Stella Dimoko Newly Wed OAP Nkubi And Wife Vivian Share Their Love Story With BBC Pidgin..


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Monday, February 15, 2021

Newly Wed OAP Nkubi And Wife Vivian Share Their Love Story With BBC Pidgin..

She says a man is a man and it does not matter whether he is tall or short....


Nkubi: They say anyone who goes to the market with his eyes has something he is looking for and I have gone to the market with my eyes and found what I'm looking for, and that thing is staring at me now.

Vivian: Thank God you entered that market and found me. I'm a blessed woman.

Nkubi: My name is Victor Nwaogu, I'm a TV presenter, OAP am an actor, I'm popularly known as Nkubi.

Vivian: My name is Nkeiru Vivian Nwaogu, we have been together for three years now. We have done our traditional marriage.

Nkubi: I am always the first to apologise

Vivian: I eat more

Nkubi: I was the first to say I love you

Vivian: he is a funny person

Nkubi: She has no sense of humor

How they met?

Vivian: I was going through my timeline on Facebook then I checked on my friend's list and I saw him, I have never had any relationship with any little person before so I decided to send him a friend request, he accepted me, after a while he asked me out and I agreed.

Nkubi: Talking about relationships and marriage, I feel like no matter what or how you look there is always someone out there for you

Vivian - Anyone who says otherwise that's their business. I have already made my decisions. Everyone has their choices to make


It's a new and beautiful experience, although we know that marriage has its ups and downs but it's a step we have decided to carry

Vivian: My advice to ladies is that a man is man whether short or tall he is still a man. If you see a man who loves and appreciate you, hold him. I dont feel different from my living with my family, I still see him as a part of me.

: i followed my heart to where it directed me. When it comes to love follow your heart, if you feel your level has not reached for toasting a lady, just take it out step by step and one-day it will click.

Vvian: I believe in love, that's why we are here today

Nkubi: She knows I love her

Vivian: I love you Baby

i: I love you too

Text and snapshots from BBC Pidgin video


  1. Replies
    1. me smiling from ear to ear reading this..God bless your union

  2. The wife is a very pretty woman.

    God bless them.

  3. God bless and keep your home in Jesus name.

  4. Wow!!! love is a beautiful thing, Am happy for you guys

  5. Love is a beautiful thing. I was smiling while watching the video on bbc pidgin. I admire Nkubi’s confidence. I wish them everlasting and happy life together.

  6. Wishing them eternal love and HML.

  7. Lovely 🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Love is sweet

  8. I saw part of the interview and saw an overbearing man with complex who is using her to do pepper them

    She on the other hand is trying to please him, I sense a fragility about her

    The power balance is very off now

    Give it 10 years then the real balance will be clearer

    1. This Nkubi is going to be abusive to her. All the pain he has ever felt will be on her and he will always do extra to want to prove himself as the man of the house.

    2. Hmmmmmmmmm, lemme go and watch the video, with an open mind shaa.

  9. Congratulations to you both, may God bless your union. Congratulations Ekajoy and Miss A now Mrs A.

    More congratulations in 2021.

  10. Replies
    1. Why are u not sensible?

    2. The be human being she be why she no go get mind

  11. Wishing them a happy married life.

  12. Love is a beautiful thing,
    Congratulations people


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