Stella Dimoko Bandit Who Abducted Kankara Schoolboys Reportedly Shot Dead By Rival Gang


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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Bandit Who Abducted Kankara Schoolboys Reportedly Shot Dead By Rival Gang

Notorious bandit Auwal Daudawa who masterminded the attack on Government Secondary School, Kankara, where he abducted over 300 schoolboys overnight has been shot dead.

After the release of the Kankara Schoolboys, he reportedly repented from Banditry and promised not to go return to the trade. He stayed clean for over a month.  

Four days ago he renounced his earlier repentance and returned to the forest, and was shot dead on Friday evening during a gun duel with a rival gang at Dumburum forest in Zamfara State.

*Riva gang? Na wah oh!!!


  1. Nasoo them kill shekau hundred times. Nonsense and buhari!

  2. Pictures or I don't believe it.

  3. And Shekau keeps resurrecting hundred times.loll
    The list of the 400 financier is hard to print out.
    Nigeria and super story.

    1. No light for the printer, ink ma don finish and paper no dey

      Accursed lot

    2. You are so right.

      Ndị ọjọọ.

    3. Dm kukuma talk say crocodile swallow the printer na e mk dm no print the names😶😶😶

  4. They will all continue to kill and destroy themselves by the power in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  5. Them go dey fight and kill themselves. Nonsense and ingredient

  6. It is a lie! Where is the dead body! Muslims can lie to aid Jihad!

  7. Of course they have rival gangs. You kill this one, another is elected. When the CEO of a company dies, another is elected. Simple!

    The Miyetti Allah was the foremost group paid billions of naira to come over to Nigeria and help run out ex President Goodluck from power in 2015. They accepted the largesse and made well their promise of a win for the APC. They disenfranchised many voters to rig in Buhari. These gangs are offshoots of the Miyetti Allah.

    Now after the elections they are told their services were no longer needed, they should exit Nigeria but sadly, they've tasted power and raw cash.
    The proud short man in Kaduna thought he was addressing the leaders of the Southern Kaduna Christians. "We are done with you, go back". Like, it's easy to return a whole workforce? Naaaaa.

    These "bandits" have(?)shared themselves into gangs,those who are staying and those who used their loot to import more weapons, advance into the cities and make more demands through kidnapping and ransome from the east,west, north and south.

    They goeth nowhere and are advancing closer to more regions.
    APC brought this upon themselves,let them face the music and pack their own shit.

    While at it,s they should keep wasting time calling on United States and some other countries to intervene,when it's crystal clear that they brought it upon themselves.

    926 people kidnapped in a space of few months? The drama is getting interesting and mind you,the armoury they stocked already is more than that of the Nigerian Army. Ok na.


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