Stella Dimoko Trial Of Fake Uber Driver Who Stabbed Lady Over 100 Times Begins


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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Trial Of Fake Uber Driver Who Stabbed Lady Over 100 Times Begins

Oh Dear!

A South Carolina man left a 21-year-old college student, 21, with more than 100 stab wounds, cuts and other abrasions after kidnapping her when she mistook his car for her Uber ride after a night out in 2019, prosecutors said during the first day of his murder trial.

Nathaniel Rowland appeared in court Tuesday on charges of kidnapping and murder more than two years after the killing of Samantha Josephson, a University of South Carolina student from Robbinsville, New Jersey.

Josephson was out with her friends in Columbia's Five Points entertainment district on March 29, 2019, when she allegedly entered Rowland's car thinking he was an Uber driver.

Prosecutors said during opening statements that Rowland kept Josephson in his car for hours as he drove more than 65 miles, before killing her and dumping her body in the woods near his family's home.

Rowland, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has maintained his innocence. He has been in the Richland County jail since his arrest a day after Josephson's disappearance.

In opening arguments in Richland County Judicial Center in Columbia, prosecutors previewed evidence and testimony they said would implicate Rowland.

The evidence includes surveillance camera footage of Josephson entering Rowland's car, as well as a witness who the prosecutors say watched Rowland clean the blade he allegedly used to repeatedly stab Josephson.

Fifth Circuit Solicitor Byron Gipson said cameras in the entertainment district captured Rowland circling the block multiple times in his black Chevrolet Impala before pulling up to Josephson, who was waiting alone.

Josephson got into the car, and it was the last time she was seen alive, the prosecutor said.

'As she stood there waiting for that Uber, he had his eyes firmly transfixed on her,' Gipson said.

'It's those intentional deliberate, heinous, cruel and malicious acts that Nathaniel David Rowland has been indicted for kidnapping Samantha Josephson. He's been indicted for murdering Samantha Josephson,' Gipson said, according to NBC.

Once inside, Josephson was trapped because Rowland had turned on the backseat child locks so the doors could only be opened from the outside, prosecutors said.

Alicia Goode, one of Rowland's public defenders, said the law-school bound college student fought back, yet none of the DNA evidence gathered from the victim matches Rowland.

'Zero: that's the amount of DNA on Samantha Josephson´s body that matches Nathaniel's,' Goode said. 'Zero. It's not on her clothing, not under her ripped and torn fingernails, it's not on her ankles.'

After opening statements from the prosecution and defense, witnesses began testimony in front of jurors Tuesday afternoon.



  1. What! Stab someone more than 100 times? The driver should be permanently confined to a psychiatric home.

    1. Judge, Anne has mounted the judgment throne and begun swinging axes
      on the accused?
      Wow! 😮😮😮😮😮

    2. I'm not judging o 20:05, but let me ask you, do you think a person that can stab another person more than a 100 times is sane? He needs mental evaluation, he is dangerous to the society.

  2. What a bastard. May God Almighty continue protecting His own Amen.

    RIP Joegirl

  3. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️100times😩

  4. This is pure evil, 100 times😱😱

    May peace evade the killer.

  5. How is it possible no DNA was found on him? They should investigate properly and not be quick to indict another.

    1. They should o! Sounds like horror movie

  6. What!!! This one should be hanged by the legs o

  7. Amarachi with C21 July 2021 at 21:41

    What a horrible way to die!

  8. So who's DNA was found on her body?

  9. Over two years and the trial is just starting now?


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