Stella Dimoko Nigeria's AG Malami Orders Prosecution Of Nigerians Using Twitter Via VPN


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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Nigeria's AG Malami Orders Prosecution Of Nigerians Using Twitter Via VPN



  1. BITCHandSLUT.com6 June 2021 at 07:43

    Mumu people!

    They only think of making Nigerians suffer but when it comes to the relevant things they should do to make Nigeria worth living they ignore and pay deaf ears to the cries and wailings of the citizens.

    Let's see how this is going to be.

    Very mentally backward set of individuals.

    1. Which Bubu?

      Shebi na wetin dem brief am e go hear?

      Meet your defacto elected president


      Assistant na Garba Shehu. Una never see something

    2. Yet some Kidnappers just collected 180m and went Scot free dat is after killing some of the Students. You ppl swung into action in 24hrs to Ban Twitter but are currently silent on the 200 Islamic Students kidnapped.
      They did a press conference and swung into action in 24hr bcos Buharis tweet got deleted. No press conference for 200 missing children...some are toddlers of 3yrs.
      May God punish this APC Govt.

    3. It's sad. Nothing is being done about the daily kidnappings and killings. But they could ban twitter under 24hours.
      Please and please everyone who has access to funds should relocate out of this country. Either by study visa or permanent residence..just start thinking about it seriously.

      Some persons may be living here and have over 6million in their account. Please start thinking actively of how to divert those funds to relocation.

    4. Don't mind the jokers...

  2. Weyrey ppl. So bubu dey hear everything, he just keeps quiet till e touch am. Old senile man

  3. If these people don manage go school, them go dey talk nyanyapo.


    1. Second person I'm hearing 'nyanyapo' from

  4. We've left the country for them naw... They want to come and carry us from our new country 😂😂😂😂.. Me I'm tweeting from the UK.

  5. Unfortunately all this will not end well. June 12 we moveeee

    1. This is the spirit. Tired of hearing Nigerians complain without doing nothing. How can the President ban access to Twitter because he was affected and everybody kept talking and talking. It means if Buhari orders food and it does not arrive in time, he Will ban Nigerians from accessing food. I hope we all survive the remaining years under his leadership.

      Nobody should think this is affecting only those living in Nigeria. NO! It aftects every Tom, Dick and Harry. I don't know for other people living outside the country, I am tired. Everyday people are begging for money to feed their family. It has never been so bad. I am choking with the numerous pleas for help from people that won't on a normal day ask for a kobo.

      I am sad. How can investors come into Nigeria and employ our people? How? Yet, people carry on as if everything is alright. How many times would anyone be comfortable asking for support to eat? How long?

    2. They're coming for blogs soon, then to other social media apps. It was an orchestrated plan. His post was just an excuse. Stella please get ready.


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