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Friday, April 09, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Food Choices In Old Age

No matter how scary it looks with its various health challenges, growing old is something everyone looks forward to and has to face.....

It's a period when adjustments have to be made with food choices even though some of these may foods still tickle our sense of taste. The motivating factor for this kind of decision is usually to avoid living in constant pain and discomfort, sickness and being dependent on drugs.

Some of us have witnessed our aged parents cut down on certain foods that were no longer good for their health and incorporated medicinal foods like garlic, ginger, tumeric into their meals. They adapted to eating more of fruits and vegetables, while bidding foods like red meat, salty and oily foods, foods with artificial sweeteners goodbye.

In some rare cases, some aged persons have totally eliminated ice cold drinks and water from their food because of the toll it takes on their bones. I've heard one say ice cold food made his bones ache badly. So he only took hot drinks or the one at room temperature.

Most adult children are quite understanding and have developed tolerance for their parents' choices of food each time they come visiting or vice versa, while others are yet to come to terms with this new reality because it can be tasking and time consuming.

Old age comes with a lot of changes and challenges; mentally, physically and health wise and only a handful pass through it barely bruised by deteriorating health and lack of changes in food choices.


  1. You are right Mrs dee, I'm currently staying with my parents inlaw as I just put to bed, and I have had to adjust to their soup and stew of no Maggi at all at all( still comes out tasting nice though cos she uses lots of crayfish), deir rice has too be well cooked, unlike me that love my rice coming out in ones.
    That's what old age comes with

  2. Anyone who just thinks she will wake up one morning called
    "old age" and change what she eats is deceiving herself.
    You have a whole lifetime to learn to eat right and at the proper time and not for drunkenness'.
    Now is the time to invest in your long life and eternal life.

    1. This is actually true, in my mid 30s, I have stopped soda, cold water, sugar and some other stuff, never been an alcohol type so no issues there. Still working on reducing maggi, salt. oil and processed food in general. Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.

  3. Mrs Dee, you are right. My mum lives with me since my dad passed on and we are switching to her type of meals gradually especially no red meat,no salt, I don't even eat white sugar before her arrival. I am glad she has changed from her chocolate drink to a less sweeter one. She will be 61 by October.

  4. Yeah. Some people say I eat like old people but I don't care. I don't take sugar, carbonated drinks, my water is room temperature, less oil, salt and pepper.

    I enjoy garlic, ginger, and onions a lot. The thing is my tongue picks taste easily so I don't use a lot of spices in my food.

  5. After having surgery I don't take sugar,malt, carbonated drinks, cake & plenty things

    The most Complex B

  6. I could eat just anything before but I'm getting more selective these days. Old age?🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. I eat anything but in very small portions. I take small bites because subconsciously I believe it won't go down past my heart. Haha.

    I've not taken carbonated soda drinks for decades,if not a milky or milkshake,no way. Then wine, good wine is okay.

    But I don't do 2 without pineapple juice because of my heart, recently been told to slow down on pineapple consumption as things are looking better.
    Thank God for advancement in medicine.

  8. How I love red meat stir fry with soy sauce and veggies...but I know I have to stop all that and take more of veggies and fruits almost raw. Hmmmmmmm life


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