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Friday, July 23, 2021

Wordless Post



  1. Bola tinibu and Yahaya Bello - Two unbelievably wicked, self centered, unpatrotic and doomed persons. God safe us from this cancer worms and caterpillars. Restore the years that have been destroyed.

    1. My dear don't blame them..I keep saying it Pray Hunger makes you not to sell your birthright..Until we do away with 'afo dimkpa'' politics in Nigeria...Both PDP and APC lack ideologies that is why they cross carpet with reckless abandon..

  2. Amarachi with C23 July 2021 at 11:34

    Mtcheewwwwwww! Ndi nkogheri have come again.
    Bello or bingo is on his own.
    Tinubu should never come out. I respect him as an elder but for foisting GMB on us, l can never trust him for power

  3. Is this guy drunk? Yahaya Bello the clown? The only way these people can win any election is via rigging and manipulation

  4. Is there no one else from any other party we can vote for asides the young delusional,stoned governor and the old heartless and wicked polithief???

    Cos it's annoying just reading this bullshit.

  5. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, yes. Hated by those who know nothing about him, those who believe the unverifiable stories flying around about him. There are those who just hate his face, his guts and his humanity. Love him or hate him, he is great political tactician, a guy that has built political bridges across our federation.Unlike most politicianss, he doesn't jump from one party to another. As governor of Lagos, he brought in the best brains to work with him. He was the only AD governor who survived Obasanjo's betrayer and massive rigging in the South West in 2003. He went on to reclaim all the South West States at some point. His political sagacity is of the first. He may never be the president of Nigeria. In his shoes, I won't contest for any elective post, I will support a younger person of any ethnic background, intelligent and sment. Somebody that's compassionate, kind, ambitions and empathetic

    1. @alex, somebody that he can control like a puppet right? God nor give am do. A good politician isn't one who knows how to at smart and rig! It is one who through integrity ascends the throne and keeps functioning to win the people over and over again.


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