Stella Dimoko Former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili Threatens SM Influencer Omojuwa With Lawsuit Over Alpha Reach Scandal


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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili Threatens SM Influencer Omojuwa With Lawsuit Over Alpha Reach Scandal

Falana & Falana’s Chambers, lawyers to the former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, on Friday, April 9, wrote Japhet Omojuwa, a social media influencer, demanding a public apology over her alleged ties to Alpha Reach, a PR company implicated in activities to free Alex Saab, a Colombian felon.

The letter, a copy of which was sighted by 1st News, was signed on behalf of Ezekwesili by her attorney; Marshal Abubakar, a member of the Falana law firm.

Alpha Reach is reportedly owned by Omojuwa and it had emerged that the firm was involved with a UK-based non-profit organization, Digital Good Governance for Africa.

This was to pay influencers who tweeted positively about Saab in an effort to sway public opinion; as well as court proceedings in Nigeria and Cape Verde, the African island nation where the alleged felon is currently under house arrest.

Meanwhile, filings at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) also revealed that El-Rufai and Ezekwesili were named as directors of the company.

The development is bound to come as a surprise to many Nigerians; especially in view of the anti-corruption stance of Ezekwesili who has consistently railed at the current administration.

Additionally, her involvement in Alpha Reach is further shocking; considering a recent much-publicized rift on Twitter between her and Bello El-Rufai, son of the Kaduna Governor; who had threatened to expose her.

In the letter to Omojuwa by the former Minister, it noted that “a notice of change of directors was filed through which the list of Directors was altered and the name of Ezekwesili was removed and replaced with Indimi Mohammed.”

Someone from BuzzFeed reached out to Ezekewsili “informing her that she was listed as one of the Directors of Alpha Reach when she has never been involved in incorporating any company with you (Omojuwa).”

Consequently, Ezekwesili demanded “a public statement exonerating Ezekwesili from the incorporation process and activities of Alpha reach.”

Furthermore, it demanded that Omojuwa provides a detailed account to Ezekwesili of the circumstances leading to the incorporation of Alpha Reach; as well as details of its financial dealings from 2012 to 2017.

Equally important, the letter disclosed that failure to heed the demands of the letter would attract a potential lawsuit.

from 1st news


  1. Fraud. Fighting for their personal gains and making the masses believe they are fighting for them.
    When such people get into public offices, their true colors and shades just pops ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    They will do worse than our present leaders.

    1. Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions
      You won't understand until you are roped into what you know nothing about.

  2. I saw the Letter circulating on social media, and what jumped at me is the avoidable error of writing two different companies. The company was first addressed as Alpha Beta Limited, and as Alpha Reach Limited in the body of the letter.

  3. Abegi..
    Make oby park well..
    To incorporate a company, a copy of your government approved i.d card would be needed, that is, your international passport, Drivers Licence or national i.d card.. how did omo get hers if she never gave him? Plus her signature also would be signed, so is she saying it was forged? If that's the case, then it's a criminal offence, so why is she going through the civil way.. if e sure am make she petition the necessary agencies for his arrest.. the police, efcc etc.. na so dem go dey form Instituting law suit whenever their yansh open.. oby where all the money weh dem donate give you when you were jumping up and down campagning as a presidential candidate before stepping down ☻☻.. I remember watching one of her interview back then in channel, she too get sweet mouth.. I know say na better scam.. anywhere belle face.. same thing she did using bring back our girls campaign to help this present government against Jonathan.. only for them to shock her after they got into power.

    "In the letter to Omojuwa by the former Minister, it noted that “a notice of change of directors was filed through which the list of Directors was altered and the name of Ezekwesili was removed and replaced with Indimi Mohammed.”

    If I'm not wrong, Reading the above quoted statement, that means she was among the directors but notice for change has been filed with CAC.. the website that showed her to be a director is kind of old in that they haven't updated the companies there to show new directors, shareholders etc to reflect the recent state of things.. even new companies cannot be found there if searched. It's the nonchalant attitude of Nigeria commissions.. but surely it would be in CAC file which can be gotten by filling for a search. So na just plenty English she dey talk.. she was a director in the company, maybe she's no more tho.. but let her stop misleading the public like she wasn't privy to that knowledge or it happened without her consent..

    Unto the next.. in ayimm voice Lol

    1. @ DANTE, are you japheth omojuwa?? some of you just make spurious allegations without thinking of the consequences of unguarded utterances. If you feel you are privy to some of these information, why not join in the lawsuit as a witness. Wars are not won by keypad warriors . There is a lawsuit on ground, resist the urge to say anything partaining this issue if you do not have facts to back your claims.

    2. Oga mark.. I'll comment on anything that is brought to the public space to the best of my knowledge about it, if you don't want anyone to talk about your business, why posting it on the Internet?
      Go to this website "".. type in the company in dispute and look at what comes out next.. please don't say nonsense to me.. I am not among those that talk for talking sake.. now go and read my above comment again especially the place I said this said website is not up to date, so she might have filed for change of directors truely.. but if she's saying she had no knowledge she was a director in the first place, then that means that guy committed fraud..then why filing a civil action instead of criminal?

      Please don't be silly this morning..

    3. Dante, I'm listed as the director on a handful of companies and I never provided any documentation to the relatives who opened the accounts, never signed anything, never gave them data page of my documents. Can we stop acting as though CAC has a sacrosanct process that is immune to the usual Nigerian "no matter we go run am" mentality?

    4. She served as a minister and so, her signature is not difficult to lift from public documents. For many reasons, one can send a copy of ones passport to during people eg via email so it isn't impossible to get as well. Omojuwa, the cashtivist has stayed uncomfortably silent in the midst of all these. Imagine doing "emancipation" business with an Indimi. What a funny country.

  4. I was really disappointed with aunty Oby yesterday. This letter is just for writing cause nothing will come out of it. Even Bashir Erufai still accused her of squandering money. Aunty Oby isn't holy as she wants people to believe so.

  5. Embarrassing ish.

    The 3 forms from CAC you sign and the passport photographs you attach, where did Omojuwa get them because Mrs Oby wasn't in the know.

    Plus her company seal and signature,how about those? Did Omojuwa duplicate her International passport? Kai.

    Most of these influencers on Twitter are full blown scammers. Just get closer and you'll marvel. I got disappointed when this guy and his goons sold the Buhari Package to gullible Nigerians. They have not forgiven them,the curses are new every morning.
    Men, the shorter they are, the more dangerous.
    Use the ones here as case study.

    Guys,if your parents are in the league of influential, run a check on their namesthrough commissions, Mrs Oby is not the onlyvictim,many are unknowingly.
    Then run checks on fraud detector sites and see if your name is popping up someplace.
    Somebody can be a dubious car importer with your name and sim no as second administrator for the transactions meanwhile you know nothing.

  6. Omojuwa wey dey Chop departmental money that year for Unaab. Mtchewww

  7. The reason why inocent Nigerians were denied entry into Cape Verde and the ones currently living on the island are seen as Makoto's,these silly influencers are just like the influenza fever playing on the intelligence of some gullible Nigerians because they know they don't use their brains,
    Every now and then gold from the so called fulaniheardmen and banditary zones are exported to Dubai for sale, the proceeds are used by the godfathers to fund militancy but we Nigerians refused to think deeply, instead we still call them our role models and tap from their cursed blessings

  8. Omojuwa is a big time scammer

    The guy Omojuwa is very toxic

    The most Complex B


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