Stella Dimoko Lady Tells Ned Nwoko '' I Am The Same Age With Your Wife Regina; I Am Not Afraid Of You'' After He Falsely Jailed Her Father


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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lady Tells Ned Nwoko '' I Am The Same Age With Your Wife Regina; I Am Not Afraid Of You'' After He Falsely Jailed Her Father

  Actress Regina Daniel's hubby Ned Nwoko is in the News again for allegedly Jailing and harassing his people from the Idumuje community....

This Young wants her Father who was arrested by Ned Nwoko to be freed!!!

“ Ned Nwoko has consistently used proxies to do his dirty and fraudulent charges, in concert with dubious Nigerian police to lock up innocent men, including my father from Idumuje Ugboko for the murder that never happened or existed. How can one man be murdered so many times by different men and at different locations? Yes, all the charges do not list Ned Nwoko as the complainant. But he responded to my post and called me a liar: that confirmed that he is the sponsor of these frauds, as being insinuated. He is the main financier of the arrests and intimidations of my dad and our people. I am tired of standing by and watch one heartless man destroy our people, continue to use his financial resources to front and fund frivolous murder and terrorism charges against innocent men and the King of my hometown. If my father committed murder and terrorism, why is Ned Nwoko the one funding the ambush arrests and charges?

 Ned your name rings on the hallways and byways of the police stations as the “Order from Above”. . Where are the family of the alleged murdered victim? Doesn’t the dead have a family? Is Ned Nwoko from Benue State the alleged hometown of the victim? Why are there inconsistencies from your camp as to how the man was murdered?
Since Ned Nwoko continues to mention MURDER AND TERRORISM against my father, let's then examine this case.

This is what Ned Nwoko doesn’t want you to know about the murder charges:

Sometime in 2017, Ned Nwoko instigated a crisis in Idumuje Ugboko Community in Delta State, as a result of the community's firm refusal to give him additional 90 hectares of land, having mismanaged the over hectares earlier giving to him.
In the ensuing crisis, it was alleged that one Cyprian Kumaorun was killed. While this was ongoing, Mr. Okey Ifejoku was several kilometers away in Asaba.

 He was neither present at the scene of the crisis nor participate in any alleged fight.
However, since then, Ned Nwoko has made it a point of duty to terrorize the community until they fall on their knees and offer him the land on a platter.
By virtue of Mr. Okey Ifejoku's position as the chairman of the Idumuje Ugboko Development Union, he has borne the greatest oppression from Ned Nwoko.

Ned Nwoko has unlawfully used the instruments of state, particularly the Nigeria police in Delta State and Abuja, to oppress the helpless members of Idumuje Community.
In 2017, Ned Nwoko prompted the Police in Delta State to file Charge Number: A/240C/2017, at the High Court of Delta State, against Ochei Nnamdi and Ofonye Ufoh, for the alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. This charge was held on merit and the defendants were acquitted.

Not done, Ned Nwoko, once again, prompted the police to file charge no: MI/24C/2020, at the magistrate court of Delta State, Isele-Uku, against his own king (Obi Chukwunonso Nwoko), Mr. Okey Ifejoku and four other innocent members of the community, for the alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. The charge was sent to the DPP of Delta State, who advised that the defendants had no case to answer: On the basis of the DPP's legal advice, the charge was struck out.

While this was going, Ned Nwoko moved to Abuja and got officers of the FCID Abuja to arrest Mr. Okey Ifejoku and 9 other members of the Idumuje Ugboko community. The 10 defendants were arrested, detained at FCID for up to six months, before they were charged to Court, in two batches, by the office of the A.G of the Federation for alleged terrorism and alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. One wonders how the A.G of the Federation got so interested in a Communal Dispute in Idumuje Ugboko, with all the actual terrorism and banditry going in the North East and North West of Nigeria. Additionally, how could a charge be filed in Abuja when all the ingredients of the alleged offense and all the defendants reside in Delta State?

The first charge: FHC/CR/169/2020 was before Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the FHC and has been transferred to the FHC , Delta State.
The Charge: FH/CR/11/2019 (Mr. *Okey Ifejoku and 7 others) was assigned to Justice Abang of the Federal High Court. As of the time of writing this, 7 of the defendants have been granted bail, while the innocent youth Leader, Raymond Omosiete, has remained unjustly incarcerated, first at FCID Abuja, and later at Nigerian Correctional Service, Suleja, since November 23, 2020. All on Ned Nwoko's prompting.

Mr. Okey Ifejuku spent a cumulative time of about 9 months in both FCID and Nigerian Correctional Centre, Kuje, before he could perfect his very stringent bail conditions.

Seeing that almost all the defendants have been granted bail and that the charge is being exposed for what it is, outright persecution, Ned Nwoko, once again, prompted officers of the same FCID Abuja, to initiate another round of arrest, for the alleged murder of the same Cyprian Kumaorun, for which Mr. Okey Ifejoku had earlier been discharged by the Magistrate Court, upon the DPP's advice, and is in fact, still standing trial at the Federal High Court, Abuja.

On March 25, 2021, as Mr. Okey Ifejoku and his codefendants exited the FHC Abuja, where they had gone to attend their trial, officers of the FCID Abuja, arrested him and his deputy, Mr. Godwin Akaba, kept them at FCID for almost a week, before they were transferred to Delta State Police Command, Asaba, where they are still being detained right now.

Upon inquiries at the FCID, we were informed that they were arrested for the alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. A few weeks later, an additional member of the community was arrested, and the police have vowed to arrest and prosecute the entire community, even though there are several concluded and ongoing cases on this issue.

As at the time of writing this, Mr. Okey Ifejoku, who has been granted bail by the Federal High Court, is in detention at the Delta State Police Command, Asaba, for an offense he did not commit. The Police have not charged him to court and they have refused to release him.

While all these are ongoing, Ned Nwoko has instigated some members of the community with no trace of royalty to challenge the Obiship of King Chukwunonso Nwoko. As a result of this, the king is yet to be given a staff of office, more than three years after he assumed the stool of his forefathers.


1. What does Ned Nwoko want?

2. Why does he insist on Mr. Ifejoku Okey being detained indefinitely for the same offense he had earlier been discharged by the Magistrate Court and is also standing trial at the Federal High court, having been granted bail?

3. Does it not amount to an abuse of court process, cherry-picking and forum shopping, for the state and the police, prompted by Ned Nwoko, to arrest several members of the Idumuju Ugboko community and charged them in several different courts, for the same alleged offense?

4. What happens if the FHC and the High Court give different judgments on the same issue, same facts and same defendants?

5. Why does Ned Nwoko insist on the persecution of Mr. Okey Ifejoku even though he is innocent?

6. Can a man be bigger than his community?




  1. This money drunk cradle snatcher is always in the news for the wrong reasons, wicked man.

    1. Well, a man is not authorised wicked because he is rich. Ned will not come here to tell us his side of the story. I also blame him or the person handling his SM accounts for commenting on the girls post. Ned himself is a lawyer and will reserve details of his side of the story for the court room.

      A man is no automatically innocent or harmless because he is poor.

    2. My saying he is wicked has absolutely nothing to do with him being rich.

    3. Where did she mention him being wicked because he is rich. It doesn't cost anything to read comments properly before responding.

    4. Ms Saphire,

      You have a point about some matters being better left for the court to decide.

      But the young woman who is not as legally learned as you or the man she accused of abuse of court process and police power, asked two (Nos. 3 and 4) very vital questions - How many courts will decide on this one very important matter?

      I believe you understand the young woman's questions?

  2. Woww. This is really deep.

  3. Of course this is true. I hope when he dies, his corpse will be rejected by the community.

  4. This is not the first time I'll be reading that grandpa Ned is terrorizing his community.

    Whoever says power doesn't intoxicate, has never tasted it. Steve Harvey once said money doesn't change people. Money makes a person more of what they have always been. If you are an oppressive person, money will just make you more oppressive.

    Grandpa Ned, your actions and inactions today will affect your children in the future. Be a good man today for the sake of your children.

    1. Exactly, am wondering if his children would be able to put up a fight with the community after he's gone!!! Wisdom no dey some people head Sha.

  5. This is the person you see Nigerians praising and wishing to be in her shoes simply because of MONEY forgetting all the associate curses that come from the source of that money.

  6. I read some where that the man has been arresting his community men,
    I don't know what to say cos I don't know the Genesis of the story.
    Ned Nwoko should hear her cry.

    One thing about poor people is that when they have issue with the rich, they will start playing victim even when they are at fault.

    1. And who told you she is poor? Does that girl up there look like a poor person? The way Nigerians worship money without knowing the source is alarming. Thats why they do all sort of despicable stuff to make money and people will hail them without questioning the source . I keep seeing Ned the billionaire everywhere. What did he do to become a billionaire sef?

    2. 17:36 best comment!👌 💯%✔️

    3. That your last paragraph is all shades of wrong. Just because of money that will perish one day, you are despising the poor?

    4. @ anon 17:36
      When you read ,think before commenting.
      This is a case of the rich oppressing the poor.
      The man is poor and helpless why the girl is crying for help.
      Nothing like worshipping money there.

    5. Lol..The man is not poor at all.He owns Rainoil..Poor kor..poor ni

    6. 23.04 because you are his accountant abi? 😒

  7. Nawaooo how can a man be do hated by his community people?

  8. And this is the absolute truth because I'm from that area. He is a wicked man and this didn't start today. God forbid bad thing!

  9. So who will come to this girls aid? Your Nolly-celebs celebrate and worship pa Ned.
    They pay him homage like pilgrimage. I have enough baskets of shame for all the nolly-celebs
    and pa ned to share 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

  10. Naija where the poor only have God to fight for them.

    1. You talk as though God is useless.
      If God is all you have to fight for you, you have everything you need. May God show you how money, power and everything humans count supreme fail.

    2. Ms Tilda 👏👏

  11. What's all these for God's sake,this man needs to stop acting like a tyrant

  12. Very demonic, wicked & vindictive man. Left Abuja & moved to d village to terrorize & victimize his community, while fighting to unseat d present ruler. Sometime last year, a US journalist from his village accused him of d same thing among others. I wonder what he thinks of his life after all these. Can’t believe he’s a British trained Lawyer. Na person husband & father be ds. Tueh!

    1. He has many wives, kids and mouths to feed. I honestly don't think his money is as long as they make it out to be, the wives don't even have separate homes. He has to do all and sundry to keep up appearances.

  13. Grandpa Ned should rest now.

  14. Been hearing about all these ned-idumuju ugboko land issues.
    Na wa o.
    May God help you people


  15. What I do not understand is why the state government is quiet over the unlawful detention of its citizens.

    Why have they not bannished this Ned and all his 73wives and concubines sef.

    Their ancestral stool cannot strike him abi na wetin, and he is not really from the community, he was a child conceived out of wedlock by his mum and she kept him and gave him her father's family name o... See his head like boiled egg.

    Na this one esama of Benin Wan dey do before. He dey raise shoulder for oba because he get small change.
    He was sanctioned and ordered to sweep the palace for a week o. And he did it obediently o, cos he went to the UK for an engagement with the royal family and he was addressed as the king of Benin and he spread dey collect the praise, he did not correct the wrong impression.
    As he got back, he faced the consequences or he was to be banished. HE CHOSE TO SWEEP TO APEASE THE PALACE.

    Ned nwoko should be sanctioned by his community and ordered to release these men or thunder will fire him o

    1. What?!😲 Never heard this, very interesting

  16. This issue of Ned & his people is getting out of hand.

    The most Complex B

  17. Why should he be given community land free? He should use his billions to buy the land from those who are willing to sell at their stated price!

    The community should come together and hire good lawyers and activists to handle this case once for all. 🔥

  18. I am proud of this young lady's courage. At her age with no support to take on a goliath is no easy feat. Her parents should be proud. May she resign triumphant.


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