Stella Dimoko Ovation Magazine CEO Dele Momodu And President Buhari's Aide Lauretta Onochie Continue To Drag Each Other On Twitter..


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Monday, January 11, 2021

Ovation Magazine CEO Dele Momodu And President Buhari's Aide Lauretta Onochie Continue To Drag Each Other On Twitter..

 The last has not been heard of the Twitter brawl between Ovation magazine Boss Dele Momodu and President Buhari's aide Lauretta Onochie who have been blasting each other back and forth ...

It all began when Lauretta wrote a memo insulting Dele Momodu for criticising President Buhari..She said Dele was upset because #Babanodeypay.

Dele replied her and she replied him (her reply is at the bottom of this post) and this is Deles second response...let us wait for Lauretta to respond today.

Her second reply to Dele Momodu


Hahaha! Look who's talking...
DELE MOMODU IS SYNONYMOUS WITH SCAVENGING. Dele Momodu has a scavenging history. I don't.
Here is a short history of his scavenging:
He latched onto late Chief MKO Abiola years ago.

Scared of Gen. Abacha, he went on exile.
He returned to Nigeria and latched onto Gen. Sani Abacha and began to scavenge from him, didn't he?
Then he latched onto the nouveau riche in Nigeria.

After them, he latched on to Pres. Buhari. But
# BabaNoDeyDrop . He even dried up the taps of the emergency millionaires that Dele latched unto.

So to former VP. Atiku he ran. That was not profitable. He didn't win the presidency so the serial scavenger ran off.

From Atiku he ran and latched onto a former Ghanaian President.
Ghanaians brought him down to the ground and used his face to wipe the floor during their last presidential election.

Now Dele is looking for how to get off the Ghanaian floor and he's angry with our President again.
He thinks I'm the reason his scavenging is not producing results. He thinks i have taken his place.

Who wants to buy photos that I have already shared on the Social Media? He's busy eating his vomit that he cannot reason properly.

You're not the only one affected by the downturn of the world economy. I'll help you. Try diversification, it won't kill you. Some states are recruiting teachers. Retrain and see if you'll have a proper job. Or open a restaurant.
President Buhari is diversifying the Nigerian economy and it's working.

Nigeria recently moved from the 46th to the 25th richest nation in the world, contrary to the expectations of unpatriotic angry birds like you. And You dare call him a failure. You King of scavengers!

Keep speaking from your wild imaginations, insulting the President and his Vice, and I'll keep stuffing your mouth full of bitter facts.

Lauretta Onochie."


  1. Two agbayas, wetin concern us🤔🤔.
    We are here for the tea and plenty gbas gbos😂😂

    1. If I were Dele Momodu, I will never ever fight this woman. Don't ever fight with a pig, they will drag you into the mud. Dem no get shame, I pity this woman cos her case go be like Governor Ambode case who no get political father's, see as Tinubu dragged him.
      This woman go cry las las ni.

  2. Dele I don't like you but continue to drag this woman with spongy wig. Draaaaaag her well. Thank you

    1. See how she resemble witch.
      Ugly inside and out is what this Lauretta is.

  3. Let them continue na, how are we going to know how shameless they are if they are not doing this? Shame dey catch me on behalf of their children.

  4. I can't be bothered about those two agbayas, they can drag each other till year 3000 for all I care.😏

  5. The woman is spot on! Dele na confirmed opportunist

  6. I don't know this woman but I remember how Dele wanted to bring his scavenger self to the Ghanaian politics. The man sure doesn't know his place.

  7. THIS LAURETTA IS SUCH A SHAMELESS BUSYBODY...VERY ANNOYING, UNCOUTH AND LOUD MOUTHED IRRITANT...YOU BETTER GO BACK TO LONDON AND CONTINUE YOUR HUSTLING...YEYE for Dele, he has carved a niche for himself as an entertainment journalist. those ones na anywhere news of enjoyment and celibrity dey u go find am.

  8. I am yet to see a beautiful picture of this woman called Lauretta.
    Always looking tacky like her post.

  9. The woman didn't lie Dele is a confirmed atenuje..bloody shameless man was he not the one singing Buhari praises some time ago? Shame on both of them

  10. Dele Momodu is explaining himself to this woman? He is out of his depth dealing with people like Lauretta and other dye-in-wool Buharists.

    Dele Momodu should consult Reno Omokri on how to handle this woman. Commenting on this same picture of palm wine drinking Lauretta, Reno played on a common African proverb and "demolished" her in one sentence. She never replied.

    Reno Omokri is the nemesis of Buhari's media team. Even the wordsmith, Femi Adesina do not go near Reno when he is in full swing.

  11. Waoh, should I feel ashamed on their behalf?

  12. This woman’s makeup is terrible sha.
    Can’t anybody around her let her know?

  13. Madam Stella please post my comment cos Dele is Davido's boy & Dele is shameless anywhere belly face & brown envelope journalist.

    The most Complex B

  14. “Freedom fighters”? Only Soyinka and Akinrinade qualify for that label on your list Dele. The rest of you including Fayemi who was trying to “eke” out a living in London and wasn’t doing too well are a bunch of opportunists with Tinubu the most vicious among you. You are the most beggarly. As for Mama Lauretta, you need Psychiatric evaluation. Which “babanodeypay”? The one under which it’s now free for all “Kwarraption”? The one that uses anti corruption selectively and has allowed a reign of terror in the south for the cows to eat organic farm foods while the citizens starve? Wetin you de chop since he no dey pay? Both of you are part of the problem with Nigeria. Part of the viruses that have afflicted and tormented a resource rich nation with mediocrity. I’m in your age group , none of you were fighting or are fighting for anyone but your abdominal cavity and some of us know how some betrayed Nadeco including Dele and Asiwehin. Lore or wetin be your name and Dele, Shut your traps and leave the youths a better country rather than recycling each other and your respective godfathers like an Amazon delivery cardboard. Don’t put Prof Soyinka, a Nobel Prize winner who was jailed for supporting Biafra and has been a consistent advocate for good governance in the same league as yourself and the “owner” of Lagos, it’s an insult to the reputable professor. Stella abeg post. Give PMB my email to come and catch me here, brood of alatenujes (opportunists).


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