Stella Dimoko Traffic Offender Mistakenly Tips Lagos Policeman Over Bridge


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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Traffic Offender Mistakenly Tips Lagos Policeman Over Bridge

A man has been arrested after tipping a policeman over a bridge in Lagos State.

In a viral video, the driver is seen trying to evade being arrested by officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority and in the process, mistakenly tipped a policeman over the bridge.
The policeman is reportedly in critical condition ...


  1. I saw the video on IG. He made matters worse, trying to escape when it was obvious he couldn't.

  2. The video is hilarious at first with the way the police man's legs flew over 😂😂 but when the driver was crying and completely distraught at the thought that he killed someone, I felt pity for him.

    He's still in deep mess, nonetheless.

  3. Why do Nigerians find it difficult to obey simple law?

  4. Wahala really be like bicycle e no dey hard to start. In attempting to evade trouble he dabbled into catastrophe.

    His sole prayers now will be the survival of that police officer.

    That's why I avoid Wahala in this country like no man's business.

    Once police officer stops me I'm already smiling n hailing him, e remain for me to add "may I",if I have small change to spare I give to them voluntarily Because I understand it's not easy to be under the sun for hrs doing a job that pays peanuts, frustration is only imminent.

    There are ways around these things.
    May God deliver this young man from the hands of these officers. He would most likely be handled worse than a criminal and That his car is automatically an exhibit till further notice.

    1. 😂😂😂. Complement them, look them in their eyes and call them handsome even though they ain't. Then squeeze in some money into their hands whether or not they asked for it because, lol. It is not me that a careless bullet will kill or disfigure. As a Nigerian, you must know how to dance egwu uche very well or your own don finish.

    2. Seriously chisom,😄.
      Be like say I will add that compliment one. "Hello handsome officer how is you today?"😂😂

  5. Wetin we no go see for this Lagos????


  6. Broda Don je gbese. He should have just stopped instead of playing James bond!! That place was too enclosed to escape.
    He should better pray the man doesn't eventually die oh, na that one go red pass.
    I'm sure he will be regretting his action right now.

  7. Na was oh! He should have stopped.

    I pray the policeman recovers

  8. That's how they treat people like thieves and end up confusing one. They should leave how to handle issues, you mustn't arrest offenders in some situations.

    The guy too was wrong for plying one way. I pray the police man akes it out alive and the driver doesn't have to go through worse ordeals.

  9. Clear case of completely finished

    1. Asinn ehh, dude will be coursing himself for not jejely stopping his car. May God fix everything.

  10. That video eh,it's a perfect example of when village people remember you.First of all he followed one way as if that wasn't enough,he mistakenly pushed the policeman into the canal,e don cast for the guy!Felt sorry for him when he started crying.

  11. Ewoooo, dey will show him pepper


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