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Friday, May 28, 2021

FRIDAY In House News...

 Hailings......... It's A DRY day!!! #cookiesandcream


In house news will return on Monday by Gods Grace....

BVS in the UK what is the Monday Bank holiday about? wetin una dey celebrate?

No matter what you are going through, remember that God is awesome......

Enjoy the rest of the day.



This is the beginning to the end of salma's diary.

I gained admission in 2011 to study community medicine. I was over the moon cos I felt it was freedom at last, but got it all wrong when my Nija dad shocked me that I have to go from home. Can you imagine my face at that moment? All my joy died instantly.

Within 2weeks all registration completed without me in the picture. 3rd week I was asked to resume lectures ,my dad went to school on my first day to hand me over to a family friend (Mrs bello) also a lecturer in my department. That made it more difficult for me to stay back after lectures because she's always updating my dad on my lecture schedules. The driver always around 20mins earlier. So I had no friends ,just my books and l.

2nd semester came ,Mrs bello advised that I stay at her daughter's place anytime I'm less busy,not in the hostel but off campus just opposite the school. I was so happy so I decided to start tipping the driver before you can say jack ,we became paddy!! paddy!!! .The driver started dancing to my tune.

Amina ; Mrs Bello's daughter, was in her 3rd year and a very nice lady .most often I love spending my less time at her place before the driver arrives.

On this unfaithful day,I was having serious menstrual cramp,so I decided to spend the day at Amina's place.

Around 12:15pm she left for her lectures, so I was all alone sleeping after taking some pain killer.
All of a sudden I felt a hand on my body;Who be this now?just for me to turn a saw a huge guy before me that made my heart jump through the window.
It was TK ,Amina's friend. A notorious gang leader.

TK almost raped me if not for the quick intervention of bobby(Amina's neighbor) who got stabbed 6times by TK trying to save me. (Story for another day)

Few days before he was discharged bobby professed his undying love to me in front of the nurses. I accepted cos at that point ,I have this inner happiness anytime we are together. Somehow my parents got to know about our relationship, which they frowned at and warned me of it.

Within one year into our relationship,bobby and I became inseparable. Bobby took a bold step and asked for my hand in marriage after my dad have locked him up serverally, called him names ,offered to sponsor his masters abroad ,just for him to stay away me .My mum at first thought bobby wanted to take advantage of me,but finally realized the true love we have for each other . But her worries,how can we start a home when he has no job, and always falling sick cos if his health challenge (sickle cell).

When I insisted on marrying bobby, my dad made life unbearable for bobby and i. With the help of bobby's uncle who works in court as a clerk , we were able to get married in court after my dad disowned me and threw me out of his house. A weeks after our court marriage his uncle(Mallam Adamu)met my maternal uncle (Ochiudo 1) and our nikkah took place after Friday prayers in the mosque where he paid 5k as my bride price .His uncle gave us a room just to stay far away from my dad.

It wasn't easy so I had to drop out of school and help his mum with her business of frying kosei (Akara or beans cake) in front of her house while bobby goes out to hussle (brick laying ).

Sometimes bobby's sickness will wipe out our little savings any time his sick,so we decided not to start having kids until when he gets a job.
5months into our marriage I discovered I was pregnant,it wasn't funny cos we hardly eat 2 good square meal and now pregnant.
I called my mum to inform her and she adviced I keep the pregnancy while my mother in law promised to open piggy box for us.

At week 10 we found out it was twins. My pregnancy journey was so bad because I developed a serious kidney complications ,had dialysis twice(kudos to my mum, she secretly stood by me without my dad's knowledge).

At 28 weeks my condition became worst and the only option to save my life was to deliver the twins. I asked the doctor what we'll expect of the twins at 28 weeks. He said the twins could be in hospital for a long time, might become blind due to the high levels of oxygen from the mechanical ventilation – oxygen that kept them alive but toxic to their fragile, undeveloped retinas. They might have lifelong lung conditions that would leave them dependent on respirators. They could fall prey in the hospital to infections in their intestines and bowels that would cause the organs to stop functioning. Kidney function, liver function, blood pressure, sugar levels etc.

But I had this strong feelings they will pull through They were delivered at 28weeks 3daysThey were the tiniest, and most beautiful babies I had ever seen. They couldn't even cry but so calm.
They were intubated for the first few days then on CPAP for 6 weeks. They moved to Hi-Flo for 3 weeks and on then on to Lo-Flo, which they stayed on while in Special Care. During their stay in NICU

My mum exhausted all her money on us. So I decided to apologize to my dad to help me on the kids bills. But he shocked me with his advice."both of you should give your twins up for adoption to childless couple,then pick up your life and go back to school,because bobby can't give you happiness.

That same day ,God prepared our table in the presence of our enemies.
The doctor walked into bobby and I crying beside our kids ,felt so sorry for us. Bobby graduated with 2nd class upper in petrochemical engineering,so the Dr decided to help us. He connected bobby with his father that is into oil and gas.

After 3 days bobby was asked to resume work with MOBILE. And within 3 weeks the kids were discharged without paying the remaining hospital bills.(All thanks to Dr Jacob)
My mother in law stopped her Akara business and from that month, GOD ALMIGHTY PICKED OUR CALLS.

Bobby ran into my dad several times during most of their meetings without my dad recognizing him( my dad is into oil and gas)

Bobby was called out for a presentation,during one of their seminar,so he used the opportunity to introduced my dad as his father in law,of which he never denied.

We decided to make peace with my dad,went to his house apologized and without further thoughts ,my dad welcomed us. Applauded us for standing stronger for each other, then gave us his blessings.
my mother inlaw insisted I go back to school. I did and graduated 2019.

As the headline indicates, this is the end of Salma's dairy... The headline was coined by Salma, I did not ask her to end the Dairy, she is doing so of her free will.

Salma, Thank you for all the times your dairy featured inside in house news.. God bless!



I want to use this medium to inform you and other blog visitors that I was delivered of a baby boy 6weeks ago.

I am sorry this is coming late, my phone was stolen, I just got a new one now.
Hope to show on the blog very soon.

BV Dollar Goddess

Congratulations on the arrival of your patter of Tiny feet...





I cannot curse you at all because you are already cursed double measure, pressed down and shaken together...Are you still here? I thought you wanted to boycott here?

 Who is my friend exactly? I will continue to post on all of them including Yomi Fabiyi OK? If you complain too much I will follow him on the gram.

Good day!



professional tailors needed: must be good at sewing female wears
Also a good pattern drafter (digital pattern drafting will be an advantage).
must be able to handle industrial machines and must understand English please.
preferably someone who lives around these axis (Maryland, ojota, ketu, Ikorodu)
I can be reached on
WhatsApp: 08026104844



  1. Replies
    1. Like seriously and good looking out to her

    2. Leave her alone. It's not your blog. Why are you people like this? Blog detectives.

      Meanwhile Eka Joy, you come here with your stories and people awwwwwww and oooooh and you back in the attention. Nobody has called you a liar or do detective work on top your life and stories. When people give their opinions about celebs you attack them. You always support celebs be it good or bad in an attempt to look and sound different. But if it's one of ours here on the blog, you go start to dey attack and form detective. Anyone that has a contrary opinion from yours, you insult the person. You must always be right,na you know pass. Pray tell, why did you call Mrs A oponu ode and onyeoma cy just because she chose to stand with Salma? Is that curse not too much? Obviously a pig will always remain a pig no matter the attempt at cleansing. Stella please post, enough of this double standard.

      I'm not Salma but I just need to call blog visitors attention to Eka Joy's character. She does not have any right to call Mrs A oponu ode.

    3. Anon, it's like u are mad. You turn a blind eye when they shade we the people that don't believe with insults but come for me when I say mine???? You must be really mad. Oponu.

    4. BTW, feel free to go all detective on me. I beg u.

    5. Gather here if you didnt read the long epistle. Hmmmm.
      Bv Salma, I used to stand with you but, pray tell, which university in Nigeria offers Community medicine as a course . I have checked and checked and I cannot find.
      Or do you mean community Health,? If yes then I have so many un asked questions.
      Did you forget your discipline?

    6. Stella please post. Abeg

    7. More like *End of the blog ID Salma. Welcome to the new ID....*

    8. Anonymous donor, na that one you see. What of getting employed 3 days after submitting CV in Mobil oo, Chai this babe just think say na children dey here fa

    9. Sorry I can't do detective work on top your lean life. Na waste of energy, valuable time and resources. Go and learn the act of respect. Mannerless thing

    10. We all know who's life is lean between the person hiding under anon and I. You for no kuku mention am. Oponu.

    11. Rudeness is often a hard trait to unlearn. Anon, abeg just let leave her.

    12. Na that community medicine own get me, like is comm medicine not a department in medicine again ni??
      And not being able to spell your hubby's company name. Wetin be MOBILE??? Maybe typo? Anyways, I wish you and Bobby all the best.

  2. Good afternoon y'all. How is the day going? Mine is going great, just a bit anxious for tonight.
    So I have been talking to somebody's last born for some weeks now. The guy is everything. We will be talking and I will just be smiling like mumu.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Once in a while, he brags about his bedmathics skills. Anyhoo, tonight's the night we lose control or whatever John Legend said. I am hoping for a big Orgasm,, I mean testimony. Whatever!!🀣🀣🀣

    1. TMI! Y'all take almost everything to the SM and it's startling..Enjoy!

    2. Remember to use condoms

    3. Enjoy yourself but be protected

    4. @ Eloquent, this one wants to be noticed by fire by force with all her cooked up stories. Let her be announcing Fornication. Uwa mmebi

    5. Na wa!
      Do we really need to know you're about to have sex?
      Anything that has to do with your private part should be private.

    6. Go get it sis!!! Enjoy biko. You are falling in love.

    7. Go get it sis? Okay oooo, y'all should kontinu.

    8. Falling in love kor..swimming in sperm ni.. lousy brat!

    9. As in Christians supporting this kinda sin?/


    10. Anon 14:46,u see it right, Madam wants to join her follow blog movers and shakers, and would say anything just to belong. Make i hype her sef.
      "Oh girl, you got it, go girl! , go girl! , gbensh wella OK, Do not forget to snap somebody's last born 'John thomas'and send it for' face of Monday IHN'werey.

    11. STDs are real and most of them last a lifetime

  3. Good afternoon everyone
    Bv Dollar Goddess congratulations on the birth of your baby boy,my regards to him

  4. Good afternoon to y'all on here and hope everything is super fine? Belated happy birthdays to @Bluntbabyboo,@Justyswit and other BVs that celebrated their womb escape days whilst i was AWOL..IHN rocks and who's super excited and hyper pumped cos it is Friday already?? πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  5. The characters wey i dey crush on these days ehn! From The Professor to Raymond Reddington, now it's Ragnar Lothbrok. It's well o. Good afternoon yard people

    1. Mr Bean nko?

    2. Nah, only intelligent & powerful characters.

  6. It is never that deep,the Anonymous that came all out for Stella cos of what she posted on her blog now..I have been there and it doesn't make any iota of sense that you are still unrepentantly prolonging this ish,dear..Get a grip and leave everything to the authorities involved mbok

    Look at the mirror,
    What do you see?
    Do you like what you see?
    What comes to your mind about the image before you?
    Mind you, the answers to these questions could either be positive or negative depending on your mind(heart) condition and the kind of mirror you are using.
    You can only see what you want to see ........ Check Your heart!
    You can also see correctly only with the correct mirror......Check Your Mirror!
    2 Corinthians 3:18

  8. Congratulations BV dollar Goddess

  9. U go fear nollywood movie na abi should we say bollywood ??? Casts Sharukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Kajol, kareena kapoor, Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan

    1. With the listed cast,it will be very interesting

    2. No be small Bollywood..Bobby ko obo ni.

    3. I just need to vent...I'm going through emotional stress. I've been trying to conceive another child, had my first through IVF, we decided to go the IVF route again this year and that journey was cut short this week after egg collection. The doctor called and said none of the eggs retrieved were suitable for fertilisation and suggested we get donor eggs. I'm shattered, does this mean i can no longer have my own biological children. Last night my husband blamed me for everything.. i'm crying as i type this. Lord please come to my aid. BVs please remember me (Wunmi) in your prayers...

    4. I am praying for you Wunmi. But you need to pray for joy and peace in your heart. God gave you a child. Dont be un appreciative because of your husband. What will be will be.

  10. Bv Dollar big congratulations to you on the arrival of your baby.

    Salma we appreciate your write up.

    1. Excited courtesy abeg speak for urself,which one is we appreciate your write-up.abeg we didn't appreciate anything kaankan,infact we didn't read it.

    2. I appreciated it oo, nicely written short story.

      Salma, if everything else fails, you can be a writer. 😁

      Congratulations Bv Dollar goddess.

  11. Beautiful love story @ Salma. God bless you and yours.

  12. Good afternoon.

    Salma nice story even though I no read am.

    The person threatening to leave this blog, well see how soon a whole COAS was replaced , no time, here na barracks, I don see plenty generations go n cum

    1. LMAO. Nice story even tho you didn't read it hahaha

  13. Congratulations bv dollar goddess, may God bless and keep the new born.

    I couldn't keep up with the names of all the bv who celebrated me but I appreciate you all. Only sounds of joy is permitted in our abode.

    1. Happy birthday Elegant. May your heart's desires according to God's will come true.

      Congratulations Dollar Goddess πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ God is still in the business of performing miracles. Kiss your baby πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ§’

    2. Happy birthday to you.

    3. Happy birthda Elegant.
      Congratulations Dollar goddess

    4. Happy birthday to you elegant.

  14. Bv salma what about the twins,how are they now??????????

    1. Bbjac don't worry beautiful me will reply u,that's her new ID now.

  15. Congratulations be Dollar goddess. May God bless and keep your baby.

    My people how una dey?

  16. Nice conclusion Salma.
    Wishing Bobby long life and good health.

  17. The sign out post make sense.
    Bitter souls, please apply!

  18. One comment from Regina Daniel mom reminds me of pat ogar, the one word lady. I hope she's good

  19. Hello ihn 😘
    Congrats bv dollar goddess on the arrival of ur bundle of joy,may God keep and protect her.

    The sun is something else today..make I go drink water I dey come.

  20. Best wishes salma.

    Congratulations bv dollar,God keep and bless your baby.

    This hot kd weather can boil water😧.
    Baba God pls send us rain⛈⛈⛈

    1. Congrats BV Dollar goddess. God bless and keep the new born.

      How is your baby Ms Tee dear?
      Sorry about the weather.

      Be good Salma. Best regards.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Congratulations Dollar Goddess on your new patter of tiny feet..May God continue blessing you and your new born.

    Salma nice story. Anonymous I saw your comment on SP and all I can say is that it is unfortunate you had to go on a cursing spree...It is really not necessary. Don't go about fighting other people's battle; you will get badly injured..This blog na just cruise, e no reach to ku isi na wall..

    1. Salma, God will not allow your Bobby leave you, amen. God is faithful.

      God bless the givers.

      Jeweluchi, abeg ignore them o.

  23. Good day Bvs. I thought we are done with this Salma issue. This is getting preposterous...

    Congratulations Dollar goddess..


  24. Congrats dollar Goddess. May ur baby be a source of Joy to ur family

  25. My brothers and sisters, there is this song i keep hearing: "solo who gave you my number". Abeg who sing am. I want to download it, please.

  26. Beautiful Afternoon to u all.. a big congratulations to B.v Dollar Goddess

  27. I just read salma story, very interesting read . bobby is Mr Abu,get employment with Mobil after 3 days of submitting CV, the Dr's dad must be the CEO of Mobil abi na Mobile. Please connect me with the Dr,I want to check my bp

    1. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    2. Beautiful Me🧑28 May 2021 at 16:15

      Yes anon its possible.
      My sis got a good job with oando the very day she applied for the job. When you have a Godfather, nothing is impossible.

    3. I got a job with Saipem the very day I went for a 'chat with my immediate boss and was asked when to resume. I choose the next year, because it was a few days to Christmas and I needed to finish my degree exams. I served while working as a staff and was promoted immediately after my service year. So it depends on who your Godfather is..

  28. Congrats Dollar Goddess! God is faithful!

  29. Congrats to bv dollar goddess. Omo ayo ni a je

  30. Congrats Dollar goddess, God bless you and yours. Your child shall be great

  31. Congratulations to BV Dollar goddess on the arrival of your precious one, God bless the lil one. πŸ’›

    God is good..All the time.

  32. To the person who was asking for feedback between Hisense and Thermocool, please save your money and go and buy Thermocool.

  33. No one runs always from his/her home because the house is dirty. Just pick up the broom and clean it up

  34. Congratulations Bv Dollar Goddess.
    Good afternoon.

  35. Congratulations Dollar goddess on the arrival of your baby.

    Good day

  36. Congratulations bv Dollargoddess on the arrival of your baby, may the Lord keep the LO and bless the family.

  37. Beautiful Me🧑28 May 2021 at 16:08

    Interesting love story.
    May God heal ur husband completely.IJN

    1. Beautiful Salma rest na..ah ah.

  38. Y’all leave salma alone. She hasn’t scammed anyone, let her be.
    Some of you do same but when others try it, we won’t hear word.
    Wether her stories are true or false, leave her alone, abi Na you get her data and phone?

    1. Beautiful Me🧑28 May 2021 at 16:37

      Tell dem.
      She no scam ,she no snatch Una husband, she no beg.
      Hypocrite everywhere.

    2. Are you minding these people?
      If salma was that same lady we voted for in face of IHN then forget it, she is rich. I think that is the problem here. Most do not want to accept she is rich. They only like you when you are rich but as an anonymous bv. Don't you dare be rich and have an ID. You go hear am.
      The moment they suspect a blog ID seems rich the next thing is to be looking for the downfall of the said person. Recently a woman said she paid close to 20 million for her daughter's wedding they were doing ooh awww because she was an anon. If she had a blog ID then wahala would have started and some troublesome ones would have called her a liar.
      Whether she lied or said the truth, let her be. It is like they have been waiting for her to fail for a long time just to laugh at her and are happy to finally have the opportunity to gloat.
      One even said she wanted to lie with her husband sickness and solicit for fund. Who will donate money to someone who has a GWagon? Definitely not me. We would just advise her to sell the car and pay up fast. If she wanted money or anything from stella she would not act rich rather she would always come here with sob stories.

    3. I wonder o.
      Her life, her lies, her family, make una leave her alone.

      Congrats to your baby, bv Dollar....

    4. Is anyone holding Salma, I don't understand you bvs oo, why can't people express their opinions, without some of you being angry, If you agree with her stories, good and fine, but leave others to talk, leave them to judge her, let others be abeg. Na opinion dem get, dem no kee person.

    5. As in...I don't get it really. I would be bothered if someone was scammed but no one what exactly is the problem?
      We can't say for certain every story written here is a 100% true for instance in anonymous night post where I feel some people make up stuff for laughs and cruise...we read, chuckle and move on.
      Only God knows the truth and won't be cool or kind to accuse someone of something that can't be proven πŸ’―

    6. Let me not sha hear pim from anyone of u when someone actually gets scammed. Since a crime has to be committed before calling out dubious character

      If only someone had called out Sexy Daddy before he scammed people maybe there would be no victims of his today but u know, let's just hold hands and sing Kumbaya until someone loses his or her hard earned money to fraud.

    7. Eka Joy is a very bitter person who fancy herself to be outspoken, Madam rest, your own is too much jare. Tah

    8. Dubious doesn't always mean the person is poor or trying to engage in fraudulent ways. It could be a form of attention seeking just to create drama and be noticed. I feel she just wants to be popular within one week of being on the blog. How do we explain the fact that she did not waste time at all after sending her pictures to tell us about how she married her husband. She had already gotten our attention with her fine face and cute smile all dressed in gold standing in her fine house and her next tactics was to serenade us with FABUlous stories. She has already suspected there are various ways to be popular on this blog and I guess she wanted popularity
      1) be a fighter and fight everyone
      2) Be controversial person and have a different opinion to all issues
      3) Be very rude and nasty
      4)send your life stories.
      Obviously She took the story telling part. Which she overdid and it blew over in her face πŸ˜‚
      I don't think she is a fraud. She "OVERCRUISED".

    9. U no dey tire for the many plastic ids wey dey take defend urself???

      The bitter tag has gotten stale and boring. Try harder.

  39. Beautiful Me🧑28 May 2021 at 16:30

    This bvs na wah ooh.
    Stella you have said it all. Your enemies can't be my enemy.
    So if don't like salma, thats your own,stop forcing people to fight your enemies with den.

    1. Beautiful Salma welcome with your new blog ID, it's no fight.

      Change your ways. That's all we demand from you.

    2. Beautiful Me, I never read any part of Salma's story or other bvs opinion where anyone asked you to fight with Salma, you are the one jumping up and down looking for wetin no concern you. Abi did anyone mention beautiful Me in his or her post?.

    3. Beautiful Me🧑28 May 2021 at 19:19

      Anon1716 you are a big fool ,for calling me salma.
      Dats my opinion, so drop yours and move.

  40. Congrats bv Dollargoddess. God bless your baby forever.

    Salma nice ending. Thanks.

    Good afternoon Stella and bvs.

  41. Congrat bv dollars on our baby.

    Salma congrats on your twins, husband and all that you do. Too many jealous people who are dogs in the manger.

    You no scam, you no beg, no giveaway still they won't let hyou be.

    Your story, your truth or your lies, non of my business. As far as you no thief or scam.

    Those cursing una doh. Seems con3 no hard for nna.

    Abeg make I go jare. Things are happening and everyone just need to be security conscious.

  42. Congratulations BV Dollar goddess. God bless you and baby.


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