Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt May Impose Another COVID 19 Lockdown...


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Nigerian Govt May Impose Another COVID 19 Lockdown...

The Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, has said that the Federal Government will be left with no other option but to impose another lockdown if the rise in COVID-19 cases continues.

The Minister, during the 2021 budget breakdown in Abuja on Tuesday, prayed that the situation should not get to that point when Nigerians would be forced to stay in their home again.

According to her, “We hope we never have to lockdown the economy like we did before because the impact is very high on the economy but then if the health challenge becomes so large, and the government has no option then that step might be taken.”

The Minister noted that what the government is doing at the moment was to reinforce the measures that need to be taken to mitigate the impact from the virus.

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  1. My candid opinion, make them impose 2weeks lockdown make the covid 19 die where e dey. It is the up and down that spreads it na

    1. The 2 months they imposed last year didn't kill it, how will it now die in 2 weeks.

      The thing is that our government are clueless about everything so they are just reacting to issues.

  2. Nigerians are not helping at all. What's the big deal about wearing a mask? People in Enugu don't believe there's covid. You won't believe I went to register for antenatal in a different hospital yesterday and I was the only one wearing mask. There were more than 400 patients waiting to see the doctor including pregnant women and nursing mothers. When I even asked someone to shift for me to sit that I was tired, a nurse told me to remove my mask and breathe well. I simply left the hospital, I no register again.

  3. Abeg impose the lockdown, make we rest, for over 2 weeks they have just been making the same statement like as if they are scared to impose it. Travel abroad should stop that way you curb the influx

  4. Person never recover from the aftermath of the previous lockdown.

    God abeg,na your hand i dey o.

  5. If they want to do it, they should do it now oh,before i send my sons to school and they impose it. I no go extra money for transport to bring them back oh. Here in ph,some people wear the mask correctly, while some their chin wears it for them,and others don't bother.

  6. I think these people are confused. What are they really doing to curb the spread of this virus apart from singing wear your mask. They pass laws that put the citizens at risk of contracting the virus yet expect to be taken seriously. They should start by suspending the NIN registration and school resumption for now. They should ban out of state travel also. Another lock down will be a disaster. People are barely surviving after the last one

    1. Thank U anon. They are only talking the talk. Meanwhile they are making people go for nin registration and the like. Confused set of people

  7. Nigeria, cannot afford a second lockdown people looking at other countries because they go on several lockdowns forget that their government have a system that works and is supporting the people.

    Any Nigerian advocating for a second lockdown is either unemployed or selfish.

  8. NIN registration
    Jamb registration
    SIM registration
    The government itself is the problem.
    Covid 19 guidelines exist only on paper. This is not Nigeria alone, it is worldwide.
    About 60% of the world's population believe it's a hoax because it didn't start in Africa and it's not getting the desired effect in Africa.
    Take a look at what happened at the Capitol building in US and let's watch out for the presidential inauguration ceremony.
    This is human nature and all you can do is your possible best to keep yourself and loved ones safe.
    I was in church last Sunday and while many parents really kitted their kids with face masks and shields, I couldn't help but notice most of the kids eat biscuits, drink cereals and water, lick their hands and so on. All these are problems especially since it is very difficult to monitor someone that is not you 24/7.
    In addition to staying safe, pray also for God's protection because that is the only trustworthy protection.

    1. About 60% of the world's population believe it's a hoax because it didn't start in Africa and it's not getting the desired effect in Africa.

      This has been on my mind for a while now... Nigeria has over a hundred cases and death rate isn't even up to 2000.

      Another lockdown will be disastrous in this country where the supposed leaders steal indomie and the rest.

      Like my boss will say,your safety is your personal responsibility. Stay safe people,we will be fine.

    2. Anon 09:17 your last sentence summed it up nicely @"In addition to staying safe, pray also for God's protection because that is the only trustworthy protection."

  9. If they like they should put lockdown na, shebi them don kuku drive me from work so wetin remain.make we dey stay indoors dey go


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