Stella Dimoko Actress Amanda Ebeye Says Her Pastor Is Accountable To Her Because Of Her Tithes...


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Friday, July 23, 2021

Actress Amanda Ebeye Says Her Pastor Is Accountable To Her Because Of Her Tithes...

 Nollywood actress Amanda has left her Pastor a memo Online.....


  1. You are very right girl.. our eye don open. Our mumu don do.

  2. Who send you to give the pastor na, why you no carry give God directly, mumu sheep

    1. God does not need our money.

    2. God does not need our money, but he deserves our praise, love, thanksgiving, respect, gratitude.. how else do we show this but by giving? Love requires giving. It can be money, time, or rendering services.

      You see people giving very rich men money, do the rich men need it? No, it's just a way of saying THANK YOU.

      God does not need ANYTHING from us, but he deserves EVERYTHING!!

      When i think of all God has done, what in the world is money?????πŸ˜• i would give everything!

      My parents don't need my money, but i still send them money. My lil way of saying i love you and THANK YOU, which can still never ever be enough for all they have done for me.

      If you love, you won't have a problem giving. You will give not minding if the recipient needs it or not.

    3. Very well written Trace.

    4. Many of these pastors don't have jobs. This is what is used for their upkeep (which isnt bad) and whether you like it or not, some are instrumental especially in the area of counseling. God uses them a lot (forget the evil ones). Now, when you give God tithe, REMOVE YOUR MIND. Don't ask how its been spent. You are giving it to "God" dumb. It is "spiritual".
      Pastor is accountable to you as how? Are you God? So you pay tithes to him and not God? Quite pathetic!!!

  3. Na wa oooo... Dem dey pay pastor tithe & offerings. I thought Christians pay their tithes and offerings to God but on a fertile ground (the right Altar which is the church). It is awesome for a church and the pastor to be accountable but I can't say if it's a necessity. This topic is not my forte so I will read comments.

  4. You are too stupid. I don't have words more to say

    1. Stupid because she does not pay tithe baa? Aunty Weldon o. Church girl. See how aggressive you sound.What can one emulate from you as a church girl that pays tithe?

    2. Keep prowling about,looking for whom to devour because they don't support tithing. In all your fight you didn't even quote where you take your point from. My dear, teach us calmly, stop with the insults

      I hardly comment but because of you I had to

  5. Tithe dis, tithe that, when you hear how they are making noise about tithe you will think it is 1 million naira. You won't believe it is very meagre sums, some are even paying 30k in 3 months, if you think education is expensive try ignorance. Go to traditional religion and see the tithe people are paying there to make wealth, some are sacrificing one child per year, two human heads per year, one cow per year, one ram per year, yours is just 10% of your total income and all you care about is bringing shame to the church. Christianity is not the only religion in Nigeria ooo, we have muslims, hindus, ifa and many other religions here, but you won't see their adherents exposing their dirty linens online because they understand spiritual things, only empty church goers keep going online to embarrass their churches. Every time pastor this, church that, abeg you guys should get a grip of yourselves.

    1. God bless you ANONYMOUS
      Any Christian that bad mouth pastors are enemies of progress

    2. Don't mind idiots. If they don't pay, they think work of God would kaput.

      After all the people going to devil for more riches pay more than tithes.

      Idiots with loose mouth always condemning pastors

      It is from the increase of the work of your hands/your substance - e.g.what you produce.

      KING SOLOMON offered God 1000 SHEEP even though he had silver and gold in abundance.

      There is nothing wrong with giving offerings.....(or tithes if you choose) to the Church to support Pastor and the work of the gospel BUT the Pastors MUST SHOW ACCOUNTABILITY because these offerings DO NOT BELONG TO THEM.

      Note this: TITHE is for the Jews (Judaism) , NOT FOR the new creation (Christians).
      Jesus Christ and His Apostles NEVER ASKED FOR TITHES from believers in the faith.

      Besides, in Judaism TITHE IS NOT MEANT FOR ONLY THE PRIESTS, Jews were commanded to give all their tithes every 3 years to the levites, poor, orphans, widows, strangers. Deuteronomy 14 v 28

      MOST PASTORS WILL NEVER TELL THEIR BRETHREN TO PAY TITHE TO THE POOR❗ And this verse is in the same Old Testament as the verse in Malachi that they post to demand Tithe from brethren.

      *Dorcas gave free clothes for widows and that ALONE* was enough reason for Apostle Peter to bring her back to life when she died through the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Go through the New Testament, the only place Jesus Christ mentioned tithe, He rebuked the hypocritical Pharisees and Scribes who paid tithe of even garden spices but have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith. Matt 23 v 23.

      These PASTORS have no right to collect tithes because every New Creation in Christ is a Royal Priesthood 1 Peter 2 v 9.

      Offerings, yes give it to support the church and Pastors.
      You can build church house, support maintenance, pay your Pastors Bills, give offerings BUT TAKE CARE OF THE POOR, PRISONERS, SICK, HUNGRY, NAKED and DESTITUTES as well. That's what Jesus Christ did and taught.

      CHURCH FUNDS IS ALSO MEANT FOR CHARITY not for one man to pile up for himself and his family unto damnattion of his soul.

      SEE, in developed countries, 80% of funds for any religious organization MUST BE USED FOR CHARITY (transparently done) while 20% covers salaries of Clerics, Staff and maintenance & utility bills.

      You heap funds up on these Pastors and DO NOT DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY thereby LEAD THEM INTO TEMPTATION.

      Money is EARNED.... therefore....


    4. Stella, Pls post o. I took time to type a response.....

      @Anonymous 11:20

      First, God is not a money doubler or an enforcer or an investment bank where you give money in return for wealth. If that is what you are seeking, pls go to a proven investment house and find a portfolio that will give you a good return.

      Secondly, comparing what pagans do to justify what is preached in Christianity is an absurdity. Because the argument can be made that if Pagans do money ritual with human sacrifices; doing mine in with candles, incense and animal sacrifice shouldn't be too bad in comparison. Ipso facto, we should therefore not condemn pastors who have animal sacrifices buried at their altars.

      Thirdly, Christianity is a religion that calls for continuous improvement and holding each other responsible. That is why Jesus can go to the synagogue to chase the traders instead of writing a quiet petition or leaving it to God to judge. It is the same reason why Paul can call out Peter for his doctrinal error on circumcision - Galatians 2:11-14.

      Fourth, the nature of a true tithe bears no resemblance to what we practice in modern-day Christianity. Even practicing Jews today do not pay tithe as there are no Levis or even a Temple to eat their tithe at. What they do instead is a maaser (Still translates to a tenth) to charities, their synagogues and other charitable affiliations. This is not compulsory and pls note that the primary purpose of Maaser is Charity. Giving is important and the best way you can give is in a way that causes another man to say "who is your God so I can thank him for what you have done". In a way that makes someone go home this weekend with joy and praise on their lips to God - You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us, your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:11). The emphasis of the new testament is: Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God (Hebrews 13:16).

      Money is not a tool to manipulate others, including God. Give as you decide in your heart - whether to charity or to your local assembly with the understanding that everything we do on this earth is for our own purpose and good and not for God. Give cheerfully according to your means, without obligation as it is not trade-by-batter.

      There is an ongoing discussion and awakening in Christianity around financial responsibility and the role of the church in society. These conversations around what tithe is and if it has utility and function are a very vital part of that conversation. Drowning out people's voices and opinion on it does not help. We need to be that religion that is open and demonstrating increasing understanding and compassion continuously. Remember one of the actions commemorating the crucifixion was the rendering of the curtain which demonstrates that the veil has been lifted and we should operate in an environment of openness and access. Instead, let us bring all discourse to the table and ask ourselves - What would Jesus do if he was pastoring a Pentecostal church today.

      Thank you Anonymous 15:58; for your robust response to this issue as well. I was tempted to not respond as it was going to be a long one but more people need to speak up and I thank you for lending your voice.

      Enjoy your day.

  6. Amarachi with C23 July 2021 at 11:23

    Fullstop! I have told my people to be aware of these so-called men of god. My Dad was a pastor in AG, he paid house rent for members, discharge some from hospital. Infact, he retired last two years cause of Church politics.
    He complained about how the so-called men of god behaves.
    His words "l will serve God as a member and make heaven than a Pastor without God on my side".
    Me, l don't pay tithe.
    I give to people that are not okay.
    How can you twist the Gospel to suit yourself on tithing.
    "That there will be meat in my house"
    If a stranger or a member is in need of help, the Church supposed to help out. That is the reason of meat in my house.
    When David was running away from Saul, he ate the fruits in God's Temple.
    They were the fruits, that people brought together during the "tithe of fruits".
    Moreover, our pastor's are not Levites or from the lineage of Aaron.
    Why did our Saviour not collect Tithe throughout His ministry on Earth?
    He is not from the lineage of Aaron that serves in the Temple.
    What of the Apostles nko?

    Make we wise up! 🎀🎀🎀

    1. Good for you, keep your tithe to yourself and see if God's servant will go hungry. Iranu..

    2. Hahahaha no be small iranu. To think she is a pastor daughter. What a shame.

      Amarachi keep your tithes but the church is still moving forward.

    3. Amarachi with C23 July 2021 at 16:45

      Yoriprincess, being a pastor's daughter is what exposed my mind towards this.
      Moreover, l research, ask questions and read up.
      I do not depend on what my pastor said, but what the Bible said.
      I listed some things out and l expected you, and Anon to counter my points with proofs, but alias, you didn't.
      Again, it is not a shame to know the truth by yourself.

    4. She is not *Iranu*.

      There is NOTHING like TITHE for Christians. Jesus Christ DID NOT ask for tithes.

      NOT TITHING will not stop you from prospering or making heaven neither does TITHING make you wealthy.

      Give freely to anyone in need even from the little or much you have.

  7. A pastor is a servant of God and not your servant. He is not accountable to you because you paid your tithe to him you did not employ him. Point of correction you did not pay your tithe to pastor, you paid it to God and it is God that should bless you because of your tithe and not the pastor.

    1. Gbam πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Thank you anon. No need educating fools when it comes to giving to the house of God

    3. Yoriyori Princess. What type of gospel do they dishout to you in that your place of worship? With the way you are fighting in support of tithing, it is expected that you'll be Holier than the not tithers. You are just aggressively attacking those that do not agree with you. You call people stupid,foolish,etc under a discussion that you are supposed to comport your self while responding.Please who is your pastor.He is misleading you but you don't know. My girl you need help. Who's your daddy? There is nothing to emulate from you aggressive tithers please. What kind of bokoharam attitude are you displaying like this? If them leave you you feat fight person because of this matter. The bible has more weighter matters you should fight for pls.You guys have turned the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ into something else.

    4. Amarachi with C23 July 2021 at 16:47

      Yoriprincess, can you make your point without using the word "Fools". The Bible is equally against the word or you don't actually read the word of God.

  8. Everything is clear enough for everyone to see, the Bible is there for them to read, their brains are also there for them to use, if all these ones aren't enough for them then the Corona/lock down era was even a bigger eye opener for ndi sheeple but no, they won't learn. What then do we do? We leave them and their pastors alone.

    1. Exactly!
      I stopped paying tithe several years ago. I follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

  9. Did he force you to pay tithe ?
    Why do you pay tithe when you know is not for God?
    You see all he uses the money for according to you and you continue paying.
    For your mind now you made sense.

    1. Don't mind the stupid actress

    2. Kia Yoriprincess, I actually pity you. You are not a Christian at all. You have no fruits of the Holy Spirit in you. May God forgive me, but you tithing is a waste with this attitude you are displaying. Do you think tithing is what will take you to heaven?
      You better work on yourself and ask God to cleanse your heart from all this insults and instill in you the character of a true Christian.

  10. If you have a place you worship, please always drop offering because the church needs money for maintenance.

  11. I can remember during one Sunday sermon and my pastor was preaching and he said a member came to church and said he was having accomodation issues and the church should help him and they said they can't help him, the man pleaded that he pays his tithe and offering and they should please help him and my pastor made a comment like paying tithe and offering doesn't guarantee anything and if the man wants to be adamant they should round up all the tithe and offering he has ever paid through his given number and give it back to the man. Till today that still rubs me off the wrong way.

    1. Na wa o
      If one can't get help and solace from church as the last resort,where does he want the person to run to


    2. She should have registered with insurance company than paying tithe, at least you will get compensation.
      Instead of paying tithe and hoping that the church is accountable to you.

  12. Nigerians are not ready for this conversation.

    Accountability is the word here but what them call you the enemy.

  13. Who owns the tithes?
    The widows
    The orphans
    The strangers
    The workers in the Lord's vineyard who has no inheritance.
    See Scriptures; Deut. 14:28-29, Deut. 26:12-15, Matthew 23:23, Acts 6:1-6, 1 Tim 5:2-9
    Your "pastors" do not quote these Scriptures, or do they?🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  14. For me,I do not bother myself with the politics of whether or not to pay tithe. I pay when I am able to and I believe God understands when I can't.
    The one I would love to know is this issue of first fruits.

    I use to think that first fruit as seen in the olden days is the first yield when one begins planting or husbandary as seen in Bible times which is paid like once( pardon me of if I'm wrong)

    Yet,the meaning most pastors give now is that it's your first salary I'm the year that you're to give.
    Who doesn't know how tight financially that most January are.
    Is there a Biblical reference to back up this doctrine?

    1. You are to bring any amount from your 1st salary not the whole salary

    2. Really?
      I didn't know that

    3. Darajah firstfruits offering and tithes are for the Israelites under the Mosaic Law under Judaism not for Christians.

      Give your FREEWILL offering in Church and support where you can. Don't forget to take care of the poor and needy around you.

      Yes, Abraham gave tithe to Melchizedec ONLY ONCE and not by demand.
      Jacob gave tithe ONLY ONCE

      It was during the time of Moses God gave it as a LAW unto the Israelites.

      If you give firstfruits and tithes to the Pastor/Church account WITHOUT GIVING tithe to the poor every 3 years, YOU A LAW-BREAKER / TRANGRESSOR.

      Jesus Christ, the Son of God NEVER made such a commandments of firstfruits and tithes on His followers.

      Take away these two and these wolves in sheep's clothing would abandon the pulpit.

      Many are called, few are chosen.

    4. Jesus Christ, the Son of God NEVER made such ** commandments of.... (sorry for the error)

  15. How many of you after giving to native doctor dey ask am wetin him wan use your N250,000 do? If he says drop it there,with fear and with trembling you drop it and sit quietly like a reprimanded child🀣🀣🀣🀣. And if you try do like agbero towards the native doctor if the game no cut,haaaa native doctor go just knack you otumokpo for night wey go make your two legs bend like spider legs wey you crush with broom.Umu Chineke eeeeh. Na cruise i dey catch oo,I have no vawulence in me ooπŸ™

  16. This is how people cause unnecessary problems for themselves.
    She said "God sent you to provide a service for his people not enrich yourselves" Are those pastors providing that service or not?
    When it comes to pastors, people are so quick to castigate them when they seem to be living better off.
    Tithing started when the Israelites finally settled in Canaan. The remaining 11 tribes were to contribute 10% of what they own to the Levites. Simple maths, if 11 people contribute 10% for 1 person, won't that one person appear richer?

    Summary: Jesus said love is the greatest commandment. If you truly have love, for yourself and your fellow believer, you will not be so jealous and be foaming in the mouth when they are doing well.

  17. Ms Ebeye elenu bi enu pepeye

  18. There is nothing wrong with asking for accountability. If their hands are clean, they should not be afraid.

  19. See her forehead.. by the way Aunty how much is your tithe sef 🀭 those paying in millions and billions aren't making noise. So pls go and sit down.

  20. And finally...she said her mind

  21. Tithes are part of the funds used to run the Church. Bills need to be paid and projects executed; including charity. Pay ur tithes and leave the judgement to God. The Church nevertheless shd have appropriate channels to table one's grievances; but if they don't and u are not satisfied, find a Church that gives u peace and doesn't leave u asking questions. Take note, however, that a 'workman is worthy of his wages'.


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