Stella Dimoko Saturday Breakfast.


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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Saturday Breakfast.

 I am having a late Breakfast today and I might recreate these Akara balls....

The last time i tried making Akara, it didnt float in the Oil when i dropped in the paste,it landed at the bottom of the oil and stayed there until i took it out.... what did i do wrong?

What are you eating this morning and the rest of today? later for Lunch or Dinner I am having Vegetable and chicken wrap from Macdonalds oh...


  1. Maybe your beans cake mix was too thick... Try making it a bit more softer and check the temperature 🌡️ of your oil too.

    No breakfast today.... Barbecued seafoods with salad 🥗 for later.

  2. Ok i'm having akara and milky custard this morning.

  3. BITCHandSLUT.com1 May 2021 at 09:28

    Just had a mixture of tin tomato, milk and malt.

    Will eat plantain porridge later.

    1. Ehn, you say what?

      Tomato paste mix with all those?😮

    2. Plantain pottage

  4. That's because you didn't in corporate air inside before frying it. Whisk it very well after blending next time before frying and viola..

  5. This akara is calling me. Taking my watermelon with yogurt. Kids okpa and dawa pap. Afternoon bitterleaf with akpu. Lolz. Happy new month everyone.

  6. This akara is calling me. Taking my watermelon with yogurt. Kids okpa and dawa pap. Afternoon bitterleaf with akpu. Lolz. Happy new month everyone.

  7. Jeweluchi, the possible reasons your akara sank is because your beans was too watery, and most importantly, you didn’t incorporate air into the beans. You need to thoroughly mix the beans to be fluffy. If you have a mixer, better for you. Once your beans is thoroughly mixed, you’ll actually see that the texture is different, and you are good to go.

  8. No breakfast zone 😐😐 I'm currently making mama-put stew 🍲 with enough assorted,kpomo and fried mackerel fish! I will boil brown rice later and download it with chilled raspberry juice🥳

  9. Chef Stella, whip air into your beans until it turns very fluffy like when you beat egg whites until it turns white. Then add whatever you want to add and fry in oil that is not smoking hot but hot enough.

  10. It's been long I made akara. Will try making very soon.

    Having our usual for breakfast.

  11. I'm having akara and pap too.
    @jeweluchi,may be your mixture was too watery,i can confidently go for the best made akara competition anywhere,yeah!

  12. Will be having plantain porridge later.

    Jewel, did you stir the akara in a motar to make it fluffy before frying?

  13. Ji mmili oku with plenty dry fishes, pepper types and smoked chicken.

    The kids had pancake and Horlick drinks.

    The akara.
    To get a fluffy yummy akara;
    1.Soak beans for at least 2 hours before blending to a paste.
    2. Salt or seasoning cubes should be last to be added.
    3. For 2 cups of beans, use a small mixer and beat 2 raw eggs till real fluffy and rich creamy. Add to the beans paste and blend both till creamy.
    4. Don't use a skillet pan or frying pan, use a narrow deep frying pot, the oil should be half of the pot.
    5. Beans paste should not be too watery, if you scope, bend the spoon to check that it glides off the spoon slowly and not flow out.
    6. The oil shouldn't be too hot,just hot.
    Drop a small mold of paste to test the hot oil. If it floats you're good to go.

    1. I have come across this adding of eggs into akara mix online but yet to try it. What does it do to the mix??

    2. Baby Malu Over1 May 2021 at 12:04

      @ baby Rella, the eggs ensures that the akara doesn't come out looking deflated but roundish. It a rising agent.

  14. I drank tea and bread this morning
    I ll drink garri and groundnut later, i have been craving this combo since yesterday
    Then fried potato and egg for dinner, i ll eat it early to avoid bloating

  15. I am having bread with lipton, sugar and milk.

    I am cooking beans and potato for later.

  16. Thanks everyone for the lovely breakfast you gave me , I am filled to the brim right now ,have a lovely weekend and fantastic month of may

  17. Had boiled yam and egg stew for breakfast. Lunch is Semo and vegetable; Will probably eat some pineapple for dinner.
    Thank you oh Lord for this beautiful new month.


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