Stella Dimoko US Mission In Nigeria Reacts To Nigeria's Twitter Ban...


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Sunday, June 06, 2021

US Mission In Nigeria Reacts To Nigeria's Twitter Ban...

 Nigeria's Twitter ban is trending Worldwide....

In a statement, the US Mission said, “Nigeria’s Constitution provides for freedom of Information. The Government’s recent #Twitterban undermines Nigerians’ ability to express this fundamental freedom and sends a poor message to its citizens, investors and businesses.

“Banning social media and curbing every citizen’s ability to seek, receive, and impart information undermines fundamental freedom.

“As President Biden has stated, our need for individual expression, open public conversation, and accountability has never been greater. The path to a more secure Nigeria lies in more, not less communication, alongside concerted efforts toward unity, peace, and prosperity.”


  1. A DICTATOR! Disgraceful! Shameful!I REGRET supporting the clueless leader! 😭

    1. Haaaaaahaaaa

      Singing " we tell you you no gree! When the time is right my brother eeeeh them no dey telling person "

      This your comment sweet me dieee

    2. Oga bubu keep showing your ass to the world, very soon you won't enter those countries again and you won't be able to do your normal borrow borrow

    3. During Buhari campaign for first tenure. My husband who was an army officer said this man is a bomb waiting to detonate. He was very sorry for those campaigning for him. He said during Buhari days in the army. If he looks at your name tag and see another name outside Muslim name. He will address you in a very disdaining way as if you are not human. He has been a very wicked and heartless man. Those who know him well warned Nigerians but hat,tribalism and religion beclouded our reasoning.
      A man that has not achieved anything since he left the army and we expect him to come and perform miracle. Lori iro. Just look at the people he surrounded himself wit

    4. 08:36, this your comment right here is my annoyance with the idiots that campaigned and voted for him, i mean, this man had become a military head of state before, how did he archive it? During his regime, how did he do? Most of us weren't born but we read history, our parents too taught us, now for the older generations that campaigned and voted, what the devil were they thinking? I just can't fathom it. It's just like Americans voting for DJT again in ten years time, allowing history to repeat itself. Now look at where we all are today because of their stupidity.

  2. Na wia dem reduce us to. See as Naija dey trend.

  3. Nigeria under baba Buhari always trending for the negative reasons. What do you expect.

  4. God! And we still have two whole years fa,😣😣😣

    1. If the clowns in natass know what their work is, e no suppose reach

  5. Buhari's media aides should stop making noise dishing out threats on social media.
    They should use only NTA, their official news channel.
    Just like in the movie 'the good, the bad and the ugly', Tuco, told one guy, "if you want to shoot shoot dont talk".


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