Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi Demands Colleague Detained For Alleged Molestation Be Released On Bail...


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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Demands Colleague Detained For Alleged Molestation Be Released On Bail...

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has demanded the release of Baba Ijesha from detention before Wednesday, May 12th, 2021.

According to him, it is a violation of human rights for the police to continue to detain Baba Ijesha without a court trial.

On his Instagram, Fabiyi wrote: “Without the PROTECTION of Human Rights, Peace and Development is challenging to achieve. Human Rights Violation is why we are moving backwards.

“The Police or any law enforcement MUST NEVER HOLD any person beyond 48hrs(two working days) for ALL BAILABLE OFFENCE. They either grant bail or charged to court. The court must listen to a plea for bail and the judge decide.”

The actor who has been on the supportive side of Baba Ijesha, said his continued detention would result in a protest, adding that no police officer had a unilateral right to detain the thespian beyond 48 hours.

“If the Police has any cogent reason(s) to hold a suspect beyond the statutory two days, the prosecuting officer under the law is MANDATED to approach a court of competent jurisdiction immediately to argue why AN EXTENSION is needed. Only the court can give such an order. No Police officer, no matter how highly placed should unilaterally give such an order. No matter the charges or accusations, NEVER SUPPORT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE; it will come back to you if you do.

“The law is sacrosanct, anybody can be accused of any crime anytime and every suspect is assumed innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.

“Any state that does otherwise sees the citizens as animals that can be tossed around and does not practice democracy,” he said.

Stand by what is right, all abuse of power by police aided by few dirty power-drunk citizens is why Nigeria is looking hostile towards you despite all its resources.
Protest peacefully on Wednesday at Panti against any form of human rights abuse or oppression. Don’t be a coward,” he wrote.

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  1. Replies
    1. So this man expects people to leave home on Wednesday and head to Panti to protest for the release of a man with a recorded evidence of inappropriately touching a minor. Yomi should rather go hire a SAN to get the police to produce Baba Ijesha in court to challange the "violation" of his human right.

    2. What Baba Ijesha did is disgusting and he should rot in jail, but due process must be followed, right? There has to be a trial and a court has to sentence him( we all know he won't escape a jail term). The law has granted him bail. His detention is a violation of his human right. Yes, he is a criminal caught red-handed sexually molesting a minor and he should pay dearly for his sins, but the law has to take its course.

      I believe that some of his bail conditions are the confiscation of his passport and the restriction of his movement. HE CAN'T ESCAPE.

      Bail doesn't mean freedom. It doesn't mean Baba Ijesha is innocent of all the allegations. CAN WE JUST LEARN TO FOLLOW DUE PROCESS IN THIS COUNTRY? You'll clamouring for his continued detention will lynch an alleged criminal without letting him have a hearing in court. That's how much you all hate due process. And you'll scream blue murder if our leaders don't follow due process.

      I remember when George Zimmerman killed an unarmed black teenager. He was detained, but soon granted bail. Most people kicked against the court's decision, but the law took its course. We won't die if we follow due process in this country.

      That Baba Ijesha has been granted bail doesn't mean we shouldn't campaign for a speedy trial. While we call for his conviction, lets call for the conviction of the adults who made that minor endure sexual molestation because they wanted evidence. SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT. IT WASN'T NECESSARY!

    3. You have written well Mr.Darius, and I agree with you completely.

    4. Mr yomi channel this energy into your career and stop sounding stupid

    5. Darius really has written well
      Nigerians operate mostly based on emotion with no regard for due process. That’s why things don’t work.

      I remember when this case broke and a lawyer commented on this blog that they were not supposed to release such sensitive information about the case because such can make or mar the case. Come and see lots of blog visitors calling the lawyer a rapist. Just because the person said how the law operates. I was very pissed that day tbh.

      Maybe one barely literate person will come and call Darius a rapist or rape apologist for saying he should be granted bail.

      Anyway, he should be granted bail but not sane person is going to protest for such a vile human

  2. What exactly is this mans problem!. Is he mad or what. I bet he has molested children as well.

  3. This drama is bigger than his whole career. Bleached wannabe. Attention seeker

  4. Release him or what?😏. Dan iska! Akuya mezawu. Before they release him, let Yomi write an undertaking that baba ijesha will stay in his (yomi's) house until he appears in court; no be only to dey form voltron online. Let me see if his wife (if they are not both insane) will allow it or leave their kids with the accused for two minutes.

    This Yomi na butterfly wey dey form like say he be bird. Him cloth go soon tear. Let us kuku see the entire paedophiles association of Nigeria at Panti gate on Wednesday o. Your protest is welcome. E be like he don decide say he no wan ever travel go any other sane country again.

  5. But he has a point, besides the protest though... keep sentiments aside, charge him to court already.

    1. we still in a pandemic, there is delay everywhere

    2. I guess he's still not charged because of the ongoing strike by JUNSUN

  6. Why has this guy not been arrested. Nigeria is indeed a lawless country.

    1. I have no idea why he is yet to be arrested

  7. A man that calls a 14years old a lady. Meaning baba ijesha and him are partners in crime

  8. Says the President of the Association of paedophiles and perverts of Nigeria.

    Yomi, we await your unveiling.

  9. Very soon the truth shall be glaring

  10. That charge n bail lawyer ranting over this case should join him n protest.

  11. This one has turned emergency lawyer over this case with his bleached face and smelly mouth.

    Why not use the same energy to fight for rape victims especially minors? In your peadophile mind, you can not understand what Ijesha did wrong. The lady consented!!! You even refer to a 14 year old as a lady? Pathetic somebody.

    If them born you well, go and protest. It seems your 'fillage' people are pushing you and you are complying, continue Mr social media activist for rapists.

    Bail is a fundamental right but it is not absolute or automatic. Factors like nature of the crime, character of the accused etc are considered. That a crime is bailable doesn't mean the police or courts cannot deny the application. Unfortunately the courts are on break or strike so let Ijesha relax a bit in prison.

  12. Amarachi With C9 May 2021 at 16:52

    This one that went to studio to snap pictures recently for his rants. Biko, we have serious matter at hand. Yomi, you are alone in this protest and clout.

  13. Yomi Yomi, you are sounding like broken CD o. Why not use the same energy to fight against rape. Was the girl's right not taken away by your WhatsApp group member too.

  14. The bail shall be set for half a billion naira. If Yomi or baba ijesha cannot raise that money let him rot in prison like Egbegegbe .


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