Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 68


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Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 68

I was at the International Airport on Monday night to pick up someone who came to Nigeria for the first time. 

He is an international student who arrived Nigeria for an exchange program in one of the Universities in the South West.  

Before his arrival,we had chatted a little and I explained to him all he needed to know on arrival and I also told him to connect to the free Wi-Fi when he landed. I took my picture and sent to him on WhatsApp while he did the same for easy identification when he arrived and connected to the free airport Wi-Fi.

Shortly afterwards, I got a call from a Nigerian number and the guy told me he is assisting my visitor in bringing his luggage to the car park since I am not allowed in the arrival area. When I saw them, I brought out money to pay the Potter for his assistance but he told me that I should not worry as my visitor has “settled” his boys.

I only got to know on the way out of the airport from my visitor that he parted with 10,000 Naira for the use of the trolley.


 How can they force out a whooping 10k from this guy because he is coming to Nigeria for the first time? This guy is from a French speaking African country and his understanding of English is very poor.

Secondly, this guy told me that someone also tried to sell a SIM CARD to him for 5,000 Naira. I was shocked and pained at the same time.

Why are Nigerians like this? The use of the small Trolleys at the International Airport costs only 150 Naira. Imagine trying to scam this guy of another 5k for a SIM CARD and we all know that the Telecoms Companies are not activating new SIM CARDS for now because of the issues with NIN (National Identification Number) registration.

The airport authorities need to do something fast about this menace and protect the image of our country. It is not only about the leadership, the led also are culpable. Let us do the right thing. It starts with you and me to make this country a better place.

* Abeg na how much you charge am for the ride? Hehehehehehehehehe

Most foreigners coming into Naija dont have Naira so they give the smallest amount in their wallet...Last time i came home I paid 20 Dollars for the Trolley cos i didnt have naira on me..... The services and attention from the Trolley guys was


  1. JJC Jonny just come.

  2. Hmmmm we paid 2k for trolley, each trolley , Nigeria is a mess plus the security personnel are so corrupt.

  3. See my roommate in law school was a cameroonian (cameroonians don't have law schools in their country so after their university programms, they always come to Nigeria to attend law school, I don't know if they now have one over there).

    Anyway, the foreign students usually have their Bar 1 programs few months before we get in, so they can catch up with our basics laws and stuff.

    Do you know that the cleaners and messangers charged these foreign students 1k to photocopy a page?
    Because these students were not used to our currencies some of them thought 1k note was like 10naira, so when they want to make photocopies, the cleaners and messangers would tell them that a page was 1k, please imagine if they wanted to photocopy 10 pages? It was when we got in that we began to teach them stuff.

    Forget, Nigeria problem pass Buhari.

    1. Na Nigerians dey become Senators and Honourables and president.
      The corruption na everywhere except if person no wan do am for this country.
      We are a corrupt nation and people.

  4. Lol..@Stellz..
    No mind oko ashi, make him tell us how much him charge the guy..
    As per the sim card ish, it's not only in Nigerian airport, happens abroad too. I think it has to do with an exception in the law of demand, where due to scarcity or a situation, the higher demand doesn't bring down the price.
    For example, when we're faced with the situation of fuel scarcity and the price sky rocket even with the higher demand that needs it at that point in time.
    The urgency at which the immigrants needs it is what the 'business men' are taking advantage of. Some of these immigrants know they can get it cheaper outside, but don't care cos they don't want to stress themselves and they have the money for it. It's a win-win ish..
    Wicked business strategy πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  5. Oko Ashawo, don't be selfish joor πŸ™„.

    Oya, come and tell us under Anonymous how much you charged the passenger πŸ˜›πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  6. Nawa o. Always be kind to people you meet, because this world is a small one.

  7. Hahaha.
    Oko asewo don buy market, oya na how much did you charge for the ride?

    I've retrieved N30k from an immigration officer last year, money for waiting in Cafe Lounge before I came to pick 2 ladies on a special trip.

    He initially claimed "he stamped them in,else they would have been taken to Abuja for validation before they enter Naija". Haaaaa.
    After their seniors authorized the business trip for a very corporate trip o.
    That one eh, I called our country director straight up. Inukwa N30k for sitting for 2 hours.
    If not for Lagos traffic I would have been there on time, where dem wan see them to give seat.

    Any of them infront of arrivals, smiling cheekishly while clutching on a trolley beside a visitor don chop better naira.
    Ndi Ori.

  8. Na wa. Those people at the airport know how to finish people. It is well ooo


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