Stella Dimoko Kenya’s Emmanuel Naibei Wins Lagos City Marathon 2021


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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Kenya’s Emmanuel Naibei Wins Lagos City Marathon 2021

Kenya’s Emmanuel Naibei has won the 6th edition of the Lagos City Marathon.
Naibei beat thousands of marathoners on Saturday morning to win the 42km race in 2 hours 11 minutes and 37 seconds and also claim the grand prize of $30,000.

The 42km race started from the National Stadium in Surulere and finished at Eko Atlantic.


  1. When it comes to Marathon or Relay ,Make way for Kenyans.
    I'm not sure their legs are of humans.

  2. An Ethiopian won the female version. I wish they’d ban these East Africans from participating because they’d always win due to their geographical advantage. Make it a strictly Nigerian or even west African event.

    1. Same sentiment here. They should be banned.

    2. Why should they be banned?
      There's nothing like advantage or disadvantage.

      Let Nigerians go to Kenya and Ethiopia and train for the Marathon.

      This Marathon fosters goodwill among African countries.✔️ πŸ’ž

  3. Kenyans have won this for three or more consecutive times. Well-done to them.
    Nigerian athletes should wake up and at least make us proud for once.

    1. What’s holding your legs? πŸ™„πŸ˜’
      Besides East Africans particularly Kenyans and Ethiopians have the upper hand when it comes to running marathons because their countries are on a higher altitude and they develop better endurance during training. When they come to a flatter terrain like Lagos, they win easily.

  4. Who took the last position?
    Hope the person is still breathing??? loll!!

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  5. Wonderful 😊

  6. They always win. They should just make it a Nigeria thing,so the money remains here and better the life of someone here.

  7. Should black Americans be banned from the NFL or NBA because they always play better? Should Africans be banned from boxing heavy weight championships because black people are likely to win? Should Jamaicans be banned from 100 meters races because they are likely to win? Should the Williams sisters have been banned from tennis since their physique and training gave them an advantage? That is the mentality of poverty.

    Charles Barkley was short and fat compared to his contemporaries. He did not campaign for anyone to be banned but rather, practiced harder and played better to have a stellar career. Michael Jordan was dropped from competition because his playing was not up to par sometime in highschool. Did he go on hunger strike till all who qualified were dropped? No. He practiced everyday and did his best till he became the best. The same with Tiger Woods, Djokovic and all the others who play so well you think success is easy.

    This race is not a poverty alleviation programme but a challenge that rewards excellence and effort. It is not n-power or trader moni. It is not sure-p. It is not to dash money for the sake of it but to celebrate superior training. There are Caucasians who win long distance races because they decide to train extra hard and put in the work for victory that feels twice as sweet.

    When Ethiopian athletes were winning all the long distance races, Kenyans did not feel entitled and beef them. They started going to train in colder climates across the world and developing very strict regimens that are now paying off. The white people who won previously are also not campaigning for these superior athletes to be disqualified but rather thinking of how they can beat them fair and square. That is the spirit of sportsmanship.

    It is not about the race of the winner, but his/her toil. Many live in Lagos, Abuja or Rivers state and want to negate the humanity of the sons of the soil but because of $30,000, they want people who trained for months and years to be denied their reward. If Nigerians want Nigerians to win, use your social clubs or personal funds to finance the training of many of our disciplined and determined athletes have access to better training and see if things won't improve.

    1. 16:37 your comment deserves a standing ovation! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’–

      "That is the mentality of poverty..... all the others who play so well you think success is easy.

      This race is not a poverty alleviation programme but a challenge that rewards excellence and effort. It is not n-power or trader moni. It is not sure-p. It is not to dash money for the sake of it but to celebrate superior training."

      Nigerians let go of the mentality of MEDIOCRITY and CUTTING CORNERS!

    2. Anonymous 16:37, I love your mentality. I’m sooo jealous of your sense. We need more peeps like you to speak up in this country. It is so refreshing to read this very well put together thoughts. Kudos!

    3. There was also a prize for the first Nigerians to cross the finish line. I don’t remember what it was tho

  8. Anon 16:37 MD here, snarker is correct. They have a biological advantage due to their terrain. Has little to do with superior training. That's their habitat, others may have similar advantage by going to live in the mountains for a long time to gain a similar advantage.

    It's like boys playing ladies sport, they have the testosterone advantage over the ladies.

    I agree it's contentious, cos what about naturally tall guys that play basketball, etc.

    This guy won, fair and square, but it is not due to superior training or more hard work, he's biologically wired to have better endurance due to his geographical terrain.


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