Stella Dimoko Reality Star Dorathy Says She Discovered Her Talent In Biggies House + Thanks Him For The Money..


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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Reality Star Dorathy Says She Discovered Her Talent In Biggies House + Thanks Him For The Money..


BBNaija show host Ebuka Obi Uchendu had a no holds barred interview with Reality star Dorathy after the show ended and what you are about to read will blow you away - ..LOL


Ebuka- Where you disappointed for not winning?

Dorathy- No, I'm very grateful to big brother, for the money and experience.

Ebuka- When you say Neo was going to win what did you see made you think that...

Dorathy- his energy, I feel I judged based on the last season, I felt there was a possibility.

Ebuka- you said in a discussion with Lucy and Ka3na , you said when you spend time with someone, you kinda get attracted to them...

- I can't remember what I said but I know that when I get attention I get lost in it and get attracted, I said something like that.

Ebuka - I don't ask questions off the air,
Did you worry that he (ozo) liked you that way or you don't want it to happen or is it your feelings.

- No! I had no feelings for him and he had no feelings for me.

Ebuka- what do you think about their relationship ( Ozo and Nengi) 

Dorathy- Their relationship is their relationship *laughs* 

Ebuka- the show is over what do you think about Ozo and Nengi?

Dorathy- I think they care and look after each other

Ebuka- let's talk about Bright O before he left the house, I think you said you were attracted to him but as soon as Wathoni situation came you took your self out.

Dorathy- Putting 20 strangers people in a house, things are bound to happen, I feel that just came up in between because of all those Wathoni situation, I don't always like to be in the middle of anything I just removed myself.

Ebuka-Did you ever tell him you liked him

Dorathy- No

Ebuka- why? 

y- because I'm me, I don't know I don't like forcing myself on someone, if it's going to happen it's going to happen. What happens in the house, stays in the house.

Ebuka- Let's talk about your closeness with Prince

Dorathy- we were always close but because of his Pyramid his attention was divided, when everything died down. We became closer, he was my only close friend at that time.

Ebuka- what do you think about him and Tolanibaj

Dorathy- He always said he liked and respected her, I felt they understood and respected each other. They are good.

Ebuka- Prince no feelings, just Friendship?

Dorathy- I kinda had feelings for him at the beginning

Ebuka - did you tell him?

Dorathy- Yeah, sought off stylishly, I told him, you know when you need someone and liked them but then you realized that they will make a better Friendship. If I had dated him we wouldn't have had the kinda strong friendship we have now.

Ebuka- let's talk about your friendship with Lucy

Dorathy- when I had enough was when she doubted my friendship like she literally said "is she my friend though?" And that wasn't the first time, she said such, but the situation she said it.....
I didn't do that to counsel her, okay cool I just needed her to know that since you don't see me as a friend fine! We are not friends.

Ebuka- where are you mentally with Lucy

Dorathy- we just spoke some minutes ago. Lucy is Lucy, you just have to understand her

Ebuka- you and Nengi bonded more in the final week

Dorathy- Yeah, Because we were all we had, we had no choice, I didn't want to leave the house having a sought of bad energy that's why we had that conversation.

Ebuka- you were caught always looking at the cameras, why

Dorathy- I was looking for an angle *laughs*

Ebuka - if you were to go to the house again what would you do differently.

Dorathy- Maybe look less at the cameras I wouldn't do anything differently.

Ebuka- What are your future plans

Dorathy- I will continue my business, I discovered my talents in the house, I'm a Tailor, interior decorator, stylist* laughs*


  1. Replies
    1. No guy was attracted to dora. They just wanted her as friends. Brighto was the worst. Dora liked Ozo initially but knew he wasnt into her especially with her body type.

    2. Medusa, 600yrs of long life for you. Lol @her body type

    3. @Shooter Gyal even Dora doesn't help herself. When they bring birthday cake she'll want to be the first to cut and eat even before the celebrant and combine it with a bottle of Pepsi.
      It remain small for Brighto to pursue her from his bed the night she went to sleep there waiting for him to join her. He never went to join her.
      After she will start staring at the camera for up to 15 minutes like a scary movie.

    4. There are some girls like dat. They will just be friends with all d hot guys in town bcos dere bubbly but none will date them.
      But Dora is pretty,she will find her own who will love everything abt her.

    5. @ Medusa 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Dora really Liked Ozo that was why she never got close to Nengi

    6. I see nothing wrong with dora.. she's pretty and if they are not attracted to was nice that she didn't push it..The night she lay on brighto's bed was all deal with wathoni..I was disappointed in wathoni for saying she wouldn't have told anyone she has a child..feelinf that's why she wasn't booed up..Most plus size girls do not throw themselves at men because men like taking advantage of them..Therefore,they prefer bring friends till it may lead to something deep..I pray she finds someone soon

    7. Am i blind or i think Dora is really hot.Especially with those big boobs.She just didn't know how to dress and style herself.Didn't have/wear stylish outfits which is like most plus size ladies,that don't make efforts with outfits.But she sure carried the size well and rocked beautiful wigs.

  2. All the best going forward Dorathy ✌️✌️✌️

  3. A "tailor" that cannot sew clothes to cover her watermelon breasts and
    her thighs is called? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  4. I am "blown away oooo"
    Please you people should help me, save me from this "intervoo" that is blowing me awayooo πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

  5. Sharp girl. I am happy for you.
    But I spent my money voting and canvassing every one around me to vote for you and communicating with your sister. But after the show I sent a message to Dorathy's line expressing my happiness for her being the last girl standing and called her sister. No response from both.
    Considering my age,to reach out to them on BBN issue is no joke.

    They don't need votes any longer.Lol I am happy for Dorathy

  6. Firstlady blessing1 October 2020 at 16:21

    Hmm...nawa o

  7. Firstlady blessing1 October 2020 at 16:23

    All these questions tho,aren't there better questions to ask these people.

  8. Firstlady blessing1 October 2020 at 16:26

    I mean,you don't expect them to be honest about their fellow housemates or whatever feelings they had or not. They will never really say how they felt,just coverups.

  9. My girl! πŸ’•

    I wish you well.

  10. I love her & I voted for her like crazy, no apologies . Go & soar, my girl.

  11. Fine gehl no pimples.
    All the best Dora!
    I wish fans will allow them live their lives. BBN has ended. Troll them or not, they are smiling to the bank. And no, they will not live up to your expectations of them. They will do what they want to do.
    They don't know you.

    1. No one knows you either and that's life😜

  12. Even in dat interview,she was holding back a lot,Ebuka would ask again and twist before she answers ,not all though but I’m indifferent abt Dora

  13. Great interview it was, all the best Dorathy.

  14. Dora this forced ship you are forming with prince is too fake oh. Knowing he had a fling with tolanibaj in the house looks like another tolex ship to me . Dora was too camera conscious in the house. She held back too much.

    1. She is smarter than Alex when it comes to such.She wouldn't sleep with Prince.Alex was too cheap abeg.After forming bestie and ganging up against another girl.


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