Stella Dimoko EFCC Arrests Former Governor Of Abia State Theodore Orji And Son Over N500bn Fraud


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Friday, August 20, 2021

EFCC Arrests Former Governor Of Abia State Theodore Orji And Son Over N500bn Fraud



  1. This people are just too greedy.. 500bn? Thunder where are you?

  2. The one that was seen.
    Undiscovered one nko.

  3. This man is not known for any thing except fraud despite the family is wealthy

  4. Poli-tricks 101
    They are bent on taking over Abia state.
    Once the man decamps to APC, he is off the hook of "A fee Cee Cee"

  5. I hope they collect some of the monies off him. Abia state looking like villages in southern Sudan.


  6. EFCC should investigate the fools to the fullest and lock'em up - indefinitely - not just for the felony offence - but for offenses bothering on MURDER and INHUMANE treatment. Not just the overate and physical case, for the thousands who have lost their lives owing to their desecration and dereliction of duty.

    Abia citizens ARE VICTIMS OF THE PON SYSTEM - WHICH IS NATIONAL IN SCOPE. The sharing begins at the national party level and even the governor receives the left-over or crumb of the criminal national cartel. That is the bane of the ignominy that has enveloped the nation as a whole.

    Pathetic. I will recommend they LOCK THEM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS! Or/And hand them over to the Hague.

  7. 500bn? na dem sey generational wealth. For 1000 years of living on earth, must be. See evil works

  8. Any one that had a shop in the old 'isi gate', especially, if u are from Anambra will never forgive this man. You removed a market that has been existing for ages, destroyed the shops even with people's wares still in them, failed to give shop owners back their shop in the new market instead, telling them to pay millions...the list is too long. I will never forget October 2013 in a hurry . My mum started taking BP drugs till date because of that incident, a widow that single handedly brought up her 4 kids from the proceeds of her business. Saved up money and bought a new shop, business was expanding, my brother was already making plans to join the business after NYSC...etc, what did we get? Bulldozed buildings without compensation, rich men were reduced to paupers, families relocated to the village, many students dropped out of school, street trading became trippled...etc. In all these, this people were rejoicing. The Ibeku people will tell you ' ofe o bu ofe anyi' that you should go back to your state. Every dick and Harry knows that the little development they had in Umuahia were championed by Anambrarians but their jealousy no gree them see road.

    Let's not forget this was the same governor that sacked civil servants simply because they are not indigenes of Abia state. People in senior levels and even those that have few months/ years to retire were thrown off just like that without compensation, gratuity or pension after more than 30 years in service. I knew a lot of couples this affected, like both parents losing their jobs at the same time for no fault of theirs. These were people with kids to feed and train, house rent to pay, thrown out just like that. A lot of people committed suicide, a lot of families scattered because of financial issues, still this government didn't yeild.

    Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra reached out to him and told him there are lots of Abia indigenes in the Anambra civil and public service. Should he now do a 'reprisal attack and sack them too'? Still T.A and his sycophants didn't budge. He claimed he wants to fill the spaces created by the sack with unemployed Abians, till date, was anyone employed? No. These people's monies were diverted to private pockets by this devil in human form.

    Like I said, I don't want to remember all they did as the list is endless and it will just be opening up old wounds. I'm grateful today that my mum is still alive today even though this incident made her a BP patient, I'm happy she has finally put all these behind her and is genuinely happy again. RIP to all those that lost their lives because of the evil of this man. My prayer has always being that he will leave to see all he labored for washed down the drain...AMEN.

  9. And did I mention they take people's properties by force? Once they like a particular property or such location, an offer would be made to the owner, if u refuse the next thing is such property would be marked ❌❌❌ by UCDA, they will tell you your property is causing obstruction of whatever they feel like and your property will be marked for demolition and eventually demolished. They will just take over the land. A lot of people that have houses around B.C.A road down to Azikiwe road experienced this ordeal.

    This man demolished the houses in a whole street and built mansions in there stead. Houses no body is occupying till date. Named the place Ochendo close, u don't dare to pass there without mobile police men harrassing you. EFCC should go and investigate and do the needful. Those houses should be forfeited to the Abia state government and the original land owners whose buildings were pulled and their lands forcefully taken should be adequately compensated as well.

    1. Hmm. What an expose. Abia State has never been lucky with good leaders. Little wonder their capital city looks like an advanced village.

  10. This arrest is long overdue and this duo should be publicly executed for their brazen thievery....


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