Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Force Sacks Unmarried Policewoman For 'Falling' Pregnant


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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Nigerian Police Force Sacks Unmarried Policewoman For 'Falling' Pregnant

 I dont get this at all...........

Is she not supposed to get pregnant or is it because she is unmarried?


  1. I think it's against Police rules of engagement to get pregnant out of wedlock

    1. that is wrong. they should also stop the salary of police men that get single ladies pregnant. this country is a mess

    2. This is nonsense. Would they sack a man who impregnates a woman outside wedlock?

      This is the kind of things feminists should be fighting. Why should an unmarried lady lose her job for getting pregnant? I don't support premarital sex because of my christian belief however I've always frowned upon such measures including expelling a girl from school because she got pregnant. By doing this,you are making the unmarried pregnant lady and her child vulnerable to exploitation

    3. True.

      The woman cannot in good conscience say she did not know that rule in police regulations. If she didn't know, then she was no qualified to remain in the police because a police officer ignorant of the details of police regulations would be an incompetent law officer.

      The police should not be vilified into hardening its stance on the matter.

      Efforts at reference to police regulations in "saner climes" should be focused on getting a review of the regulations by the body empowered to so do.

      Meanwhile, the police should be encouraged to temper justice with mercy on the matter.

  2. she's married but had to state she's single to get the job.

    1. Really? This is more like it. Was wondering why they sacked her over such.

      It is well woman,go have your baby in peace.

  3. Wetin concern them concern belle?

  4. Policing women's vaginas and uteruses

  5. Na wa....o, naija my countryyyyy


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