Stella Dimoko Nigeria Does Not Have Enough Storage For COVID 19 Vaccines She Ordered


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Monday, January 18, 2021

Nigeria Does Not Have Enough Storage For COVID 19 Vaccines She Ordered

The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), has revealed there is not enough space at the moment to store the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines which are expected to arrive this week.

 The Director-General of NIMR, Prof. Babatunde Salako,revealed this during an interview on Saturday, January 16,2021.

He said that Nigeria had freezers in different parts of the country to store the Pfizer vaccines at -70 degrees centigrade but that most of these freezers were occupied and were storing medical supplies which also need to be stored at a low temperature.

He said, “Our facilities can hold Pfizer vaccines at -70 degrees but we don’t have enough of such freezers, and the ones we have are even full at the moment. We even just got one that we have yet to install but how many samples can it even hold?

“Even if we rearrange things, I doubt if we can store more than a few hundred or thousands.”

When asked if other facilities besides NIMR could hold such vaccines, he said, “There are many -80 freezers around in the research institutes and universities but the point is that many of them have samples inside them. So, even if we evacuate, I don’t think we will all be able to do more than a few thousands.”

Salako said storage was the minor problem; adding that the major challenge would be how to transport the vaccines at the temperature of -70 to rural areas.
In addition, Nigeria may need to buy other brands that do not require such low temperatures as Pfizer, the NIMR boss explained

Salako noted that other brands like Oxford/AstraZeneca could be stored at normal freezer temperature; while the Russian vaccine could also be stored at a temperature not as low as Pfizer.

He said, “The problem is not just about storing vaccines; but moving it to the rural areas and maintaining that same temperature. For example, if you land in Lagos and you store it at -70 and it has to be transported over the creek somewhere; how do you move them? There are other ways but they will be very costly. They can store them with liquid nitrogen or even dry ice; but it will cost a lot of money.

“AstraZeneca would have been better because it would stay at normal freeze temperature; and I think even Russian vaccines can be stored at the same temperature; but I think the government is going with Pfizer because the World Health Organisation has given it an emergency approval.

“But I think all the vaccines are now being deployed in many countries. So, we can do all of them rather than do just one considering the storage capacity for Pfizer. Even the government knows that we don’t have enough space but we can be taken in batches.”

from 1stnews.

`*I dont get it,the Pfizer own they are talking about is for countries with cold climes,they should have done their research before ordering and should have known to buy the Russian vaccine...If i already knew this before hand,i wonder why they did not.....the Pfizer vaccine is not for hot climes,they should start making calls to change their order....


  1. From the first day this vaccine thing was confirmed, l told my family l won't take it except l am opportuned to leave the country. Cos na dead vaccine dem go dey give people. Starting from the clearing at the wharf to storing it.

  2. People that are ready to take Nigerian covid19 vaccine, I raise nyash for una

  3. But didn't they make enquiries before placing an order? Nawah oo, make them no come inject rotten vaccines for people body oo, Na that one go worse pass.

  4. Nigerian government always doing the wrong thing at the right time....

    Is it that lives don't matter to this people??...

  5. This is what happens when you are incompetent. Get people who can plan and implement plans properly... no... we no they hear. Waste of money as usual

  6. so were they blind before they went ahead to order for that quantity?
    why have the people in Nigerian government chosen to remain foolish and keep wasting resources?
    what is the duty of those in their procurement and supply chain office?
    They keep proving their daftness day in day out. wtf!!!
    So does it mean they'll throw away all those vaccines that have no space for storage? or they'll throw away the existing drugs in cold chain to make space for the incoming vaccines?
    These people are stressing me out i swear.

    1. I said it yesterday Nigerians are very wicked

  7. Replies
    1. They have eaten the money and will give you free vaccines from China or Indian. They have vaccinated themselves and give a million flying saucers about you Nigerians

  8. Didn't they consider storage facilities before they ordered for the vaccine, nawa for this country. Minister of Health well done, you are doing well

  9. Coconut head leaders

    1. Coconut abi doughnut heads. Empty in the middle

  10. Whereas India has developed their vaccine for their environment and has already started their vaccination exercise, starting with their health workers.

    Sad. We have a g lot of graduates of Biochemistry, Microbiology and related sciences but little infrastructure in place for their profession to be useful.

  11. Even the NHS hospital that I work in the UK, we had to wait to first get a -15 degree celsius refrigerator and it had me worried for Nigeria because even my hospital didn't roll out till this January due to proper storage (we are in a village). So it got me wondering if by just moving the vaccine from the plane to the transport unit in the airport assuming its refrigerated, what happens with a sudden exposure to 31 degrees weather?

    1. My sister. All these question they suppose ask before ordering but they no get sense.

  12. Why didn’t Nigeria buy Moderna? I am a doctor in the US and that’s what many of our facilities that don’t have the freezer are doing! I swear we stupid die!!!

  13. This sick country will end up giving people expired vaccine.

  14. Nigeria; great nation with clueless leadership.


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