Stella Dimoko Actress Juliet Ibrahim Asks Women Why They Like To Bring Each Other. Down..


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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Actress Juliet Ibrahim Asks Women Why They Like To Bring Each Other. Down..

 Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim Wonders why women shame each other whenever there is an altercation.

''Why are women so comfortable slut-shaming each other whenever there’s an altercation?

It is NOT okay when the male gender calls a female a slut but we’re saying it’s okay for females to slut-shame themselves?

slut' and 'whore' still possess the power to destroy the lives of individual women and young girls.

Women are in the world fighting for gender equality in every sector of life; so ladies isn’t it better we stop the double standards and focus on supporting each other rather than bringing each other down as women?



  1. Forget anything like women support each other. Women are there own worse enemy of the truth women hate themselves. Don't be fooled.
    They get upset when men called them prostitute, ashawo slut but those are the first word women use to insult another woman. See Tiwa and seyi!! tiwa said everyone knows your nyash is the dirtiest in this industry you whore, then seyi then said you are whore a bitch and a dog. Look at bbn too and see how the ladies are slut shaming themselves.

  2. Wathoni, 'onu ugba' come and carry your shade ooo

  3. Don’t worry your head Sis. I don’t think this is stopping anytime soon.šŸ™‚

  4. Na women dey scream "women support women" pass and na we jealous our fellow women pass. They will pretend to like each other but if you hear what they say to themselves behind closed doors ehn

  5. The issue is bigger than women supporting women.

    Most cultures globally have taught that the lowest a woman can get in life is when she is a prostitute or promiscuous. So that has become the go to insult to put any woman down, even virgins who get into altercations are cussed out that they are a whore or slut, even though that is far from the truth. The intention when insulting someone is to hurt them at the deepest as can be, and calling someone a slut or whore is the deepest form of insult you can dole out to a woman. SO, my dear, women supporting women will not fix this, it will have to be a change in the cultural mindset and that takes times. Even men who patronize prostitutes or fool around with promiscuous women still insult them and call them trash, so if the men who took part in those women's services can turn around and still insult them how much easier do you think it will be for someone on the outside to?

    1. Anon 16:49: You too know book abeg✔. Very valid points.

  6. I have never heard anyone (male/female) slut-shame Stephanie Linus, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Mrs. Obama, Simi or Chioma Jesus.

    Apart from market women and off/online agberos whose signature insult to any female that isn't tying wrapper on her chest is "ash*wo", any babe that's been in your circle and calls you a h*e most probably has tea on you that they want to spill ni. Besides, when you are fighting someone who "has your receipts", words will fly around and not everyone will have the church mind to not call you a strumpet especially if you are indeed one.

    Ladies, stop h*eing, stop runs, stop [coded] prostitution, stop adultery, stop sucking for free, stop sucking for money, stop messing up yourselves for benefits. Seun Egbegbe is a thief, Shekau is/was a terrorist, if you are sleeping around or changing partners like a TV channel, you are a SLUT! Do you expect to be called a "saint" ni?

    Women supporting women no mean say make we come dey call runs-girl "Reverend sister". Hanty Julie, any woman wey allow one boy to dey press her ny*nsh for public like agege bread no get shame. Answer your name in peace with your full chest make we hear word. Every time, women this, women that. Mtscheew.

    1. How do you know they have NEVER been slut-shamed???
      You haven't been with them all their lives! They may not have been slut-shamed publicly nor made any post on social media about being slut-shamed, but be rest assured they may have been!
      It could be while growing up, in school, by family members during quartels, by jealous neighbours or even jealous friends behind their backs,etc.
      Don't say never! Those ladies may be at a point now where they cannot be easily slut-shamed but trust me, they may have experienced it innone form or the other.

  7. Juliet please de ur lane, no make us remember u now, continue eating ur wanke in peace


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