Stella Dimoko Reality Star Nelson Posts A Memo On Twitter To His Fans And Ex Housemates After He Was Labelled Ra*pist


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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Reality Star Nelson Posts A Memo On Twitter To His Fans And Ex Housemates After He Was Labelled Ra*pist

 The Fan war amongst BBNaija stars is something else!

Big brother star Nelson Enwerem reacted to accusation thrown at him on Twitter and issued a memo...

In a series of tweets, he said

''Oh wow, it’s amazing how cause of a show that happened several months ago, reunion has come and gone and y’all still won’t move on. I’ve seen and endured all your tweets about me without ever saying anything, but this right here is unacceptable. What’s wrong with all of you jeeez?

I’m sick and tired of this never ending fan wars, I actually don’t really care about what y’all say about me and all, it’s fine (I know what I signed up for going for Bbn) but can y’all leave my family out of it, it’s really disgusting…

And also RA I love how y’all love me and
support me , but please it’s enough with all the banter and cursing out other housemates and their families. I’m not about that life and I expect my fans to be a reflection of me. Enough is enough, the same housemates y’all fight over and curse their families out, most of them are friends, have settled their differences and moved on from the drama, can y’all please focus this energy used on vile shade throwing on SM to support your faves and push their brands. What’s all the competition about really, the show is over, we are in real life now.

The sky is big enough for all of us to shine, so what’s all the fuss about. This is draining. I’m not one to ever address anything on here but I feel it has become pertinent that I do this one because Omo I don tire. RA STOP e don do.

And I hope my fellow ex housemates advice their fans to do same cause it makes no sense''.


  1. Honestly, it just makes no sense.

    I don't see anything that will make me after the show come out and be calling someone my queen, my king and be attacking others anyhow in the name of stanning one person that doesn't know u from Adam.

    1. Ndi my President my queen my king... Na juju de worry them.
      Support them if u are so less busy but stop building enemies for them.
      Stop worrying about other peoples progress.
      Stop useless competition that doesn't benefits you.

    2. If this is what the show is all about they should end the show or the nonsense re -union .
      They should move on from all these rubbish.
      I hate drama.

    3. I expect a swift and dorm rebuttal if that rape allegation first before that long story.

      Did it happen or nah?

  2. Don't mind them. Defamation of character will locate them soon.

  3. Wahala be like wetin again ?
    If na like this we carry Jesus for head eeehn....

  4. Some of these fans needs their heads examined! Until they pay every penny for character defamation, some will learn nothing.

  5. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚. Handfans, hope you got the memo.
    I don't Stan any of them. Enough on my plate to keep me busy.

  6. Well said Prince . D madness of these so called followers is all over d SM , including here. Mention Mercy, Tacha, Nengi, Veee, Dora, K3na & any ex BBN housemate, some people must find something discrediting & nasty to say. It’s only their fav that is a saint. If I dey among ex BBN housemates, as soon as we’re done with d show, I’ll scrap & dissociate my self from all these nonsense fan pages & their handlers , whose evil motives is to destroy personalities & their friendships . Apart from Khadoni & Bamteddy , these fans succeeded in destroying all d friendships right from BBN 2, with their trolling . D most ill mannered angle is bringing in parents & siblings into their rubbish without decorum, yet they’re firsts to name those that were bitter , toxic & with bad attitude while in d house. It doesn’t take them anything to curse someone’s mum & dad . Ebuka , Melvin, Uti, Uriel, Beverly, & a good number of ex BBN housemates & Celebrities in general , don’t have fan pages, yet they’re getting endorsements & cashing out. Who said that d number of ur fans determines d number of endorsements? I don’t even know whether d Big Brother show is now a curse. I will never waste my time & money voting for any one again. Never!

  7. Some of these fans are just doing too much. I just don't understand the obsession with bbn. Very annoying set of people. Ndi my king and queen. Nonsense and inflation.

  8. Rape runs girl? Wetin I no go see, it's just like accusing a butcher for killing animals.

    1. What an extremely stupid thing to say. Even coming from someone like you. So in essence its okay to rape a runs girl?
      Is rape in any circumstances permissible according to you?
      You.must be extremely d.aft.

  9. For a second I confused him with the Nelson of Froods year, I think that was Mercy Eke year as well.
    I only know this one as Prince.

  10. I think this is Prince not Nelson. Stella pls take note.


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