dies, Corrupt & greedy rulers, thieves, traitors and their loony tune enablers killed what should have been aborted before birth". Mr Adesina, I tried to fix the headline for you. How much do the cabal pay folks like this to turn them to traitors? Mr Adesina and the apologists for their "asiwaju", there is the law of sowing and reaping. "Though hand join in hand, the wicked will not go unpunished".

    You could have used your literary skills to benefit mankind like Achebe, Soyinka et al but you chose the easy way , "wide is the way that leads to hell fire" and joined the cabal while speaking with condescension to families who lost loved ones on Tuesday. Ms Stella post, unless you... Adesina you and your fellow thieves and traitors will not escape the inevitable wrath of the masses. You guys stored COVID bags of rice, boxes of noodles in massive warehouses, while giving families cups of rice during the lockdown and with your over bloated cheeks you dare come on a blog visited by many regular folks some of who, due to you & your master's policies were rendered poor, jobless, underemployed, unable to afford recharge cards and other necessities? Yorubas say, "eni rinkan he, to fe ku pelue, owo eni to ti sonun nko?". Translation, you found something that doesn't belong to you and want to "die" because of it, how about the rightful owner? The cabal will use you and trash you. You are a heartless soul whose "god is your belly".Zombie!
    More than likely all your family is abroad or in maitama or banana island with more police watching them than your village. The last 2 weeks will be child's play if all of you do not open all the warehouses of stolen food and looted money. Whichever of you escapes disease, pestilence and all the plagues of Egypt will destroy you as the curse of Gehazi is upon you troublers of Nigerians writing like a hardened pharaoh. May God punish all the looters, cronies and beneficiaries of the pillaging of Nigeria's resources. Why didn't your Asiwehin walk among the protesters and witness the revenge of the impoverished! Bunch of thieves, I wonder what you tell your kids your job is. Stella if you keep suppressing the voices of the people to launder these folks images, you will lose a lot of visitors. Adesina eru Fulani servant of Fulani thieves eating their crumbs!! Barawo with food in his cheeks!

  29. Let me reiterate, If Nigeria dies, incompetent and ineptitude fool like you Femi killed her.

    You used to be a man of honor and integrity but we now know your soul has been bought. You Femi is one callous MF to ever walk the surface of the earth.

    Mind you, we know you wrote that gibberish the President ( whether real or imposter) used in addressing the Nation.

    Continue sogbo, atun botan eh o le da lai lai.


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