Stella Dimoko Man Whose EX Wife Refused To Let See His Kids Posts Cryptic Memo To His Sons And Final Warning To EX


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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Man Whose EX Wife Refused To Let See His Kids Posts Cryptic Memo To His Sons And Final Warning To EX

 Nigerian Man Ossy Opara's Facebook page is full of the Narrative of how he is being denied access to his three sons by his ex wife and her Family......

He told them he wanted to spend time with his children on Children's day May 27th but his request was denied and it looks like he has reached his breaking point.

Read the two memos he posted...

''27th of may (Children's day).

2 weeks ago (early notification), this father has been demanding that his children be peacefully brought out for him by those who have seized them. This father wants to celebrate children's day with his children and return them afterwards, and must be able to be with them again whenever he wishes to. This father will not be made to do it inside that house at world bank where he was tagged a kidnapper. This father's session with his children will not be regimented and supervised again.

Information reaching me is that the Okechukwu family wants me to come to their family house to see my children, they want to monitor my stay with my own legitimate children, they want to tell me when to talk and when to leave, they want to know what I will discuss with my children, they want to know if they will beat my children afterwards, and they want to set me up again.

IF MY DEMANDS ARE NOT MET, then this father has been DARED and PUSHED to the wall.

Newton's 1st law states that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a FORCE. This postulate is known as the law of inertia.

Newton's 3rd law states that,
for every ACTION in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, forces result from interactions.

Let the world take note.
Enough said, good night''.

''Ikechukwu Opara, Chukwuemeka Opara, and Munachimso Opara. Happy children's day to you my sons.

This is the last children's day that you will celebrate with me by proxy in an inhumane way. It is likely that you may not meet your grandmother (my mom) alive when you come back, I tried to make you see your grandmother today (her health is failing her as a result of the beatings she received from your mother Blessing ontop her health condition). I tired so hard and made calls that I wasn't supposed to make, all for the love of family. The internet never forgets.

I will not indict myself in anyway, but you will hear the story of how your father is a Daredevil, you will look at me and be proud to have a father, an only son that conquers multitude of brethren. Ochubara dike n'ohia, that's what you will call me.
It is a challenge, and a promise. A mortal one, till I die.''

*Please what is the meaning of Ochubara dike n'ohia


  1. He talks too much for my liking. The case is in court, he should calm down and let the court decide. Taking a violent approach will send him to jail and I hope he knows that. Utterances like this isn't good for a father to be saying publicly. The court may even deny him that which he request as a result of his constant threats.

    What if anything happen to your in-laws and they rope you into it? Common sense isn't common after all.

  2. Hmmm na wa o. God let me marry the right person o

    1. Mtcheeww
      Who are you threatening?
      Do what you want to do.

      They will be proud of you for what, for choosing violence? You are not a serious man.

      Please stop disturbing us, sheybe children's day has passed.

  3. marrying a bad husband can be managed but marrying a bad wife? hmmm. When a woman chooses to be evil, hers is always worse and a typical man would not be able to handle her because men are psychologically weaker than women by far. anyway, let's hear the other side

    1. Eh-hen? Hian!

    2. So a bad husband can be managed?

      Senseless comment


    3. Anon 08:49bMay God not let you marry a bad spouse either man or woman... Obviously, you lack experience in some things that's why you said what you said!!! None is good at all!!!

  4. Hahahahaha. This man is very high on something. That lady should better relocate to an unknown destination but l fear for her parents if she leaves . Maybe her parents warned her not to marry this guy and she insisted. Imagine the pain and shame this onye ara is causing an entire family.
    Mad people in clean clothes.

    Ochubara dike na ohia. ... He who sends a strong man to the bush. It's like a title given to very strong men like strong worries.

  5. Hmmmmmm it is death that will end all this.

    Both should come together and talk like normal people

  6. Ochubara dike n'ohia. They pursued a warrior into the bush. Like pushed him to his limits.

  7. This is getting serious!!!

  8. BITCHandSLUT.com29 May 2021 at 09:21

    Iffa hear sey this man will return those children once he get hold of them.

    Thing is, they should reach a mutual understanding to co-parent and not one denying access to the other.

    Let it not be an FFK and Precious case.

  9. He needs to take her to court so they can share custody. It’s never good to withhold a kid from a parent because of divorce

  10. This guy is a self acclaimed native doctor na!The story is all over Facebook.Untill I hear the ex wife's side of the story,then I will get a clearer picture.Who first go police station,no dey win case oo!From his write up,e be like say e go school small,for now,we wait as events unfold.

    1. Ok. I expect to read RIP for someone or some people soon. He sounds like a man with nothing to lose. Very dangerous.

    2. This one na "fake" native doctor na. Just disturbing the internet with threats and noise upandan. His ex-wife and her family don know say he no graduate from Jujucology school. Native doctor that cannot command his children into his house from his calabash, is that one a correct native doctor?

  11. These threats are becoming serious oo. It's like his ex wife knows he is all bark no bite.😞
    I hate stories like this.

    1. As in! The ex-wife don see am finish. Online Hulk Hogan. Which court will give him custody with all these threats of violence sef? Low budget FFK😏. Instead make he calm down collect better lawyer and advice.

    2. Low budget FFK😅😂

  12. Same way we ask FFK to let Snow see his wife, is the same way this wife should allow him see his kids. So long no spouse is planning to abscond or poison the heart of the children.

  13. Empty barrel makes d loudest noise. Meet him man to man, he wont be able to do shit.

    1. You can't say. It seems he has gotten to his limits...

  14. Hmm mm mm, na court go settle una

  15. This man is a native Dr,he used juju to marry her, the family were against the union,Cos it was obviously not ordinary, now her eye don clear, she come dey ask.where am i, carry her kids and japaa. Nollywood people should come n rent me o.

    Na only guess work o, I ni know their story, but I read online that the guy na native Dr

  16. God bless you Yoriprincess and all women Bvs calling for peace and mediation in this matter.

    The man's wife and in-laws are apparently well adviced. They are goading the man (by using his known weakness of temper) to make threats, and weaken his case in court.

    But if this man's mother should die. There could be troubles. Nobody is more dangerous than a deadly angered man who has nobody or nothing to live for. This man feel used and dumped.

    Children belong to both parents. And there is no public news yet from the woman side that the man maltreated the children during or after the marriage.
    So long as a man does not molest and or maltreat his children, he is entitled to shared custody of agreed details.

    The absence of public news about the man's relationship with the children maybe deliberate because he is showing his anger already.

    A good Judge can, however, see through all the public drama and decide the case.

    My worry is the inaction of the State. Not the Police because they are already involved in protection services for the woman and her family. The Attorney General of the State has constitutional powers to step in the matter. He or she should act through the appropriate ministries.

  17. This man sounds so pained with nothing more to loose, people like this who have been pushed to the limits, don't mind killing themselves and those involved too.. They can be very violent when troubled emotionally.. He only asks to see his kids, is that too much to ask?

  18. This man sounds extremely violent and unstable, it's not a surprise his ex is keeping his child away.

    and please nobody should say he is being baited into making threats, he knows he has a custody case in court ands is making thinly veiled threats in Facebook??? Is that someone who is normal?


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