Stella Dimoko Controversial Islamic Cleric Arrested And Charged To Court....


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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Controversial Islamic Cleric Arrested And Charged To Court....

The Kano State Government has charged Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara to court over blasphemy and incitement.

The Kano-based Islamic cleric is famous for his controversial religious commentaries and statements that are regarded as statements mortifying the companions and sacrilegious to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

The State Commissioner for Information, Malam Muhammed Garba, in a statement issued on Friday, said the development followed the receipt of the first information report from the police by the Office of the Attorney General and commissioner for justice which prepared charges against the cleric.

“Abduljabbar was subsequently arraigned on Friday, July 16 before an Upper Sharia Court Judge, Kofar Kudu, Alkali Ibrahim Sarki Yola, where the charges that included blasphemy, incitement, and sundry offences were mentioned”, it noted.

According to the statement after the court sitting, it adjourned the case to July 28, while the scholar would remain under police custody until Monday when he would be sent to prison till the adjourned date.

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  1. He was given the opportunity to redeem himself but he failed to do so, so I think he deserves what is happening to him.

    1. You people fight for Muhammad more than you fight for God.

      Suffer head religion

  2. Good news.Alhamdulillah

    1. Shame on you all. Set of backward people. Always and forever fighting on their God's behalf.

  3. How is a State government in 2021 arresting a person for blasphemy against a dead pedophile prophet MuhamMad who when alive slept with a 9year old girl child called Ayesha when he was 54years old.

    How do you call this Blasphemy exposing a Pedophile like MuhamMad?

    I guess he is a Shia Muslim that is why the Sunni government has arrested him.

    Islam: the best product of destruction that Satan pushed out of all false religions he made.

    1. Most people will not understand what you wrote coz we Nigerians are gullible..

      You sabi

    2. How old was your mother when your father defiled her? How old were your sisters when they had their first coitus? They are online warriors but weaker than chickens in real life.

    3. I guess you are not a Christian because if you are, you won't meddle into affairs that is not yours. Since you have facts about Islam, let me give you a fact that you might not know, Joseph the Carpenter was 90(6) when he married Mary the mother of Jesus. Guess how old she was, she was age 12(14). As Muslims we have so much respect for the both Jesus and his mother, so I won't engage you.

    4. Lolz 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 12:21, You LIED.
      Please can you post the Bible passage/s where it was written that Joseph was 90years old and Mary 12!
      Oga please whatever it is that your are smoking/abusing is certainly not good for you.
      My heart goes out to you and your co-travellers.

    5. @Anon 12.21

      "The History of Joseph the Carpenter" that you're using to quote the 90-year age for Joseph, has been debunked a million times over! Didn't you get the memo? 🙄🙄

      You clearly googled, saw a number, and run with it. If you had read further, you would have seen that the age has been disproven, whilst letting it be know that both were teenagers at the time of the marriage!

  4. My God said hold your peace and i will fight for you and not the other way round.
    Religion is the bane of the society.

  5. 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  6. @ 13:01, the word gullible came to mind when I saw your comment. Please try to read the history of the book you read and hold dear too instead of showing how ignorant you are.

  7. @ 13:01, the word gullible came to mind when I saw your comment. Please try to read the history of the book you read and hold dear too instead of showing how ignorant you are.

  8. Anyone that is serving a God or whatever should allow the God or whatever to fight for his or it's own glory .

    May I never fight for my God. If I'm really serving a God let him fight for himself


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