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Wednesday, April 21, 2021


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Good Morning!

Hope you woke up on the bright side? Abeg smile because Justice has been served and a victory in America is a Victory the World over.... I was even scared the former Policeman was gonna be set free.... Hmmm this life no balance at all, see how he went from being a Cop to being a criminal, Police to Prisoner, he went from being the Law to being Lawless..

The 50 BVs that got data did not all indicate and i have already paid the Data seller....So how do we know those that did not get ? Please Waju data seller, repost the names of people you sent data to so that we can move on from this...

As you go about your day today, may your hustle surprise you by being a Blessing to you and everyone else around.

Enjoy the day and stop worrying. God is not asleep on your case.. Didn't he say you would get it when you ask? he didn't say how fast but he says you will get get it.

Kisses to everyone.


Ehen before i forget Doctor Freaks Column will be posted three times this week and then maybe once or twice from next week......Its parte after parte!

Una like the column?


  1. Good morning beautiful people. Please recieve this day with great expectations. Write down your needs and come with it before the Lord. Pray yourself out! Because what God cannot do does not exist.


    1. Good morning Blessed people of God..may we all have many many reasons to praise God....
      Thanks Jeweluchi..I got the data
      God bless you and every thing that concerns you

  2. Know The Scriptures By The Spirit!!
    Luke 24:45.


    "It’s so important that you know the Scriptures for  yourself. It’s the only material guaranteed to help  you through the rough roads ahead, successfully"

    "It’s not to quote it to impress anybody, but to  live by it. It’s no use learning it to be able to explain it to  everybody and impress others whereas it has no power  in your life"

    "Give attention to the Word. Know it by the Spirit. It’s  what you must live by"


    Thank you, heavenly Father, for the Scriptures by  which you lead and guide me into the destiny you  planned for me. I live confidently and joyfully every  day, knowing you’re with me, in me, and for me. As  I give more attention to the Scriptures through the  Spirit, the eyes of my understanding are continually  enlightened to walk in your preordained paths for  me, in victory and extraordinary success, in Jesus’  Name. Amen.


    ‘Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt.’
    Colossians 4:6 NKJV

    ‘Because of unrestrained speech, the usefulness of many Christian workers is seriously curtailed. Instead of being powerful instruments in the Lord’s service, their ministry makes little impact on account of the constant leakage of power through their careless talk.’ Paul writes, ‘Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt.’ That means when you speak, make sure it’s in good taste. And the look on your face and the tone of your voice can determine whether a person receives or resents what you’re saying. Eugene Peterson paraphrases Paul’s words this way: ‘Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out’ (MSG). So before you speak, check your attitude and ask yourself, ‘What frame of mind am I in right now?’ And don’t stop with that question. Ask yourself also, ‘Will what I’m about to say help or hurt, clarify or confuse, make me feel better or the other person feel better?’
    It’s not enough to be talented in life; to succeed in life, you must speak wisely.
    Word For Today

    1. Wisdom is profitable.πŸ‘Œ

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. My besto once cut me off from her life. Not that we fought. Nope. Infact, we NEVER fight. Have never had malice towards each other. We are very in synch in our thoughts and outlook to life.

    My besto and I, we have been bestos since ... 1987. A few days into our first year in Uni. I saw her at the saloon where I'd gone to do my hair. I approached her, introducing myself. She introduced herself and we have been tight as thieves since then.

    But she still cut me off. Because she needed to make an important decision for her life. And she knew I would not support it or I would try and dissuade her from doing what she needed to do. So, she cut off all nay sayers. And when she did what she needed to do, she re-established communication.

    I was hurt. Very. I cried so many nights for what I thought was lost friendship. I did not know why she was no longer taking my calls, not returning my calls... and I was hearing what she was going through and doing from third parties and it hurt like hell. How could she do throw our friendship of decades away like that?

    But when she had done what she needed to do for her life, she re-established communication. And now, I get it. She needed to surround herself with people who supported her. People who cheered her. People who gave her good advice. I was not in that group. I had not evolved this much then. Then, I still believed that if there is no violence involved in a marriage, there was no reason to leave. And this was me who walked out of an emotionally and physically abusive engagement. I still felt that if a woman is not being beaten, she should stay on. And endure the emotional and financial abuse. I only left my ex because of the physical abuse. Before he started punching me, I used to console myself that he was not beating me.

    Now, I have evolved beyond that. Don't get me wrong o. Marriage can be beautiful and when it is, it is deliriously so. But that can only happen when BOTH partners work hard at it. And it is lot of hardwork. Marriage should be enjoyed, not endured.

    So, my besto needed to leave a marriage that was no longer working for her. And she knew I would have persuaded her to stay. Because I liked her husband. So, she temporarily cut me off. I did not know it was temporary. If she had not cut off me and others like me, she would not have been able to make that decision. Today, she is deliriously happy and living her life on her own terms.

    If you have to make a move that will propel you in whatever... business... marriage... change of residency... you need to surround yourself with positive energy. The nay sayers may not be bad people per say, but you don't need nay sayers. You need people who will help you and push you to achieving that goal.

    If my besto can do it to me, so can you to whoever you need to do it to.

    Carpe diem.


    1. So true. I have cut my friend of over a decade off until this issue pass. Does it hurt? Yes, but i don't want to deal with her negativity now

  5. "When I think about the depth of the grave and the kilos of sands that are going to be thrown at us, there is no need to harm my brother.

    When I think of the darkness that pervades the tomb after it has closed, there is no need to hurt my sister.

    When I think of the heat driven back by the ground and the amount of water that will drown me during the rains in the grave, I cannot make my neighbor suffer.

    When I think that I will be alone abandoned by all, I prefer to enjoy communion when I am alive.

    When I think my relationships are cut of by my past, I want to perfect my future.

    If I could be reborn and start all over again, I would no longer make mistakes in my actions.

    After a long meditation, I understood that all is VANITY on earth. May God help us to cultivate humility and love of neighbor, because vanity only gives vanity, everything will be vanity.

    Be happy and make someone happy."

    ~Barack Obama.

  6. Gooooooooooooooooodmorning😊❤️πŸ₯°❤️πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’‹πŸ’‹❤️πŸ₯°❤️πŸ’‹
    From police to prisoner!!! Can we have this victory in Nigeria??? Corporal Nwafor still roams free🚢‍♀️

    1. Asinn enn that Nwafor guy! God dey

    2. Roams free where? Have u seen him?? Abeg say what u know, the man is in hiding

    3. For the fact that he us hiding means he is free from the law. Leave wetin dey write for bus body enter bus. READ THE MESSAGE AND COMPREHEND BEFORE YOU TYPE OP!

    4. 10.02 you are actually the one that needs to comprehend before typing. Do roaming free and hiding sound like synonyms to you?

    5. When you are hiding from the law you are still free! Empty brain. Talking anyhow ENGLISH NO HARD!

    6. Go and pick a dictionary to understand the meaning of free and the context. Can he come and go, living normally like other people? Obviously no. Olodo.

  7. Good morning and good looking out to y'all on here

  8. "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus"(Philippians 4:19) Today, l pray for you and your entire family that all the promises of God's goodness concerning your life and your destiny will not be reversed by the enemies in Jesus name. I pray that your destiny will refuse to beg to survive in life and the Lord will turn every secret tears of pain in your life to testimony of joy that people will see and rejoice with you in Jesus name.

    l pray that the achievement that will swallow your failures of the past and disappointment will locate you. You will have breakthrough when others are experiencing breakdown. Sufficient grace of God will sustain you and your loved ones in Jesus mighty name.

    Good morning and have a pleasant and blissful day.

    Jesus is able......

  9. Good morning everyone.

    Pls can someone recommend a good non sticky pot brand for me???

    The last one i bought! Inside later became bad and it lose the non sticky tin and started burning foods.

    I am base in lagos. Cn i get in balogun market?? Pls i need suggestion in a good brand. Or a store in lagos where i cn get quality kitchen wares.


  10. Has a terrible dream last night. In the dream I was carrying a baby and then a man stopped to greet me that he knows my family so well and gave me 500 naira and I took it. Before I know my baby disappeared. What is the implication of this dream.

    1. Someone close to you will try to rob you of a Blessing thats about to come your way. Be watchful and pray about it

    2. Hmmm be prayerful amd watchful make dem no give you worldly riches in exchange for your children.

    3. It's self explanatory. Be careful not to lose something very valuable for a piece of change.

  11. Can someone kindly explain to me how Jacob got exaulted after scamming their father yet was/is still being celebrated? How can his brother, Esau, lose all not of his power but due to circumstances not of his making. And God knowing this yet went ahead to bless him, Jacob, knowing he was scam?

    This question is in no way mocking God but to understand why it happened.

    1. That's the shit about these foreign religions. They hardly make sense. Jacob was a very big criminal,yet, he got the praises, mentions and blessings.

    2. God's ways are not ours, that's what I normally reason before doing anything, if he can refer to king David as *a man after my heart*, forget it,

    3. Paul said somewhere in the new testament that God loves and chose Jacob even before they were born. I will look for the scripture and post it

    4. Because God looks at the heart. You have no idea whether Jacob felt a great regret in his heart afterwards and asked for forgiveness. That is why it's dangerous to judge others based on just the external.

      By the way, would you like God to consider all the wrong things you've ever done/said/thought and withhold any blessing from you on that basis? If your answer is No, why should it be yes for Jacob?

    5. Blackberry David was always repentant whenever he sinned, he always besought God. He was always deeply sorry

    6. Jacob also suffered in Laban's hands so it's not like he went scot free.

    7. Jacob though a scammer. Flee to his uncle's house with only the pronounced blessings Gen. 27: 28-29 (No wife. No physical property). He Worked very hard in his uncle house: Gen. 31: 37- 42. Still scammed his uncle. before the blessings that was released on him by his father in Gen. 27:28-29 could come to pass, He recognised the place of God's help. Gen. 32:9-12. He also wrestled earnestly in prayer before God heard him and changed his story. Gen. 32: 26 - 28. This singular act of total submission to God through a heartfelt prayer was what brought the pronounced blessings into manifestations. This is the blessings we hear and celebrate today in the life of Jacob.

      Isaac is a very wealthy man. When Jacob left. He left with no property. That means all his fathers property was left with Esau. Esau too is a Wealthy man Gen 32:6 but he was consumed with anger and forgot to seek the face of God for restoration of his birth right.

    8. Baltika, let me try...Jacob was chosen before he was born meaning that God would have found a way to give him that blessing (remember Ephraim and Manasseh, Manasseh was older and Ephraim never scammed him but at the point when jacob was blessing them, he said Ephraim will be greater than Manasseh) but Jacob decided to scam Esau of his blessings and he got it but make no mistake, he didn't go scot free, he fled his father's house with nothing cos Esau was planning to kill him, meaning Esau got to inherit all the physical possessions and didn't have a rough start in life.

      He went to work for Laban who cheated him for 14 years, he REAPED 14 years of struggling for nothing for that singular act of duping Esau, he wanted Rachael but they gave him Leah and worked 14 years for both of them, including Leah he didn't want. Laban kept changing his wages, asper finding reasons and excuses to reduce his income so that he won't be independent of Laban. It was after 14 years of struggling, genuine repentance, being cheated, living in fear of Esau finding him that Laban agreed to allow him build his own flock cos he knows he can never pay him faithfully.

      He built his flock in 6 years, that was when he started enjoying the benefits of the blessings he stole and still had a lot of drama before he could leave Laban, then a lot more fear before he met with Esau. He didn't go scot free as some people try to paint. We need to be careful of what we put out there cos one way or the other, it always comes back to haunt us. I hope I did justice to this explanation.

    9. Did you know Jacob eventually paid the price for his sins? He was forgiven, yes but he paid for his deceit heavily. He was more like a slave in laban's house. Laban cheated him with 14 years instead of 7 years. He complained of laban ill treatment of him throughout his stay.

      Jacob the deceiver was paid in his own coin later on. He got cheated by laban who used him for 14 years and frustrated his business and leah who came in place of Rachel. When he protested that Rachel was whom he wanted and not leah laban indirectly threw a shade at him and mocked him of his evil past by reminding him that the way they do things in his place is different from how it was done in jacob's place where the younger is placed above the elder. Laban in that statement was subtly making a reference to Jacob fraudulent acts he carried upon his elder brother Esau by taking his birthright twice.

      Laban told Jacob there was no way rachel would be placed above leah as the elder which did not really matter. Rachel could have married Jacob whether leah was single or not. Jacob met a more deceitful cunny and evil man in the form of laban. He felt sorry at the end when he saw how itit felt to be used and cheated and later apologised to his brother with gifts but Esau did not need all his present because at that point he was also extremely wealthy. Remember Jacob's son also decoded and betrayed him by selling his favourite child Joseph into slavery and lying to Jacob their father that he died.

      The Bible said Esau despised his brithright. At that time it wasn't something trivial. But Esau did not care so much he was ready to satisfy his immediate appetite over his everlasting blessing that would last all his generations. That right there showed he lacked principles, self-control and he was impulsive besides he did not follow the ways of God. He followed the women of the land God adviced against. He lacked the qualities.

      David was a man after God heart because he loved God and seeked God before he does anything and he praises God with thanksgiving like his life depended on it and that was why God called him "A MAN AFTER MY HEART"

      What does this mean? "A MAN AFTER MY HEART" That statement simply means he chases after God's heart, seeks God approval, wants to please God at all cost and do his will( he earn that title based on how he related with God and revered him wholeheartedly and the title wasn't just given to him because God's way is not our ways) but his flesh gave way to sin but God knows the same David truly loves him and would never intentionally break his heart yet God showed him pepper that his old age was filled with misery, shame and anguish. His son slept with his women, killed his brothers, God took the kingdom form his andgave the larger portion to someone else and a little fraction to Solomon.

      God is not partial at the end of it all.

    10. Anon 11:14. This was the same thing I wrote but it hasn't been posted yet. I hope baltika understands because I tried to be detailed in my explanation.

      It is easy to get confused about the Bible if we do not thoroughly understand it and be fooled into thinking all those who did others badly went scot free and mistakenly believe it was a case of "God ways is not our ways" that happened. Meanwhile the Bible is so explicit all along.

  12. Good morning lovelies.πŸ’žπŸ˜˜

    Amen! to your prayers Stellz.

    Please, y'all should indicate that you received data nah. Anyways, I acknowledged the morning I received my data.Thank you once again Jeweluchi.

    God bless our source of income. have a beautiful day everyone.

  13. Good morning stella and all.

    Please i need help. My wedding is coming up and i need a good recommendation on what i cn use on my skin to glow.

    I am caramel in complexion.

    1. Try Medix 5.5 Vitamin C + turmeric cream(yellow bottle). It should be N12k to N14k now due to bad economy but it will help your skin glow.

      You can also use it on your face. Vitamin C and Turmeric are Excellent for making skin glow (This is Not a bleaching or whitening cream)

      You can try any cream with Vitamin C or buy a Vitamin C serum and add it to your moisturizer/cream you use.

  14. BITCHandSLUT.com21 April 2021 at 08:10

    Good morning in here!

    I'm here to say that if you see any gbagaun in my write-ups...

    Do not take it to heart!

    My phone just likes to embarrass itself.

    I'll type a word and before I know it it will change the word to some other word.

    Sometimes I see it just in time to correct it while other times it's already posted before seeing.

    Please, you guys pardon my phone, it wants to be faster than its owner.

    1. No wahala dear. We will always correct with love.

  15. Earlier this week a video of secondary school age girls made the rounds on social media. They were in school uniforms smoking shisha. I'm not one bit surprised or alarmed.

    A huge percentage of Nigerians are hypocrites. People vituperating and forming holy everywhere.

    Wee you camdan? πŸ™„

    Is it because there are now camera phones everywhere and also social media? Is it new? Is it because they're girls? I went to an elite boarding school, what haven't we seen or heard?

    Many of the people forming holy did same or worse as teenagers or because it didn't get recorded and shared for millions to see meant that your youth was without foolishness? Γ€gbΓ  wΓ‘ bΓΊra bΓ­ Γ¨we Γ² αΉ£e ọ́ rΓ­ (Oh Elder, come swear that you never acted childish before).

    Many of the people sharing the video do not even realise the harm they're causing. The girls shouldn't have been smoking but hey, they did. Should you be sharing the video? Should you be passing judgement and pontificating? Can you beat your chest and swear on your life that you know 100% what the children under your roof are capable of? Shouldn't you be protecting this children?

    Don't tell me an adult wasn't involved. Whose house was it? How did they get the shisha? Who paid for it? Who was doing the recording? The adults involved are the real demons here. Our children must be loved and protected even when they do wrong. They must be taught line upon line, precept upon precept wholesome values. Demonising and shaming them on social media for wrong choices make us look bad and we're indeed in error for thinking it's OK.

    And the reaction of the Government, those clowns just make me laugh.

    Maybe stella should do a post on boarding school life during the 90' and early 20'.People will be wowed from the experiences.

    1. So wat are you saying???

      Let them be shamed for doing so. The girls obviously knew they were being recorded. The issue is not people sharing the videos. The issue is how harmful our social media is. Many parent lack monitoring skills. These days many teenagers are over sexual active under their parent nose! Go to clubs nd bar even hotels. You see little girls as small as 14yrs with long lash nd skimpy clothes with Yahoo boys.

      Parents has failed! All they do is work nd sleep on social media slaying while their kids decay in many tins. At the end dem go say na VILLAGE PEOPLE do am. If we the society dnt publicly shame dem, they will keep doing it back door. U and my kids will be influenced becos they school together or play together.

  16. Good morning,

    The following Bv's were gifted data by Stella.

    1. mummy pp
    2. first lady
    3. Amyviv
    4. Mark
    5. Osundi
    6. blessings
    7. Bv poshhajia
    8. Otha~lee
    9. justyswt
    10. something light
    11. lucid media
    12. Okorie Samuel
    13. Baltika
    14. mum SDK
    15. Radiant D
    16. Wendy
    17. Gem
    18. MaoAkuh
    19. Jules
    20. Metoyou.
    21. Seun
    22. Adaoluchi
    23. official Prestige
    25. Joy
    26. mummy Miracle
    27. Henry
    28. Pamela
    29. Glorious
    30. Okorie
    31. Eujiparv
    32. stardust
    33. Lora
    34. Lily Ambrose
    35. baby Malu
    36. Simply divine
    37. Mum B
    38. Zoella
    39. Sensational
    40. Gracious jessy
    41. Golden
    42. Stella Maris Baby
    43. Able God
    44. Tiana
    45. Omass
    46. I'm Blessed
    47. Mary Jane
    48. khaleesi
    49. Floxy
    50. Raquel

    Pls dial *556# to check your data balance.
    Thank you.

    1. I received the data, and I have acknowledged before. Thank you

    2. Let me dance Awilooooooo 😁😁😁 thanks Jeweluchi. I gat the data.

    3. Data received
      imela Jeweluchi.

    4. Received and acknowledged before. Thanks again.

    5. I received the data and I have acknowledge that day. Thanks.

    6. I've received my data and acknowledge before.. thanks Jewel..

    7. I acknowledged the receipt of the data on Monday. Jeweluchi God bless you and thanks.

    8. Received and acknowledged same day. Thank you, I appreciate

    9. Data received. Thanks Jeweluchi and PA

    10. Data received
      Thanks Stella

    11. Data received with thanks.

    12. I hereby acknowledge once again that I received data, with thanks. Well done!

    13. Data received and acknowledged yesterday.
      Thank you again

    14. data received and acknowledged yesterday... Thanks Jewel, blog P.A and Waju

      Pamela No28

    15. I received the data and acknowledged yesterday. Thanks Stella.

      Mummy Miracle

  17. Yes o, the column is interesting and takes one down memory lane. A senior student came to my FATHER'S house to toast me, guy didn't know papa was inside and heard all he said to me. Wahala...

  18. Please SDK's data giveaway recipients kindly indicate here that you've gotten your data. Thank you

    Good morning Everyone

    1. Good morning everyone

      Thank you Stella and PA for the data. I initially didn't get the data that day but I finally got it yesterday.
      God bless you

    2. thank you Stalla and Pa for the data . i saw my yesterday . God bl;ess you

    3. Received mine and acknowledged same day. Thanks.

    4. Good morning able PA,yes o I got my data and I acknowledged that very day.once again thanks jeweluchi and blog PA..God bless you all.

    5. Yes, I received the data gift. I indicated yesterday. Thanks once again, jeweluchi and the blog p.a.

      Yes, I like the Dr. Freak's column. Please, keep it coming.

      Good morning Bvs. Do have a splendid day.

    6. Received and acknowledged same. Thank you Jeweluchi and our blog PA.

    7. I gat the data, hugs stella Aka Jeweluchi

  19. Good morning good people.

    Yes o, justice has indeed been served. May God rest George's soul. It's a pity that the killing hasn't stopped. Smh.

    Enjoy your day my people.

    1. It hasn't stopped. Just before the jury verdict was read Police killed a 15 year old girl who had called the police for help. Watch videos from the crime scene. You will hear like 3 Police officers saying 'blue lives matter'. So tone deaf and disrespectful!

    2. She'll see ketolu Biati in cell, inmates will use her to play games

  20. Please have the started selling Sim card, I want to buy global sim.

  21. Good morning everyone
    I'm so happy justice was served

    Have a pleasant day people πŸ’•πŸ’•

  22. Good morning here
    Thank you Jesus for the gift of life.
    Yes,jeweluchi l like Dr freaks column

  23. Good morning all,.

    Always remember that God is never late. Isaiah 60;22.

    Bless day fam

  24. Amen to your prayers Stella πŸ™
    Good morning world πŸ’œ❤

  25. Good morning everyone 😊. I hope you are fine.

    Everything good will come to me. Amen

  26. Good morning. it's well with me

  27. Good morning Bv's & Jeweluchi, thanks for the data once more. More grace and blessings.
    Bv Henry.

  28. Goodmorning, i need another 8hrs of sleep. Woke up feeling kinda moody

  29. Yes, we like the column. Keep it up brash Kunle.

  30. To God be the glory
    Great things He has done...

  31. Good morning bvs and good morning Jewelu baby.
    Yes o Jewelu I enjoyed Dr Freak's column and a big amen to ur prayers.

    Pleasant day ahead dear bvs, it can only get better.

  32. Good morning all. Trust we are all doing well. Have a blessed day ahead Everyone.

  33. Good morning blogfam, have a great day ahead.

    Yes I love the column πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  34. Please how do i go about my court wedding? We hope to get married by July in court.
    Do i start now? How do i begin?

    1. If it is ikoyi. Go there for registration. Pick date and submit the documents

  35. Thanks jeweluchi. I’ve received my data. God bless you richly!


  36. Good morning beautiful people ❤️❤️

  37. Data received&acknowledged on monday. Thank you Jeweluchi &PA, God bless

  38. Data received πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒ.....seun


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