Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - The Shocking Nigerian Narrative Threatening To Drown The Voice Of The Youths...


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Friday, October 23, 2020

Weekend Arena - The Shocking Nigerian Narrative Threatening To Drown The Voice Of The Youths...

No Sane Man Kills Someone He Will Contribute to His Burial Expenses!!!!

It has been a blood-soaked week across Nigeria. Innocent citizens have once again been used as atonement for an inefficient system, which by dint of collective political will can be re-tooled, restructured for the good of everyone. How many more of these carnages will it take for this to happen?

Last week, everyone was full of praises for the youths over the orderly manner they had been conducting themselves in pursuing the #EndSARS protests across the country. Everyone also agreed that it was a genuine cause, which was why across the world support came in terms of funds and celebrity-endorsements. From Rihanna, Beyonce to sporting stars like Ozil, everyone was sharing the hashtag.

On Tuesday, 20-10-20, something disastrous happened, with some of the youths reportedly mowed down by state forces. With the condemnation this ugly incident attracted, one did not need to be a soothsayer to predict that it would trigger a crisis. It did result in an implosion, which all of us will in one way or the other pay for. So many atrocities have been committed under the guise of anger, but it is reasonable to believe that none of these acts of violence unleashed on the system came from the original #EndSARS protesters. 

This kind of destructive response was not what endeared them to fellow Nigerians and the world. The youths who usually would clean their litters at the end of every day of protest could not have set buildings and other infrastructures on fire, unmindful of the fact that such facilities, employed a number of them. These youths, who were protesting for justice, could not have done the ironical, by attacking the prisons to free inmates.

It was obvious that a third leg, stepped in with very caustic agenda to rip the country apart. From their actions, it was obvious that their sinister ploy, included causing disaffection amongst the protesters, albeit Nigerians, who for once, united to redeem the country. That was why all over the social media, tribal sentiments mounted as blames were traded about who was responsible for what.

From Lagos to Benin, to Abuja, Enugu, Anambra and some spots in the north, it was carnage; but these people would have paused to reason that nobody is encouraged to ‘kill someone he would be asked to contribute towards his burial expenses’. It is like the proverbial ‘trading of one’s dog for a monkey’. In Lagos, where yellow buses run an organised ring of extortion in the name of transport fares, BRT buses, bought by the government were burnt at Oyingbo and Berger areas. The implication is that when the dust settles, citizens living in those areas would have to pay more to make their trips since the BRT fleet has been depleted by this misplaced anger and mischief. The rich will not pay the price; it is still the poor.

In the Surulere area, the skirmishes resulted in the looting of malls, supermarkets, phone shops and the likes, unmindful that those businesses are privately-owned and could be running on loans. Equally worrisome was the idea of painting every man in uniform with the same brush. SARS operatives may have erred and committed some heinous atrocities, but I can bet that some of them still work with milk of human kindness and conscience. So the rat race in the name of attacking security men, especially the police was unnecessary and could not have been done by the youths that gave us so much hope and earned our respect when the protest started. 

The stories coming from these scenarios in this digital age of social media may have found their way into far-flung locations and would diminish everyone’s business integrity as a Nigerian.

While we pray for the sweet repose of these souls, it is pertinent to urge the government of Nigeria to urgently wake up to her responsibilities. The government should realise that it exists for its citizens. You cannot have this army of unemployed youths roaming the streets and keep living in denial that the government is performing optimally. 

The youths are frustrated. They feel hopeless and are venting their anger on whatever represents the government around them. Although the President has offered a belated speech, he could go a step further by initiating moves that will unite Nigerians more and bring prosperity to the nation. That move, remains a restructured Nigeria, where regions will grow and develop at their pace. With that, Nigerians will live in relative harmony.

*I am too numb to add anything else Ngozi,I feel hopeless at this point..


  1. I am mentally drained
    But you see this generation
    We will do great
    Apc and pdp cancelled
    Let our votes do the judgement 2023
    Youths let's start our party now.
    We have all it takes.

    1. Thanks for this article Mr Ngozi. 👍🏽

  2. Ngozi in the first place, the protesters were also attacked by these hoodlums trying to stop the protest.
    And many of the apprehended ones told tales of how they were hired to cause chaos.

    So I suffice it to say that, these hoodlums looting and causing mayhem are not part of the protesters.

    They are hired hands that have refused to listen to their pay masters again

  3. It's obvious the protesters had nothing to do with the destroying and burning of properties. It was a peaceful protest for two weeks, and all of a sudden, there was chaos. The protest was hijacked by hoodlums, and it is only God that will deal with them and their sponsors.

  4. “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken.”

    God, heal our Land, soothes the hearts of those who lost loved ones. It has been a traumatic week, only someone with a dead heart would not have been impacted. It was so difficult keeping it all in with kids around. My daughter was 10years a day after the Massacre but it was tough to keep a smile on, she felt it & later said, the day hasn't been the way she wanted it. I could only tell her I was sorry.

    I pray that going forward we will not stop agitating for reforms and a better system, so we can leave a better Nigeria for coming generations.

    Feels so numb but prayerful & hopeful.

  5. So unfortunately, the government that's meant to protect her citizens are the very one killing them. What a shame. I totally condemn the looting and destruction of properties, for two wrongs can never make a right.

  6. Nigeria old leaders are like our old parents, they dont correct with love instead they use Cain. Thats their believe being strict makes a child more rebelious

  7. We all know Restructuring the country is the solution., even they know this but they will do everything within there power to avoid doing this because of their shallow and dumb sense of reasoning..
    They're only postponing the inevitable.. it's either they're pressured from within and outside now to do it or an uprising still come up later and the longer this take, the more deadlier it becomes.


    1. Dante, Please do you know what their fears about restructuring Nigeria? A wise man from the East once said, " You can't force a man who structured what favours him to restructure it." Maybe this could be the reason.

  8. The reforms we desperately need may never come from this dispensation. What Buhari owes the nation now is economic and electoral reforms.

    No sane human will be happy with what is happening.



  9. Heal the world,heal the world...let love heal the world.

  10. Thank you Ngozi

    The most Complex B

  11. I've always said lootings during protest is bad...the masses suffer for it. We need accountable leaders.


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