Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Releases Former Boko Haram Fighters To Borno Govt.


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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Nigerian Army Releases Former Boko Haram Fighters To Borno Govt.



  1. What do we have to say about this one, clap for the Govt or wait for another group formation?

  2. So...another set of bandits loading...interesting.

  3. Buhari will come to the media;
    "I charge the army to speak the language the terrorists and bandits understand"
    Then he goes backdoor and releases all
    the captured mass murderers?
    Not even a single Boko Haram terrorist has ever been brought to trial.

  4. In a secret cerrcere kwa?...🤔

  5. They weren't even prosecuted. Do you see the double standard here.

  6. There was no secret about it, insurgents are deradicalised around the world and released into the societies. There are no specialised courts in Nigeria, putting radicalised individuals in the regular courts will create problems. Let's not forget that most of the insurgent fighters in Nigeria were coarsed into the terrorist groups and indoctrinated. Some were simply in their family homes, farms, schools when they were caught and taken to terrorist camps for radicalization. Some were just kids when their villages were invaded. I would prefered government creating farm settlements and turning the deradicalised individuals into farmers, let them start earning a living. At the heart of the insurgency is extreme poverty, the terrorist organisations pay and feed their members, so those who join the groups voluntarily are motivated by the fear of hunger.

    1. Foolish people sef sabi speak English

    2. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 wucked anon 😂

    3. @Alexander, you are really working extra for this 30k monthly stipend. Na you biko.

    4. May bokoharam visit you and house hold educated illiterate

    5. Ama castle..A big Amen to your prayers.
      Truly a fool at 40 is a fool forever!


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