Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 302


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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Labour Room Drama 302

OMG what a Testimony!!!

Hi Stella,

This is to testify of God's faithfulness in my life. My child that I waited 12 years to have is turning one year old this week. God is indeed faithful because HE fulfilled HIS promises. When I look back at the pain of those years, she's indeed worth the wait. I mentioned in the LRD I sent earlier that I almost died in 2017 due to the quest for conception so I am an embodiment of God's mercy.

In 2017 I started the year with additional medical checks and to start on IVF I was told I needed to close my tubes from hydrosalpinx caused by endometriosis. It was a trying time for me, and because I didn't trust the doctor's diagnosis, I went to another doctor who said I just needed HSG to clear the tubes. I went for the HSG at a reputable "premium" lab and from there unknown to me I had developed a pelvic abscess. 
I didn't know the severity until I landed at emergency and was rejected for treatment at a particular health facility because according to the medical director, the abscess was about to rupture and he cannot take the risk with me. I went back to my doctor who checked and went with faith in performing surgery as draining the abscess was no longer an option.

 I had open pelvic surgery, and I still have the scars to date. The doctor that operated told me he just took the courage to perform the surgery as it was a really bad case, and as knowledgeable and skilled as he was, I knew it was true. After the surgery, I saw a crowd of people in white clapping as I was being wheeled out of the theater and I thought they were real until it dawned on me that nobody except the medical staff would have been allowed into that area leading from the theater. 

The devil wanted me gone but I overcame by the blood of the lamb. After the surgery things changed for me my was like the devil knew my change was around the corner. I experienced several breakthroughs at work and I experienced my first pregnancy though I lost it through carelessness. With my daughter's pregnancy, I was careful. Nobody, I mean nobody...not even my mother knew I was pregnant until I almost delivered, and it was because we needed to book her flight for omugwo. 

From that time till now, God has been merciful to me and my family. I can actually feel HIS love and touch in every area of my life.

This is my testimony, and I give God the praise for what HE's done, please help me thank GOD BVs, and for everyone experiencing a delay in whatever area of life, please know that GOD is love, and HE just wants us to have an unshakeable faith in HIM. I remember the enemy coming with doubts and speaking lies to me then, and I always countered it with the few words of GOD that I knew. 

Believe me BVs the devil hears! GOD is great

WOW!.... Than God for saving you!


  1. Thank God for you. God is indeed GREAT

  2. Thank God for you poster.
    Your testimony is permanent in Jesus name...Amen.

  3. Thank you Jesus for this great miracle

  4. Congratulations.
    God is real and he is still in the business of doing good.
    May God bless everyone TTC now in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Devil this. Devil that..

    1. Exactly. Yes he does stuff but let's stop emphasising his work. We magnify him by that. Our God is greater and rules in the affairs of men. The devil is not a factor in our testimonies. Here we have too much devil consciousness .
      I rejoice with u

  6. Wow,God is the greatest
    Thank God for saving your life, your testimony is permanent in Jesus name.
    I pray all GTC women received their own miracles too

  7. Your testimony is permanent and multiplies in Jesus'name

  8. Thank you Jesus.
    My miracle twins are on the way AMEN

  9. Thank God for your life.
    Your testimony is permanent ijn.
    Kisses to your baby.

  10. Thank you Lord... more testimonies tincome for us in Jesus name amen.

  11. Thank you Lord, More testimonies to come for us in Jesus name Amen.

  12. May your joy be permanent in Jesus name. Pls I need the link to the first labour room drama

  13. I remember dis story, thank u God.

  14. Congratulations. God be praised.

  15. Congratulations poster
    This is just the beginning of your happiness cos more triplet on your way.

  16. Congratulations poster🎉🎊,I thank God for your victory,baby dust on all TTC mums.

  17. I pray I receive mine too and experience the joy of motherhood like every mother in this blog. I know God is faithful.

  18. Glory be to God.
    Congratulations to you.

  19. Wow.....
    Thank God for your life poster and Happy birthday in advance to your baby.

  20. Your testimony is so uplifting. Congratulations poster and happy birthday to your cutie pie 🥰😍😘👏👏👏🍰🧁🥮🥂🍾🎊🎉🎁🎈

  21. Congratulations poster. Your testimony is permanent and Amen to your prayers.

  22. I rejoice with you my sister. Your testimony is permanent in Jesus name. I pray for my twin brother, him and his wife shall conceive and bear wonderful children before the end of this year. I am coming back to testify. Amen

    Mummy Miracle

  23. thankGod for changing your story and fir giving you victory over the challenges of childbearing. I have been trying to become a mum for 6 years, I will surely come back with my testimony this year in Jesus Name.

  24. thankGod for changing your story and fir giving you victory over the challenges of childbearing. I have been trying to become a mum for 6 years, I will surely come back with my testimony this year in Jesus Name.


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