Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama - 299


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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Labour Room Drama - 299


Hello Stella. I thought I share my LRD story with my fellow bvs. It’s a bit lengthy please bear with me.

A little reminder: I sent in my first son’s LRD story where I didn’t have to push him out.

So 1 year and 6 months after the birth of my son,Hubby and I started trying again for baby number two, Nothing was happening. After a year of trying, we decided to see a doctor(I got pregnant with my first immediately I got married without even trying, so was really worried at this point). 

My family doctor referred me to a fertility clinic. I finally got a call to book an appointment to come in. Over the phone I was told how much my first consultation was and the cost of the test I needed to take. I didn’t know when I broke down in tears. 

After the call, I kept crying. I cried because when God blessed me with my son without even trying, I didn’t understand what He did for me. Then it occurred to me to be thankful that I even had one. I wiped my eyes, said a short prayer of thanksgiving and went to lay down. While laying down, I remembered I hadn’t tested for that month( I took a pregnancy test every month, few days before my period). A part of me didn’t want to take the test( I didn’t want to be heart broken again seeing another negative result) but I shook it off and took it. Lo and behold, it was positive!

 I broke down again and called my hubby to buy me more test kits on his way home. It was all positive! I didn’t know when I started rolling on the floor, crying and singing praises to God . I called back the fertility clinic to cancel the appointment.

The pregnancy was smooth, usual morning sickness during the first trimester. Second trimester came with a boost of energy. I went back to work which was mentally and physically tasking( I work in a logistics company). My family wanted me to quit my job because of the stress and corona outbreak ( we had some cases) but I didn’t want to. I worked until my doctor asked me to stop which was at 36 weeks.

I had pregnancy induced bp both pregnancies. When I went for my routine check up at 39 weeks, my doctor advised I’m induced because my bp was crazy high. I was already 3cm dilated. I went home,packed my bags and went in the following morning with my hubby.

First, my water was broken, the oxytocin administered and the waiting game began. After a few hours, I was checked again, still 3cm. At this point contraction was becoming unbearable. I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came after a few hours,administered it and left. Unfortunately for me it didn’t work. He didn’t the second time, it didn’t work. At this point I was in crazy pain. He finally tried again and it felt like the fire on my body was put off. I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up to an urge to poo. 

The nurses checked me and said I was 8cm. I was asked not to push until I was told to do so. This was very very difficult. The pressure was very strong.My doctor was called and finally arrived after a few minutes. I was checked again, and was all set. I was asked to push, I kept screaming , the nurses started laughing at me( I didn’t push my first baby so I didn’t know how to push). After the second and third try, my baby girl was out. Cutest baby I have ever seen. My joy knew no bounds.

Baby dust to all those waiting. You shall all celebrate soon.

*Congrats to you.....


  1. Congratulations.. that inducing is not a child's play o . The pain is 10x labor pain

  2. Beautiful story Congratulations to you and yours..Gratitude and thanksgiving is a good thing

  3. I had a similar situation. I tried for one year for my second child and went to book for appointment to see a fertility specialist . I never went for that appointment because I found out I was pregnant while waiting for my appointment date. God is gracious and kind. I'm forever grateful.

  4. Congratulations, He makes everything beautiful in it's time.

  5. Congratulations poster, I will testify like this too very soon in Jesus name. I have a similar story too. Had first so fast..

  6. Everywhere Testimony! See the Lord is working, and am so full of Praise,!😃💃💃💃
    In the morning, Testimony!
    In the evening, Testimony!
    Glory, Hallueyah, my Jesus is alive!
    I will testify my own by His Grace, in Jesus name Amen!💃💃💃

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "17 December 2020 at 18:15

      Hallelujah, life indeed is a Testimony! Am so so happy for you poster and congratulations to the birth of your beautiful baby.

  7. Congratulations ma.
    My testimony is next amen.

  8. Congrats dear, please house,l want to have a baby boy as my first baby, how would I achieve this. My cycle is 26 and 27.

    1. Take that in prayers to the maker of babies, the one who knows how to arrange sex of a baby.

    2. Google Chinese carlender

  9. Congratulations poster. Our God is so faithful. Beautiful story 🙏👏👍

  10. Congratulations poster...I tap into the testimony of your second pregnancy...I need your divine intervention Lord..


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