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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wednesday In House News.

 I salute everyone oh..... #cookiesandcreammissing

Are you having a Sunny day or a Rainy day?


Motherhood has changed me in many ways. Physically, mentally and in every other area, one area that motherhood has affected are my breast. Oh my!. How have the mighty fallen. My ones perky small oranges now look like flattened watermelons. My thighs, hahaha the thunder!. My tummy and arms aren’t left out. The stretch marks, story for another day.

I think my body had a grudge with me before. I try my best to be healthy and work on my supposed weaknesses. But I refuse to see them as such. They are all symbols of my journey to motherhood, I love my body so much and I am proud of it. I look at my kids and I would still choose to do it over again. It’s a little price to pay for this great opportunity to raise a new generation of God’s generals.

Also it’s not my fault ooo . I blame Eve, yes! If only she resisted the temptation to eat the fruit, I won’t be going through all this.

Yes “na she cause am”.

I know all this positivity but I still have to deal with comparing myself with the standard set by social media and all. It breaks my heart when I see someone barely a month into going through a life changing death defying process, getting worried about how and what can be done for flat tummy and all.

Mama it took you nine months to get to that shape, please rest. Enjoy your baby, concentrate on bonding with your child with time you would be fine.

You can choose to go under the knife to snap back ( I don’t think I can ever do this) I hate pain or you can choose to work out and live healthy whichever option you choose please do it at your own pace. Do not let anyone pressure you . Accept the ones you can change, love the ones you can’t all the same.

I have come to accept that my once fresh oranges are no more, I have come to love and accept my watermelons.

Childbirth changes everyone, some are physical changes and some are changes the eyes cannot see.
Isn't God awesome?



Good morning everyone

Please this is my own response to the chronicle poster of yesterday, I can so relate to the chronicle::

Dear poster you are not petty, and I'm so sorry you are going through all of this and your hubby is unable to put his feet on the ground. Birthing through CS is no joke you deserve all the pampering biko.

Let me share my own experience in my own case I had my baby she weighed 1.4kg through an emergency c section. I had preclampsia and we had to stay a while in the hospital. The birth was so eventful for both mother and child but thank God its history. All this while I had my mum and elder sis, and when we got home they were doing all the chores. 

I was so relieved, though I didn't allow them bathe the baby cos i told them I been taught how to bathe her and I wouldn't want to do otherwise. Their job was to arrange the bathe area, clean up and dress the baby. Everything was sha good till Mama started pestering my hubby that she wants to come that in Yoruba tradition its the hubbys mum that comes for omugwo. I sha sent my people back for Mama. What my eye saw that period ehnnnn.

 I was cooking different meals 3 times a day, taking care of mama and baby like my life depended on it. When my hubby comes back, I would cry with him in the room ehn, he would comfort and tell me that Mama won't stay with us forever. His soothing words alone did the magic. Mama was going for a confrontation but I didn't give in because of my husband. That was when I started my doughnuts business out of frustration so that I could leave the house cos mama was always mentioning her sons money every minute. 

Long story short one day she acted 1 drama and I just broke down and cried with my baby in my hands. She was expecting me to engage her in insults but I couldn't. I wasn't raised that way instead I knelt down and begged her. She too started crying that it was devils work. Meanwhile my hubby was already rushing home cos I had called him. He had intention to bundle her to the park. But when he came I had to beg him at the gate before he entered the house. 

Mama sha spent another month with me and we became very close. When she went back to the village, I heard she kept on singing my praises.

So fast forward to last year when I had my 2nd, another emergency C-section. I had preeclampsia again, the birth was very eventful, fortunately I was already approaching 8 months so baby was a bit big. Meanwhile Mama was already in Lagos cos I had previously told him to bring her for treatment but lockdown didn't allow her travel back as at when due. During the course of her stay she went to her other sons house my BIL for visit. Those ones had 2 maids. During the course of her visit, I had my 2nd baby.

 When we got home my hubby quickly told me "My dear no body is coming for omugwo, me n u will do it together"

Mama cried to come back ehnnnn, my hubby told her that I've gone to my mums place. In his words, I can never put you through another episode. Few months I would go n vist her there with my baby, we would gist. She would remind me that when I'm strong enough. She wants to come over.

One thing sha led to another, she fell ill over there and she was later moved back to our place. Hubby got a nurse, cos none of her children wanted her. They all complained that they couldn't take care of her ooo. 

I sha volunteered and they all came to my house oooo. That one is another story. Mama later passed on, I believe I've shared the story here..

Another episode happened recently, life happened to my big bro and he he had to put up with us for a while. It wasn't a big deal for us. But after few weeks my bro started leaving his dirty plates in the clean sink for me to wash.

 First time, I thought it was an oversight, 2nd time I jokingly told him, he said he slept off. I didn't know my hubby was taking notes, 3rd time again he did it.

 Unfortunately for him my hubby came in before I did and met the plates he calmly washed it. Immediately I came in, he quietly told me " I just finished washing your brothers plate" and he stepped out calmly. 

He sha reentered the house and everything was going on normal levels till I received a call from my immediate elder sis. My hubby had called her and reported my brother that in his words "How can bro be stressing my wife unnecessarily? She would wake up early in the morning take care of the house, cook and clean before she goes to work and Egbon feels he has the audacity to pile his dirty plates from morning till evening for my wife to come back from work to come and wash as the house girl lai laid oo,"

My sis sha apologised, ooo and she scolded my big bro. He came to apologise and never tried it again. Infact until he left, he made sure to keep the house clean till he left.

Bottom line, post partum mothers should not be stressed biko........

Sorry for my long epistle, my dear poster poster, I stand with you ooo n keep praying for your hubby

Nice Narrative, plus you and your hubby applied Solomon's Wisdom. Not every child can stand up to their parents, it is left for you to now look for ways to handle it.
Some people will be making mouth but if the tables turn, they will also not be able to talk to their parents.....
Please why do people add ''Sha'' to words? What does it mean? Sometimes i remove it from mails i receive but I am beginning to think it means something.
Someone please educate me.

The person who advised me to stop giving advice on the Chronicles segment of my Blog, do you need Panadol? Some days we get it wrong and some days we get it right but I stand by what i said in Tuesdays chronicle, if you disagree with me , its fine.




  1. Good day to y'all on this platform and πŸ‘‹ stay enjoying your lives big time..#WackyWednesday,#IHNRocks,#VentWednesday..I wanna vent with a long epistle but let me just shush up for now.Commercial drivers,take your time

  2. Male-Female besties are overrated.


    Because men (intentionally or unintentionally) sexualise everything and that's really a microcosm of how their minds work.

    Keep me anon. ✌🏼

    1. Well for me I have platonic male friends..So when you see a male and female bring friends, it is almost sexualized..To each his own

    2. Lol
      My husband is never having a female bestie. I don't care if she breathed life into his nostrils, she is either our bestie or nothing.
      You mean a lady would call my husband to be chit chatting about nonsense and giggling over rubbish in the guise of bestie? Can never be me.
      I don't even keep male friends, talk of of male besties, like how do married folks do it abeg?

    3. RSQ, you and me both!
      It ain’t even up for discussion. It’s our bestie or nothing.

  3. In 5 years, every single problem you have now, you will look back and laugh at.


  4. I love children a lot
    Can't wait to have them
    Good afternoon bv

  5. Holla πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

    It's a rainy day here πŸ€—πŸ€—

    The sign out meme is on pointπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    @Mrs A E @Exceptional Mom @TWE @TMW @Shantel Empire @Odun hope you darlings are doing okay? Holla 😘

    Ciao πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    1. Mi luv πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    2. Paris boo, how's you? πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’•

  6. Oh my Ovaries - I dread life after breastfeeding with the way my two breasts are set up now. One is a giant while the other is a dwarf. Are they ever going to be twins again?
    Yayy, Motherhood. πŸ˜–

    1. I heard you need to be giving the baby the one that is a dwarf more until they both become twins again. God bless mothers, its not easy oh.

    2. Oh word? Thank you Anon Baibay 14:40 πŸ’›

    3. Be giving the baby both breast to suck. Its as a result of you feeding her with one breast bringing out milk at first.

    4. Mtcheww me that my son totally refused my left breast nko? Now one has good nipples, and the other one😴
      Let's not talking about the difference in firmness. This motherhood ehn

  7. "Some of the kindest people are hurt the most" I can so relate. Grace kept us going despite it all.

    My scar is an indication that I survived what was meant to destroy me.

    Good Afternoon Guys.

  8. Men please, I am begging you, when you get married, pls protect that woman you married. Protect her from neighbours, protect her from friends, protect her from family.

    I mean, marriage should be a good thing. It should be a place of peace for the love of God. Just protect ur wife.

    I know I'm barely two years in my marriage but I've felt peace like no other. It could have even be not so smooth for me.

    I remember when my husband people wanted to show themselves on my wedding day and guy put them all in their place one after the other and they know they can never try any of such with me again. They know.

    When you get married, ur immediate family becomes your number one priority. It doesn't mean you stop loving or caring for your other family, it just means their wellbeing gets prioritised above every other person.

    I know there are demons disguised as wives as well but my advise is for those of you that married good women. Don't make marriage a place of stress for them.

    Martins Aboy, if you actually practice what u preach, I assure you, you will have the most beautiful marriage ever if your wife is a sensible lady. Pls don't let any friend, frenemy or family ever change you.

    And like I always say, May God not give us idiots as spouses in Jesus name.

    1. What's wrong with u this woman what do u mean if he actually practice what he preach? Do u think everybody is like you?

    2. Anon, don't mind her o.

    3. Anon, u just want to fight. Get the fuck out

    4. Anon 14:27 read and comprehend. She said "If". What did you score in English again in WAEC?

    5. Anonymous Pipe down haba she meant no harm! Honestly it is my earnest prayer for me and every single lady here..

    6. Are you insinuating Martins can be lying.Please you talk too much.
      Only your story is authentic in this life.

    7. It's the Anon/BV dichotomy in the replies for meπŸ˜‚.
      Validates all Amebonawork said.

    8. Madam, do you also practice what you preach here? Leave Martins alone biko.

    9. There is nothing God cannot do o, former Ikorodu angry bird, that preaches every woman must have a standby sidecock before, during and after marriage, now waxing lyrically about how good marriage is, wow, if dem tell me this, I no go believe o, make I start tapping from the grace babaGod give some, make He remember me o,wonderful

    10. 16:43, i tell you. Someone that would sleep with a side Cork and come here to tell us.
      Joy's case proves that love can change humans. When love found her, she changed but not completely though but she is better than before in the comment section.

    11. Anon, lie small small abeg and yea, I definitely preached not putting all ur eggs in one basket but I have never ever preached cheating in marriage, like never!!! Na even this my not putting all my eggs in one basket land me this good guy wey I get now.

      How God wan remember you when u dey lie put for my head?

    12. Imagine, still justifying cheating in relationships, you’ve still not got the spirit of letting go and wisdom that it’s not all battles you fight or not all comments you respond to? Or are you still bitter? If God put you in a good place, it’s not for you to post God will not remember others, instead God said pray for your enemies, Mummy Alex, you fall my hand, you that I tap into your blessings, you can’t freely give or pray for others, Im not one of the anonymous o, make you no come tear my head off

    13. Amebonamywork finish work for the Anons.

    14. Γ‰lan the Sdk comment session celebrityπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€.
      Even when you just drop comma, anons must rush you.

  9. Nice read from Duchess, God help us always.
    Sha is a Yoruba slang used to emphasize a situation done unwillingly.

  10. Saluting you right back Jewelu! It is neither raining nor sunny, just cool! Good afternoon people

  11. Jeweluchi thanks for this new column you introduce. God bless the poster. Expecting to read more write-up from her.

    Duchess God continue to be keep you and hubby.

    Jeweluchi is human. You don't expect her to be 100 percent right. Most of the advice she gives are top notch. Her wisdom na follow come.

  12. Sometimes when I turn my radio, I just dey vex... the ascent all those radio presenters dey use especially the ladies dey vex me... even the gueen of England no dey use that queen's english.

    Just talk normal jor.. It is so clear you are faking it. 99% of the audience na UARians sorry Nigerians... copied

    1. Which rubbish accent? The one that will travel from Ikorodu to Pekham, to India to Queens New York in 1 sentence and still won't make sense? Which rubbish accent?

      You know wetin be accent?
      Abeg stop that play.

    2. The ones at the airports across the country are worse. I cringe whenever l hear them. Na by force to speak with fake assent??

  13. Jeweluchi thanks for this new column you introduce. God bless the poster. Expecting to read more write-up from her.

    Duchess God continue to keep you and hubby.

    Jeweluchi is human. You don't expect her to be 100 percent right. Most of the advice she gives are top notch. Her wisdom na follow come.

  14. Duchess dear in case you didn't see my comment to you in the morning, na man your husband be honestly.
    You too, you are a forgiving and kind person as regards how you volunteered for mama to come stay in your home till God called her.

    There's nothing like having a supportive spouse.
    Communication and being forgiving also helps.
    God bless your home.

  15. Good afternoon people. Busy busy busy.

  16. Stella, ''Sha'' in a sentence can mean (you know, as in, like that).

    Nice weather is Lasgidi...

  17. I want to bare out my mind and I will do it soon so that I can be free at least.

  18. BabygirlNurse 😘16 June 2021 at 14:28

    Hi Jeweluchi. Have a great day 😘

  19. Good afternoon.. BV Duchess you got an Amazing hubby,may God bless and keep your home.

  20. I love this new Column.....My Ovaries

    As much as we try not to think about it and even "deny" it our bodies will definitely change after birth.

    Me looking at my nice breast.....chai, very soon you will be no more��������

    1. Women can hype their body o, abi no be una unique selling point be that

  21. Sunny afternoon here in the city of Lasgidi

  22. Good afternoon my beautiful people..Please those who celebrate birthdays on the 29th February? Does it mean they will celebrate every 4 years? Where is BV Jubilee and Mummy A? Abeg show face oh

  23. BC Duchess you married a good man who stood by you, not the one poster of yesterday chronicle is married to.
    I pray God see her through.

  24. May God give you more wisdom to run your home @bv Duchess, you're blessed with a good husband.

    My ovaries oh.

    Good afternoon everyone.

  25. Duchess good one πŸ‘, your husband is good, he has sense.
    This my ovaries column I'm not feeling it oh, or is it bcos I'm not yet a mother, but I 'sha' have mothers all around me, infact I did omugwor for my twin sis and I'm good at babysitting... any way
    Stella hmm this 'sha' of a thing ehhh, e tire me, as at year 2016 when I heard people use it, it sounded somehow to me, now it has become a common language in naija, I now use it, but I try my best not to use it all the time,mostly when I need to make an impression or I'm with people who aren't really close to me.
    It has no meaning to me but sometimes it seems like it's been used when you want to stress a fact.

  26. BV DUCHESS you and your husband apply wisdom and act as one.I can't wait to experience omugwo,both mothers will come o cos me will like to be pampered.
    Good afternoon all.

  27. We complain incessantly about Government but we ourselves are a MAJOR problem to ourselves.

    Hiw can you open 500g tin of peak milk air only to be greeted by factory air????

    If you weigh that tin, it can't be more than 200g.

    It can't.

    See the almost empty konkolo of milk they are selling with less than half the contents.

    So why the cheating and deceit?

    If you want to sell 500g, sell 500g of a product.

    Not inflating price, reducing quantity drastically and most likely quality and pretending it's the same.

    Don't even get me started on the satchet rubbish they sell.

    Absolute rubbish.

  28. Good afternoon blogfamsπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    Poster of my ovaries column πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

    Paris Savannah thank you saw your shoutout on ihn yesterdayπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    Martins A father happy birthday in advance to your baby boyπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

  29. I had my IELTS speaking test with MOD/IELTS today .the invigilator's hostile countenance unsettled me.My voice shaking and I lost track of what i was saying at some point.I have been preparing for almost a year and now this.I am believing and trusting God's mercies to help me out.

    1. I pray God's grace breaks protocols for your sake. It is well dearπŸ€—

    2. Awww....don't worry anon 17:56. You may just be fretting for nothing. Best of luck dear.

      Mine's coming up soon.πŸ™ˆ

    3. I pray you scale through this process

  30. Bv Duchess, you married a good man may God bless and prosper your marriage.

    Abuja weather is becoming nicer nowadays😍😍

  31. I got confused with the last Quotes.

    "Some of the most generous people have no money".....
    When they say givers never lack
    I think when you are giving you apply common sense.

    "Some of the wisest people have no education".....
    Wisdom has nothing to do with education or age.
    Wisdom is a divine gift.
    Even some of the most educated ones sometimes act and think like fools.


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