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Friday, June 04, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Dietary Supplements To Support Food Intake...

Do you take Dietary Supplements? You Should!

Some people assume it is only in pregnancy that supplements are vital for the mother and the growing child, but as one gets older and with the current economic situation in the country where most families can barely feed thrice a day and boast of eating foods with the required nutrients for the body, dietary supplements are the next best option to support our diet. 

They are not only quite affordable, these supplements help boost the immune system and supply adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals that may be non-existent or in small quantities in our meals.

I remember when I experienced pains in my knees after child birth and blurry vision when reading on my phone for a long time. I was worried and had to visit the hospital to complain. The doctor asked some questions and recommended calcium, Vitamin A and daily intake of Vitamin C.

I noticed that after a few weeks of consistent use, the pains in the knees vanished and my eyesight improved.

It has since become a part of my diet.

The kids are not exempted, they take a daily dose of vitamin C syrup, B complex syrup and sometimes we substitute with multivitamin syrup.

There are a wide range of supplements that anyone can use to supplement their diets without breaking the bank but with a doctor's prescription. Relying solely on foods for essential vitamins and minerals especially for those whose meals are not balanced can pose a health risk, so it's really necessary to get the additional nutrients through supplements.


  1. Let me check the vitamin tablets in my bag, whether I can take them or throw 'em away.

    Nice one

  2. The main problem is that most Nigerians (who can afford to buy good food), in the name of sophistication or show off
    eat wrongly.
    When you make such junk your food;
    like; Pizza, burger, soda drinks, bread, nodules … aren't you just digging your grave gradually?
    Our native foods and soups are so rich in these nutrients you mentioned there, such that you do not need all
    these supplements. Even the doctors will tell you that
    getting them from your natural food source is better. Why do I need medications when I can eat; tuwo with vegetable soup, fish, ukpaka, okpa, ukwa, oranges, mangoes groundnuts and so on?
    People are loading themselves with sugar everyday in the name of "diet" instead of eating the natural foods God has so pleasantly and generously blessed us with.

    1. Hmn.... May God help us with the junks ni o

    2. So so true!

      NuvN write up Mrs Dee.

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm not good in maintaining drug routine.

  4. Well dietary supplements are good for the body;For pre-vitamins and mineral supplements;folic acid and Vitamin B Complex it is advisable to take them even before you conceive, they help in preparing the body for conception...But I still prefer going for the natural fruits and vegetables..Moderation is always key when taking supplements.. Most people don't know that excess Vitamin C tablets intake causes Vitamin C toxicity in the body.. Thank you Ms Dee

  5. Thanks Mrs Dee

    Like you rightly said,we can't get all essential vitamins and minerals through's even advisable to take more of soups,but for here you will see mountain of fufu with small bowl of soup

    I take calcium,folic acid,B-complex,cod liver oil,C-1000 daily and I don't break the bank to buy them

  6. I know supplements are good bit I still believe that you can get from fruits.

    You can stick with those in season and cheaper ones in the market to get your vitamins.

  7. I agree. I never took multivitamins when I was pregnant I took my pregnancy multivitamins and while still breastfeeding. Now baby is 1+ I decided to incorporate multivitamins in my daily diet tho I spoke to a pharmacist and he said multivitamins are not necessary but I still got some which I take and I feel somewhat better

    1. Prenatal vitamins are essential for pregnant woman.. A lot of women struggle with food when pregnant, some can not keep anything down or some lose their appetite so taking these vitamins is important.

  8. Mrs Dee, thank you for this.
    Pls, is the daily vitamin c ok for a growing baby? My daughter used to take vitamin c every day but when the nurse at the health centre said we should stop loading toddlers with drugs since they are not sick. I give her once in a blue moon. I am worried because she doesn't eat except tea with bread sometimes and breastmilk. I am worried for her.

    Mum Glow.

    1. If your baby isnt getting vitamins from food, where will she get it from?. The sky?.
      That talk is for children who eat 5 servings of fruits of fruits and veggies with meat or fish and milk. Are you or your child eating that?.
      If not, you better go and get supplements ASAP

  9. I take Reload and Mason Collagen1500 with Vitamin C. It's been years i have been on Reload abs i like it.

  10. I was in the habit of taking multivitamins, folic acid, B complex and calcium to boost my immune system and also get nutrients I couldn't get from food ( so I thought). They made me gain weight in the wrong places. I realised that you can get any nutrient from eating everything God has given to us as food. If you do this, you'll gain weight naturally the way you should and you'll also be healthy. Pls let's reduce the way we take these supplements and eat lots of fruits, vegetables and water. If you google these fruits and veggies, you would see what they contain and be amazed. Thank you Mrs dee for always giving us rich content

    1. Vitamin supplements dont make you add weight. They don't contain calories.
      Na you know wetin you take oo

    2. 16.08 People's bodies are different and react differently, so you can't conclude on her behalf.

  11. Thanks Mrs Dee, I don't like taking drugs but I believe if one can try and take fruits and eat healthy, you will be fine.
    Kids are not exempted,make sure they take egg,fish,orange etc.
    Above all, let's always pray for good health while we do our part.
    God help us

  12. Our ancestors did not take supplements. All they needed, they got from food and fruits/vegetables. And lived very long lives.

    Now we have 20 year olds having heart attacks, balding, having early menopause (please Google is your friend,before you crawl here whining 20 years cannor haf menopause) arthritis, cancer etc.

    Improve your diet.

  13. Giving kids all these supplements at an early age maybe detrimental to their health in later years o. The kidneys and other vital organs maybe affected in later years due to excessive use.

    1. If given at the right quantity, it wont.
      Many kids in Nigeria dont eat a balanced diet. We all know that.
      We cant do the same practice oyibo wey dey chop meat and drink milk dey do oo.
      Here you'll see babies drinking pap with 1 spoon of milk, and you say dont give supplements?.
      You want make kpajakpaja finish am?

  14. Nice write up Mrs Dee.
    I take calcium, vitamin D and magnesium every other day.
    It's essential for women who have given birth, because we lose lots of calcium as we birth our special ones, hence as we age, we tend to complain about our bones, backbone, waist pain etc.
    All these vitamins helps us.


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