Stella Dimoko Former Abducted Student Says Many Chibok Girls Have Children For BH Members


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Monday, April 19, 2021

Former Abducted Student Says Many Chibok Girls Have Children For BH Members

Juliana Christopher, a student of College of Business and Management Studies in Konduga, who was abducted by Boko Haram, has disclosed that she met many Chibok girls when she was in the terrorist’s den.

In an interview with Punch she noted that many of the girls were either pregnant or nursing children belonging to the terrorists.

She further disclosed that she was in the insurgent’s detention for three weeks after she was abducted by terrorists who were dressed in military uniforms from her school in Borno State.

She said, “On reaching their camp, we met many young girls there and the whole place was in disarray. It was in 2014 and I was in the Boko Haram camp for three weeks. We met Chibok girls in the camp. While in the camp, I saw so many small girls, who were kidnapped. Some were being molested.”

“Some were carrying children, while others were pregnant for the Boko Haram insurgents. It was a disgusting thing. Fortunately for me and some other girls, we escaped from the forest and found our way back to Chibok.”

“On getting to Chibok, I found the whole community in a state of confusion; so, I asked after my parents and was told that my father took ill when he heard about my abduction and my mother took him to the hospital in Maiduguri. I set out to go and look for them in Maiduguri, but I could not go far because the road was blocked and no movement was allowed, except for military vehicles; in that process, my father died.”

“When I heard about my father’s condition, I became worried and tried to locate my parents in the hospital, not knowing that he was already dead. When I eventually got to the hospital in Maiduguri, my mother had conveyed my father’s corpse to Chibok for burial, so my mother said I should stay back to avoid another kidnap.”

“That was how I got to this camp. I couldn’t continue with my education, because my mother alone could not take care of my schooling and that of my other siblings.”

*So it is too late to rescue these girls? They are all already mothers and would not want to leave their kids or their baby daddies behind? Some are now probably staying back of their own free will


  1. Se na person pikin bi all these animals called Boko Haram??
    Who are their parents??

  2. Abeg I don tire for this Chibok talk.

  3. Nigeria with its extremists President and some ministers will keep benefiting from this terrorist.Bokoharam children? God save Nigeria.

  4. Bihari and his cohorts in government are behind this boko haram. Because it they aren't, what's stopping the military from storming there and rescuing the girls? Nigeria is worse than Mexico.

  5. Stella, let them come back with their children and rehabilitation should be carried out on them and they can receive welfare benefits to cater for the children. This country is really scary walahi...

    1. Except the Government accepts them, most communities do not. They hate girls who have children for the insurgents. They see them as sympathizers not victims. Go read up on girls who escaped bokoharm and are with children. You hear tales of abandonment, ostracized by their communities and shame. The story long.

  6. No surprise here. What a country.

  7. GOD please reward all the evil and wickedness of these people in Jesus Christ name Amen

  8. This shouldn't surprise anyone, part of the reasons for their abduction is to procreate so as to have more child soldiers and suicide bombers.


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